Jam Session

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Authentic Literary Text, Lexile 730
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Closely read the authentic text 'Jam Session' citing textual evidence to answer research-based comprehension questions aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

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Jam Session (ReadWorks)

What does Monica ask her mother when she sees her singing and dancing to a West Side Story song at the beginning of the story? 
Why does the author use the word grumbled twice in this sentence? 
What activity do Monica and her mom go out to do in the country? 
While picking blueberries, Monica begins to relax. She catches herself humming a song. She dances in place under the branches.  What can be concluded from this evidence? 
Monica plays make-believe when picking blueberries ______ she felt like she was too old for make-believe at home.  
When she hears her mother singing along to West Side Story at the end of the story, what does Monica do?  
Why does Monica‚Äôs response to her mother singing along to West Side Story change between the beginning and end of the story? Support your answer with evidence from the passage. 
End of Passage Quiz