A New Neighborhood Farmers Market

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Closely read the authentic text 'A New Neighborhood Farmer's Market ' citing textual evidence to answer research-based comprehension questions aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

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A New Neighborhood Farmers Market (ReadWorks)

What kinds of food can people buy at the farmers market in the Mott Haven neighborhood? 
What is a reason that some people shop at the farmers market in Mott Haven? 
What is the Youthmarket? 
The farmers market in Mott Haven sells several different kinds of vegetables, _________ lettuce, green pepper, and squash. 
What does the word produce mean? 
Name at least two reasons given by people in the passage for shopping at the Mott Haven farmers market instead of at a grocery store. 
Suppose that the Youthmarket set up a farmers market in another neighborhood where there was no farmers market before. Would people living in that neighborhood be likely to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables because of the farmers market? Explain why or why not, using evidence from the passage.  
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