US History 3: The Sectional Crisis

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1 The Sectional Crisis

William Lloyd Garrison (This annotation contains an image)
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How do you imagine Garrison delivering these lines? Describe in detail, and explain in full sentences. 
What a passage! Imagine Garrison delivering this as a passionate speech. What is he urging people to do here? 
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Legree is trying to make Tom into a "driver," or a slave who drives other slaves and makes them work. What is he urging Tom to do in this passage? 
Why are the onlookers "amazed" at Tom's actions in this scene? 
Frederick Douglass was a (now) famous ex-slave and writer. (This annotation contains an image)
Make some connections to the context here. What are three reasons that it was illegal to teach slaves how to read and write? 
Up to this point, what was the main point/argument in the first section of the speech?  
How would you describe Douglass's tone in this passage?  
Douglass Quiz 
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The Wilmot Proviso was a bill that would outlaw slavery in the newly acquired western territories after the Mexican Cession. 
Summarize: what are Lincoln's thoughts and feelings on slavery? Does Lincoln see himself as an abolitionist?  Use evidence from the text. 
Although it certainly does not "excuse" this quotation, it is important to understand the context.  Lincoln had been debating with Douglas, and had been advocating to keep slavery from spreading to the west.  Douglas had then accused him of being a Negro lover and supporter of amalgamation, or race mixing. That being said, this quote is still very revealing about his thoughts on race.1) How are Lincoln's thoughts on race different from his thoughts on slavery?2) Does this quotation surprise you at all? Why or why not? 
What is the main goal of the Civil War for Lincoln? 
How would you summarize Douglass's feelings towards Lincoln in this memorial speech years after his death? 
According to the reading, why was this such a difficult decision? Be specific and refer to the text. 
What kind of words and phrases does Pickett use to refer to his fiance? What can you infer about how he views her?