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Returning to the beach cottage—a cottage named Scallop—where she has always celebrated her birthday is a special occasion for Alice Rice.

Who will see the first dolphin this time? The first pelican? What will have changed? Stayed the same? And will this be the year she finally finds a junonia shell?

Alice's friends are all returning, too. And she's certain her parents have the best party planned for her. Alice can't wait. If Alice is lucky, everything will be absolutely perfect. Will Alice be lucky?

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Designed for students in 5th grade, this free digital curriculum contains annotations explaining author’s craft, grammar and monitoring comprehension. It also contains interactive videos that support comprehension, such as videos about figurative language and reading strategies. Over the course of the book, students will answer Common Core questions and quizzes related to the subjects of inference, comparing characters, and determining central ideas. This free online unit will increase student engagement while building reading comprehension.

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Chapter 1

The simile compares the surface of the water to peaked icing on a cake.  (This annotation contains an image)
As Alice and her parents cross the bridge to the island, she gets a bad feeling she has never felt before. What could this mean for Alice's vacation? 
Based on what Alice says, we can infer that she is going to _______________. 
Image of the Florida panhandle. This photo shows where Sanibel Island is located in relation to other cities in Florida. (This annotation contains an image)
Comparative and superlative adjectives are used to describe nouns. Comparative adjectives are used to compare two nouns while superlative adjectives are used to compare three or more nouns. Here Alice says that the sky in Florida is the bluest of all the skies she has ever seen.  
Why does Alice pretend that the people who visit Sanibel Island are part of her family? 
Making Connections: How does Alice feel about the "speck" on her face? If you could change something about your appearance, would you? If so, what would you change? 
Why does Alice think her parent's names suit them? 
Which of the following names does Alice seem to favor? 

Chapter 2

The word dwarf means "small." Why do Alice and her parents feel small standing at the edge of the ocean? 
What is Alice's reaction when she finds out the Wishmeier's grandchildren are not coming to the beach this year? 
Watch the video below to learn about personification. Notice that the highlighted sentence is an example of personification.  (This annotation contains a video)

Chapter 3

Watch the video below on imagery, and see an example in the highlighted text. (This annotation contains a video)
What does this detail reveal about how Alice feels? 
Hyperbole: A hyperbole is a deliberate exaggeration of actions or ideas for the sake of emphasis. 
Based on the context of the sentence, what does sandpiper mean? 

Chapter 4

Junonia shell (This annotation contains an image)
How will Kate's visit this year be different from previous years? 
Pensively means in a thoughtful or reflective manner. 

Chapter 5

What is meant by this sentence? Is her heart literally drumming or does this mean it is beating fast? 
What is Alice's reaction when Kate pulls up at the cottage? 
As you read, use the author's descriptive details to create visual images in your mind. 

Chapter 6

What event led to Ted taking Mallory to the cottage for a while? 
Why do you think Kate wants to go for a walk with Alice's mother?  
Why does Kate want Alice to get Mallory interested in shells? Cite textual evidence to support your answer.  

Chapter 7

Lightning whelk (This annotation contains an image)
Why is the kitten's paw Mallory's favorite shell? 
Quiz 1 

Chapter 8

What does this detail reveal about Alice? 
"It (the fire) was like a snarl of orange scarves caught in a frantic wind" is an example of a/an  _____________. 
What do you think of when you hear the word "hypnotic?" This word usually causes us to picture someone who looks as if they are in a daze. The author's use of this word reveals that the fire drew Alice's attention to it and she couldn't take her eyes off of it. 
Mallory is not moved to laughter despite Mrs. Wishmeier's attempts to make her laugh. What can you infer about Mallory based on this observation?  
Mussed means messy or untidy. The text also describes Mallory's hair as a 'flurry of yellow.' 

Chapter 9

This sentence suggests that the three walked _________________ to Mr. Barden's cottage. 
What causes Alice to become upset? 
Why does Mr. Wishmeier tell Alice that "in the areas of charm, wit, grace, and beauty, you have no match?" 
Making Connections: Have you ever felt like Alice does in this situation? She wants to cry but she can not reveal the real reason why she is upset.  
What trait do Alice and Munchkey have in common? 
Although Alice feels loved by her parents and has a birthday coming up, she can not forget Mr. Barden's words and how they made her feel. This example shows how easily words can hurt and how hard those words are to forget. 

