NJ Physics Professor Has the Right Stuff

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Authentic Informational Text, Lexile 1120
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Closely read the authentic text 'NJ Physics Professor Has the 'Right Stuff'' citing textual evidence to answer research-based comprehension questions aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

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NJ Physics Professor Has the Right Stuff (ReadWorks)

What does the word astronauts mean?  
Who is Greg Olsen?  
Training for spaceflight takes a lot of physical effort.  What evidence from the passage supports this statement? 
For Olsen, what result did learning Russian have? 
What language did Olsen learn during his training? 
Greg Olsen enjoyed his trip into space _______ preparing for it was not easy.  
How did Olsen feel when he was up in space? 
Explain how Olsen’s training prepared him for his trip into space. Give one example of something he learned during training that he used while in space.  
End of Passage Quiz