I’ve Got Your Number: A Novel

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“Utterly charming . . . Put Sophie Kinsella’s Number on speed dial.”—USA Today Poppy Wyatt has never felt luckier. She is about to marry her ideal man, Magnus Tavish, but in one afternoon her “happily ever after” begins to fall apart. Not only has she lost her engagement ring in a hotel fire drill, but in the panic that follows, her phone is stolen. As she paces shakily around the lobby, she spots an abandoned phone in a trash can. Finders keepers! Now she can leave a number for the hotel to contact her when they find her ring. Perfect! Well, perfect except that the phone’s owner, businessman Sam Roxton, doesn’t agree. He wants his phone back and doesn’t appreciate Poppy reading his messages and wading into his personal life. What ensues is a hilarious and unpredictable turn of events as Poppy and Sam increasingly upend each other’s lives through emails and text messages. As Poppy juggles wedding preparations, mysterious phone calls, and hiding her left hand from Magnus and his parents, she soon realizes that she is in for the biggest surprise of her life. BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from Sophie Kinsella's Wedding Night. “A rollicking page-turner . . . It’s funny. It’s clever. It twists and turns. . . . Sophie Kinsella has yet another winner.”—Fort Worth Star-Telegram “Fresh, fast-paced, and fiercely funny . . . Kinsella pens her most lovably neurotic protagonist yet. . . . A laugh-out-loud comic caper.”—Publishers Weekly “Poppy is easily as charming and daffy as shopaholic Rebecca Bloomwood.”—Kirkus Reviews “A screwball romance for the digital age.”—The Star-Ledger
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Designed for students in ninth and tenth grades, this free digital curriculum contains annotations regarding plot, character motivation, and textual connections. It also contains interactive videos that support comprehension, such as videos about pacing, parallel plot, and point of view. Over the course of the book, students will answer Common Core questions and quizzes related to the subjects of theme, irony, tension, and perspective. This free online unit will increase student engagement while building reading comprehension. Teachers- There are scenes which contain mature content and adult language. Preview the text prior to assigning to students.

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Chapter 1

Did you know that you can look up any word in the text of the book or the text of the questions and answers? Just click the word you want to define and hold until the blue text selector pops up. When you release, a define option will appear. Since it's so easy to look up words, make sure you use this feature frequently...Is there a word on this page you need to look up? 
Hercule Poirot is a Belgium detective made famous by his creator, author Agatha Christie. By referencing him in her thoughts, we know Poppy is a fan of his deductive skills. (This annotation contains an image)
Poppy is panicking about losing her ring. What other emotion is Poppy experiencing? 
This novel is told from Poppy's point of view. From this first-person perspective, we are able to experience Poppy's emotions as the plot develops. Watch the video below to learn more about point of view in literature.  (This annotation contains a video)
Why is Poppy suddenly worried more about the phone than the engagement ring? 
Poppy explains the importance of footnotes in academic texts. Why is Poppy adding footnotes to the book? 

Chapter 2

Conflict is what drives the plot of a story. There are two types of conflict: external and internal. What is the internal conflict that Poppy is experiencing in the highlighted paragraphs? (This annotation contains a video)
How can Poppy justify claiming another person's phone as her own? Cite evidence from the text to support your response. 
Why does Poppy decide to help  Sam with Mr. Yamasaki? 
Poppy's curiosity is affecting her decision-making skills. Think about social media and our curiosity about people's lives. How do Poppy's actions relate to the way we behave in real life? 
From the description in the highlighted passage, which word best describes Poppy's in-laws? 
Marcel Proust is a French novelist, essayist, and critic. In the academic world, Proust is well-known and respected. What does her mispronunciation of his name lead Poppy to fear everyone is thinking about her own academic skills?  (This annotation contains an image)
Why doesn't Poppy want to tell Magnus what happened? 
Poppy has been very upset about the loss of her engagement ring. How does the new information about her in-laws increase her fears? 
Reread the highlighted passage. Poppy now knows Magnus's parents are not supportive. In his speech, he reveals there are others who don't agree with his choice. Why doesn't Poppy catch on? 
Sam offers to pay for a new phone. Why doesn't Poppy accept? 
Poppy is witness to some very intimate information on Sam. She is making assumptions about the information she is learning. How is this situation similar to hearing only one person's perspective of a fight or major event? 
Why doesn't Sam send her picture and name to the police for stealing the phone? 