Chapter 10

An estuary is a coastal water body where ocean tides and river water merge (or come together). (This annotation contains an image)
The highlighted text is an example of _______________. 
Lace murex shell  (This annotation contains an image)

Chapter 11

Why does Alice smile an "uncertain" smile at Mallory? 
Notice how Kate incorporates the kitten paw shells on Munchkey. Do you think that will help get Mallory interested in shells? 
What 'transformations" have taken place since the last time Alice saw Mallory? 
What theme is emerging in the story? 
What does Alice realize about life? 
Which literary device is used in this sentence? 

Chapter 12

What kind of feeling do these details evoke in you? Do you feel a sense of excitement for Alice on the day of her birthday? 
Why is the sand heart a unique gift for Alice? How does this gift from her parents make her feel? 
Red sea glass is very rare and hard to find. How does that fact make this gift more special to Alice? (This annotation contains an image)
At the beginning of the story, Alice wonders who will see the first dolphin on this trip. How special do you think this moment is to her?  
Do you think Mr. Barden meant to hurt Alice's feelings by what he said? Could it be that he does not even realize what he said hurt her? 
How does Alice feel about getting through this encounter with Mr. Barden? 

Chapter 13

How does Mallory feel about Alice waiting to open her birthday gift? Cite textual evidence to support your answer. 
Imagery: The author's use of descriptive detail allows you to "see" what Alice sees as she opens the box. 
The phrase "cherries on their cheeks" means that the people's cheeks are rosy and red from the cold weather.  
What must Helen Blair know about Alice to know that she would like Venice because it's "like being dropped into a jewelry box." 
The highlighted text is an example of a __________________. 

Chapter 14

The highlighted text is an example of personification. The ocean is given the human characteristic of a whispering voice. 
What does Alice want more than anything on her birthday? 
Quiz 2 

Chapter 15

The author uses a simile to compare the way Mallory bursts into Alice's bedroom to a loud trumpet. 
Gelato spoons (This annotation contains an image)
What does this detail reveal about Mallory? 

Chapter 16

What does this detail reveal about the bracelet Alice receives for her birthday? 
Why is this cake perfect for Alice? 
What is Alice's birthday wish? 
The mood of the party is lively and happy. People are talking. This makes Alice happy. This kind of atmosphere makes for a good birthday party. How might her birthday be different if the mood changed? 
How has the mood of the birthday party changed? What causes the mood to change? 
Who does Alice blame for ruining her birthday party? 

Chapter 17

Why does Mr. Wishmeier tell the story of his birthday disaster?  
What does this detail reveal about Mr. Wishmeier? 
Based on what Kate says, does she seem to be happy in a relationship with a man who has an ex-wife and a daughter? 
How would you describe Alice's birthday? 

Chapter 18

This detail reveals that Alice knows about the ocean. What do you think she is hoping will wash up onto the shore? 
Which emotion best describes Alice when she realizes Mallory took one of her gelato spoons? 
What are Alice's intentions for going to the ocean? Why is she taking the necklace from Mallory with her? 
Undulated means to move in wavelike motions. 

Chapter 19

The highlighted text is an example of a/an ___________________. 
The beginning of this paragraph says that something extraordinary happened. Here, in the last sentence, Alice "froze," stopped in her tracks. What do you think causes her to stop? What does she see that grabs her attention? 
Describe Mr. Wishmeier's motivation for buying the junonia and leaving it on the beach for Alice to find? Were his intentions good or bad? 
Now that Alice has noticed how much the speck on her face resembles the spots on the junonia, do you think it will change the way she feels about the speck on her face? Will she continue to see it as a blemish or will she see it as a beauty mark? 

Chapter 20

Which chore does Alice's mother want to do before they leave? 
Alice feels terrible because she thought Mallory stole her gelato spoon. Even though, Mallory does not know the thoughts Alice has thought of her, Alice knows and feels guilty. Have you ever felt this way? Have you ever accused someone of something to find out later that they didn't do it? If so, then you can relate to how Alice feels now. 
What do the details reveal about how Alice has changed? 

Chapter 21

The author's use of imagery help us see the clouds on the horizon. 
Quiz 3