Mount Pinatubo and the Ring of Fire

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Authentic Informational Text, Lexile 1210
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Closely read the authentic text 'Mount Pinatubo and The Ring of Fire' citing textual evidence to answer research-based comprehension questions aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

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Mount Pinatubo and the Ring of Fire (ReadWorks)

What does the word erupted mean? 
What happened in 1990 on the island of Luzon?  
First, there was an earthquake in Luzon; ______, there was a volcanic eruption.  
What is the Ring of Fire?  
Why do so many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur around the Ring of Fire?  
Most earthquakes occur in areas close to where tectonic plates meet. There are earthquakes in San Francisco.  What can be concluded from this information? 
Were the 1990 earthquake and volcanic eruption in Luzon related? Explain why or why not, using evidence from the passage. 
End of Passage Quiz