Chapter 3

Watch the video below on irony. In the highlighted passage, Poppy is thinking about how entwined she is in Sam's life because she has his phone. What is ironic about this realization? (This annotation contains a video)
What is ironic about Poppy's assumption of Sam's relationship with Willow? 
Why does Poppy's disciplinary hearing seem odd? 
What is ironic about Annalise bringing Magnus's words into the hearing? 
Think about Poppy's perspective. She considers Annalise a friend, but Annalise is very mean-spirited. Annalise and Poppy value different things in a relationship. Are they more friends of convenience rather than true friends? 
Why is Poppy being so defensive about her engagement ring? 
Poppy seems to be detached from the whole wedding. Why? 

Chapter 4

Losing an heirloom ring is a problem. This is a valuable treasure to the family Poppy wants to be a part of. However, she has done more than most would do in an attempt to recover it. Is Poppy being too emotional again, or is she accepting the seriousness of the situation with the lost heirloom engagement ring? 
At this moment, Poppy has a decision to make. She could say, "there was a fire drill during our tea, and I lost the ring. However, the hotel has found it and misplaced it." Why does Poppy decide to continue hiding the fact that she lost the ring? 
We know why Poppy is helping Sam out-in exchange for using the company phone. Sam's motivation to help is still a mystery. How does this lack of knowledge make Sam an intriguing character? 
In this highlighted passage, we see that not only do Magnus's parents dislike Poppy, but his older brother also disdains her. They seem to enjoy feeling superior by introducing topics like Wagner's opera Tannhauser, shown below, to demean Poppy. (This annotation contains an image)
The imagery in the highlighted passage makes the reader feel Poppy's emotions in this passage. What is she feeling? 
The fact that Poppy would rather endure bodily harm than tell the truth shows us more about her character. Think about your own life: have you ever been in a situation where you would rather something bad happen than tell the truth?  
Poppy is sure that the entire family doesn't think she is worthy of Magnus.  How does the scene at dinner show that they are attempting to welcome her to the family? 
Poppy's personality involves standing up for her friends. In the previous chapter, Poppy mentions how she went to stand up for her friend during the raffle, which is part of how she lost her ring. This highlighted passage shows Poppy's compassion for fairness by trying to rescue Antony. Why is Poppy so willing to stand up for her friends and acquaintances but not for herself? 
Tension is the combination of plot, characterization, and figurative language to increase the mood. How has the scene with the kimono increased the tension in the story? 
In this highlighted passage, Poppy oversteps her role to speak up for Vivien. She points out that Vivien doesn't like her name to be shortened and that the men Sam works with have ignored her request. How has Poppy's point of view as a woman and an outsider clued Sam in to a potential problem? 
How has Poppy's point of view helped Sam possibly keep Vivien? 
Robert Burns is a Scottish poet who used the word "whaizled" in his poetry. It is a Scottish version of the English word "wheezed." (This annotation contains an image)

Chapter 5

How is Poppy increasing her problems for the future by cheating? 
Sam and Poppy have not truly met each other except in the virtual world. Yet, both are privy to each other's personal life in a way that not even Magnus is involved. How is this situation ironic? 
Think back to Poppy's disciplinary hearing. She stated that nothing happened between her and Magnus. We now learn she lied. From everything Poppy has told us, lying seems to be a major character flaw for her. 
Poppy is frantic with fear about the ring. How is Poppy's point of view distorted  regarding the ring and the Tavishes? 
Chapters 1-5 Quiz 

Chapter 6

Think about experiences with social media. Consider how we tend to reveal more or give our opinion more through social media instead of face to face. Given our own experiences, how can we relate to Poppy's feelings when meeting Sam? 
Why are Sam and Mark stunned that Poppy doesn't know the amount of carats her ring is? 
Poppy does have other options concerning Magnus, the ring, and Sam. She chooses the dishonest path and must deal with the guilt. Should she stop and consider the other choices. 
For what reason, other than her engagement ring, would Poppy refuse to return the phone? 
Replacement rings will cost money. Poppy is relieved that she will have a ring in three hours, but she doesn't know what the cost will be or who is paying. 
How is not telling the truth causing Poppy to feel uncomfortable? 
The irony of the situation is lost on Sam. Poppy is mortified, but Sam sees the humor in the irony. What lesson does this situation teach us about each character's personality? 
Why is Poppy investing so much time learning about Sam and his company? 
Poppy's interference seems to be positively affecting Sam's business. Why is it a problem that Sam doesn't know how Poppy is interfering? 
How could Poppy's good intentions backfire? 
When Poppy first found the phone, she heard another cryptic message. Now, she receives this cryptic message. Both incidents are considered foreshadowing. Watch the video on foreshadowing. How could Poppy's neglect in this matter a possible issue?  (This annotation contains a video)
What character trait does this highlighted passage illustrate in Poppy? 

