Tech Notes

Release Date: 10.26.2018

Tech Notes: 10.26.2018

Software Update October 26th

Waterford will release an automatic software update on October 26th, 2018. See what’s in this release in the list below. If you have any questions, our Support Team is always happy to help!

Product Updates

Master Curriculet Edit Changes

We changed the way Master Curriculets are edited or updated. Master Curriculets are the default curriculets we provide for a novel or text. Now, Master Curriculets will have a grey background and be locked to edits, as noted by the grey lock icon. The reason for this change is to push Master Curriculet text updates live without having to copy them down to your existing curriculet.

This does not mean, however, that you cannot edit Master Curriculets for your classroom needs. To personalize a Master Curriculet, click the new Copy for Editing button. This will create an unlocked copy of the Master Curriculet that you can edit as needed.

New Curriculet Icons

We have also added two new curriculet icons: External and Digital.

These icons display whether a curriculet is external or digital at a glance. That way, when you want to view or edit existing curriculets, you will know what the screen format looks like before you click on it.

The purpose of both changes is to prepare for an upcoming update, which will allow you to share curriculets with other teachers in your school. More information on this update will come soon. Check the Curriculet website for upcoming news!

Resolved Issues

  • Memory leak fixed and platform version updated to increase performance
  • Slow loading time in student library fixed–should see normal or increased speed

Known Issues

  • Teacher-created curriculets do not show the description provided during creation
  • Books in the system without a curriculet can no longer be accessed
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