Chapter 7

A family heirloom is usually an important piece to the family. The fact that the ring is comprised of smaller stones would be obvious to the family if this heirloom is important. 
Poppy seems so confident that the replica will work; why is she panicking about Magnus seeing it? 
We don't know much about Magnus, other than Poppy's thoughts. From Poppy's perspective, Magnus is perfect. Magnus's surprise visit to Poppy's place of work shows a different side to him than what Poppy has shown us. Why is What motivation does Magnus have in coming to Poppy's work and trying to relive their first encounter? 
How has Poppy's lie caught up with her? 
The author has used foreshadowing in two particular instances. The first instance is with Scottie's phone calls. The second is with Wanda's reaction to Poppy and the engagement ring. What is the possible foreshadowing that is connected to the engagement ring? 
Poppy feels that there are repercussions for her lying. What are Paul and Wanda's motives for bringing up Greek philosophy? 
Poppy sees this as karma, punishment for her cheating. Why doesn't she recognize that the Tavishes are attempting to reach out to what they think her interests are? 
This is the first time Poppy has spoken about her family. Now we know why: there was a tragedy. Does this change our perspective of Poppy, knowing that her parents were killed in an accident? 
Why doesn't Poppy come clean with the Tavishes now that the ring has been found? 
Wanda's reaction to Poppy having another ring made is interesting. Wanda's suspicions about the ring and Poppy indicate more foreshadowing. What truth could her suspicions foreshadow? 
From what you have seen of Magnus, why is he determined to marry Poppy despite his family's wishes? 
Poppy's good intentions reaped results. From the first two messages, how has Poppy's ignorance of the business world begun showing? 
Poppy's intention for the round robin email on new ideas was to promote the positive energy and improve morale. As you read the emails, we are seeing the effect of the email has led to more than improved morale. How does this fit the theme of every action has a consequence? 

Chapter 8

There are different types of irony. Watch the video below to learn about situational irony. In the highlighted passage, Poppy is sharing her true feelings about everything that is happening while also sharing that she is hiding those feelings from everyone, including Magnus. This is an example of situational irony. Look for other examples as you continue reading.  (This annotation contains a video)
How is Poppy using her power as Sam's temporary PA and going to the Savoy to avoid the reality of her problems? 
The irony of this situation is that Poppy has acted as Sam in all these emails, yet Sam doesn't know what is going on. How could this cause conflict between Sam and Poppy? 
From the conversation Poppy is overhearing, what is the general opinion of Sam? 
This is the first time in the novel that we really learn anything about Sam. In previous chapters, we infer Sam is all business and doesn't always see the obvious. We gain this insight from the texts and emails. How is being at the party and hearing people's conversations changing our perspective of Sam? 
Poppy has been working on good intentions to make people at Sam's company feel worthy without keeping Sam aware of all she has done. From Sam's perspective, why is this almost criminal? 
What is the lesson Poppy is learning about good intentions and meddling in other people's lives? 
Often times, we state things or post things through social media that we later regret. Unfortunately, at that point, we must own our mistakes and live with the consequences. Poppy has been making a lot of mistakes in Sam's name. How is Sam now paying for her mistakes? 
Sam agreed to help Poppy, a complete stranger. What emotion does he feel about that decision at this moment? 

Chapter 9

Sam begrudgingly admits that Poppy's email to increase company ideas was a good one. Does this absolve Poppy of her culpability in causing problems? 
Why is Poppy attached to the phone? 
Sam is now doing what Poppy has been doing for days, reading her messages. Why is Poppy's indignation at Sam reading her emails ironic? 
Why is Poppy getting flustered by Sam's assessment of her? 
Sam considers himself a friend to Poppy. Poppy doubts this is a true statement; however, they know quite alot about each other. Which character is seeing their relationship more accurately, Sam or Poppy? 
Several times in the novel, Sam and Poppy seem to understand each other in a way no other characters understand.  How does the conversation about Poppy's parents show this understanding? 
Sam's insight into Poppy's life is more than just revealing to Poppy. It also confirms her fears that she has been ignoring. How does this prove that Sam is more of a friend than her actual friends? 

Chapter 10

How has Poppy's interference changed Sam's reputation in the company? 
Poppy's intent is to learn to be more confrontational, but instead she is witness to a major business crisis. How could this situation help her better herself? 
What glaring possibility is Sam overlooking? 
Sam and Poppy are both comfortable with Poppy being involved in the situation because she has been involved in Sam's life for almost a week. In that week, the two of their lives have become somewhat intertwined. So, from their point of view, this situation is no different than other things that Poppy has been involved in. From Vick's point of view, why is Poppy being present a problem? 
Poppy knows that Willow is lying to her co-workers because she is responsible for the email and Sam knew nothing about it. Think about the irony in the situation and how Poppy should realize the type of person Willow is. 
Why does the author choose to plot Justin's arrival just at this moment? 
Pacing is a very important tool for plot. The pacing has been mostly leisurely up to this point. Throughout this chapter, however, the pacing has grown faster to show the reader the increase in tension. How has the increased pace affected our mood? (This annotation contains a video)
Poppy's interference in Sam's life has caused him a lot of difficulty. How does her recalling the two phone messages for Violet help Sam? 
In the story, a central theme is the importance of communication in various formats. How does this moment epitomize the importance of technology in communication? 
At lunch, Sam told Poppy she shouldn't feel less superior than her future husband or his family because she has strong qualities. Which quality is Poppy showing while trying to contact Sam without a phone? 
Why is Poppy an unreliable source for information? 
The pacing of the story has ratcheted up again. How does this affect the tone of the story? 
Sam chastised Poppy earlier for caring so much about others, yet here he is asking her to help him. Is he manipulating Poppy or using her as an asset? 

Chapter 11

Poppy is supposed to get married soon, yet Sam's life has taken precedence over Poppy's wedding. Re-read the highlighted passage. How is this foreshadowing Magnus and Poppy's relationship problems? 
Sam is using imagery to illustrate how many people, himself included, view academics. How does Sam's use of imagery and comparison show Poppy how she is letting insecurity ruin her power in her relationship with the Tavishes? 
Read the highlighted passage. Given that they have been sharing the phone, why does Poppy automatically assume the cheating fiancée is Willow? 
Poppy has functioned as Sam's PA under the presumption that Sam is engaged. Consider what we know of Poppy's thoughts on Sam and her feelings towards him. How does the news that Sam is single change Poppy's feelings about her situation with Sam? 
Below is a video on parallel plot. This story started as two separate characters, Poppy and Sam, were on separate paths which have now collided. How has the parallel plot affected the tension between Poppy and Sam? (This annotation contains a video)
Chapters 6-11 

Chapter 12

Think about the tension in the highlighted passage. Sam is intent on finding the truth, but what are Mark and Robbie intent on doing? 
How has Poppy's perspective tainted her meeting with Willow? Use textual evidence to explain your answer.  
In previous chapters, Poppy might have responded to Willow's email. Although she types a response, Poppy deletes it. Does this act show growth in Poppy's character, or is it a reflection of the knowledge that Sam is not engaged to Willow? 
Sam's determination to make sure Poppy speaks to every man doesn't pan out. Why? 
Until now, we know very little about Sam other than the email messages we've read and Poppy's perceptions. Now that we've met Sam, why is Sam so affected by this scandal with Sir Nick? 
Poppy's emotions are raw in the area of family. Being orphaned by her parents' death in an accident has changed her views on relationships. How has Poppy's limited knowledge of Sam's relationship with his father and his life combined with her perspective of family affected her reaction to his relationship with DAD? 
Vicks is sticking with the original statement and Sam is furious. If Sam was not emotionally involved, would he be as angry about Vicks' decision? 
The majority of Poppy's misguided attempts to "fix" Sam result in positive consequences. This incident does not. Is this to remind us that all decisions result in consequences that can be good or bad? Consider this as another theme that is developed in the novel.  
What has Poppy just learned about Sam? 
Why did the author introduce David into the story? 
Poppy's intention when sitting with David was to distract him so Sam and Vicks could meet. Now Willow is confronting her trying to make Poppy feel less important than Willow. David's reaction to Willow creates the opposite effect. 
How does the series of events in the bar create the illusion that Poppy is more important to Sam than she really is? 
The pacing has slowed considerably leading up to the news announcement. Why? 
In the last few chapters, we have learned more about Sam's character than just Poppy's impressions from the email and limited interactions. Does Sam's explanation of his actions fit the type of character we expect? 
Poppy and Sam are having an intimate conversation that is made easier by the use of texting. Think about social media and how some people post intimate things because it is easier than saying them upfront. Is this a situation that you've experienced?  
Why doesn't Poppy want to face Sam when she has the conversation that is highlighted? 
As they were searching for each other, Sam and Poppy had the shield of technology to deny their feelings. In the highlighted passage, what else do they use to shield the truth? 
Sam has spent the entire drive home delving into Poppy's messages to decipher who Magnus cheated on Poppy with. Both characters show great interest in each other's lives and trying to solve the problems the other is having. Why is it important that Sam figures out and tells Poppy who Magnus is cheating on her with? 
Why would Clemency text Poppy about the affair? 

Chapter 13

Sam's plan was to stand by Sir Nicholas, but it is causing major problems in the news because no one can verify the facts. An unintended consequence of Sam's actions is that no one knows what is true or not. Through this example, what theme do you think the author is trying to convey about the nature of truth? 
How is Annalise's apology about her behavior ironic timing for Poppy? 
Violet has been nothing more than the PA that threw away the phone. Now we learn that she could save Sam and Nick from legal trouble as well as losing their jobs. Why would Poppy want to meet her? 
Sam has not accepted anyone else's texts, emails, or phone calls.  What is the significance of the fact that he immediately calls Poppy after her text? 
Violet's questioning about Magnus's personality is from an outsider's perspective. This is the second time that Poppy has found answers to things she is unwilling to admit to herself. What lesson does that teach us about listening to other perspectives? 
How has evidence that Lucinda betrayed her changed Poppy's mind on confronting her? 
We only know Poppy's perspective of Magnus. There has been very little information about him otherwise. How does hearing Lucinda's side of the story completely change our perspective of Magnus? 

Chapter 14

Why does Poppy all of the sudden have the determination and will to confront the situation? 
Poppy finally tells Wanda how she feels when around her and the whole family. Wanda's reaction is shock. This clearly shows that while Poppy is good at communicating many things, she is misunderstanding what others are communicating. Add this example to others that help develop the author's theme about communication.  
The truth of the foreshadowing about the family ring comes out.  What were the Tavishes' mysterious, meaningful looks about the ring really about? 
How does the change in perspective lead Poppy to a deeper understanding of her own standards? 

Chapter 15

Poppy's involvement in Sam's business life has led to several different consequences, both bad and good. In the end, her nosiness has saved both Sam's job and Sir Nicholas from jailtime. Is her character flaw actually a good thing? 
Why doesn't Poppy want to give the phone up now that Sam's company truly needs it? 
We share so many private things through social media. Why does the idea of sharing one phone with all the information feel like a violation? 
Why is it shocking to Poppy and Sam see their text messages printed out? 
Why is Poppy really upset about Sam's reaction to Willow's email? 
Magnus could have stayed in Bruges or just returned to his family without seeing Poppy. Is it significant that upon hearing her message, Magnus returns to her? 
Why is Poppy reconsidering marrying Magnus? 
Poppy has a broken heart. Her heart isn't broken by Magnus, but by Sam. Is she really looking at reality when she says yes to Magnus or is she avoiding it? 

Chapter 16

What is really motivating Magnus to marry Poppy? 
The events of the morning, like the highlighted passage, foreshadow a revelation. What revelation is this passage foreshadowing? 
In the highlighted passage, Poppy is talking about how this is the happiest day of her life. How does the tone of the passage conflict with what Poppy is saying? 
Sam is trying to mend fences with Poppy. He wants to see her. Why 
When Sam asks her why she changed her mind about marrying Magnus, Poppy says she couldn't walk away when 200 people are sitting at the church waiting. What should have been her response? 
Poppy knows something doesn't feel right about the day, so much so she looks green with illness. Now that Sam has contacted her directly, has she defined why the day feels wrong? 
Why is Felix's revelation about Magnus a problem? 
In the beginning of the story, Poppy had issues being confrontational. After reading the highlighted passage, we see that has changed. How did the events with Sam's company help Poppy reach this monumental personality change? 
Why is the fact that Poppy compares their relationship to footnotes significant? 
Sam's text to the entire congregation at the wedding is the equivalent to standing up and objecting to the wedding in person. How would you react if you were Poppy? 
The entire story, Poppy thought Wanda didn't approve of her, but in this instance, we realize that Wanda would do anything to have Poppy in her life, even lie. What larger idea might the author be pointing out about our friendships and relationships? 
Chapters 12-16