The Poisonwood Bible

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The Poisonwood Bible is a story told by the wife and four daughters of Nathan Price, a fierce, evangelical Baptist who takes his family and mission to the Belgian Congo in 1959. They carry with them everything they believe they will need from home, but soon find that all of it—from garden seeds to Scripture—is calamitously transformed on African soil. What follows is a suspenseful epic of one family's tragic undoing and remarkable reconstruction over the course of three decades in postcolonial Africa.

The novel is set against one of the most dramatic political chronicles of the twentieth century: the Congo's fight for independence from Belgium, the murder of its first elected prime minister, the CIA coup to install his replacement, and the insidious progress of a world economic order that robs the fledgling African nation of its autonomy. Against this backdrop, Orleanna Price reconstructs the story of her evangelist husband's part in the Western assault on Africa, a tale indelibly darkened by her own losses and unanswerable questions about her own culpability. Also narrating the story, by turns, are her four daughters—the self-centered, teenaged Rachel; shrewd adolescent twins Leah and Adah; and Ruth May, a prescient five-year-old. These sharply observant girls, who arrive in the Congo with racial preconceptions forged in 1950s Georgia, will be marked in surprisingly different ways by their father's intractable mission, and by Africa itself. Ultimately each must strike her own separate path to salvation. Their passionately intertwined stories become a compelling exploration of moral risk and personal responsibility.

Dancing between the dark comedy of human failings and the breathtaking possibilities of human hope, The Poisonwood Bible possesses all that has distinguished Barbara Kingsolver's previous work, and extends this beloved writer's vision to an entirely new level. Taking its place alongside the classic works of postcolonial literature, this ambitious novel establishes Kingsolver as one of the most thoughtful and daring of modern writers.

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Designed for students in 9th grade, this free digital curriculum contains annotations explaining theme, cultural connections and grammar. It also contains interactive videos that support comprehension, such as videos about literary devices and reading strategies. Over the course of the book, students will answer Common Core questions and quizzes related to the subjects of internal/external conflict, inference, and point of view. This free online unit will increase student engagement while building reading comprehension.

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Book One

Orleanna begins the story by introducing us to their life in the jungle of Congo. (This annotation contains an image)
Orleanna refers to her feet as "twin birds helpless to fly out of there." Based on what she says, we can infer that ____________. 
Image of an okapi. (This annotation contains an image)
What does Orleanna mean by this statement? 
Orleanna lets us know this is a story about guilt and how difficult it can be to live with it. 
Orleanna is speaking to one of her four daughters - the one who did not come out of the Congo alive. This is a plea for forgiveness. 
Orleanna sets the framework for the entire story by asking the question, "How do we aim to live with it?" 
Leah Price is a twin sister to Adah.  
Here the story shifts from the mother's point of view to the daughters. We travel back to the year 1959 when the family moves from the southern state of Georgia to Congo, Africa. We get the account of what happens to the Price family beginning with Leah Price, the optimistic, fourteen-year-old daughter. She begins by telling us about the items they pack for their trip.  
How does Leah feel about moving to Congo, Africa? 
How does the Price family solve their problem of being over the baggage weight limit? 
Leah refers to the items they brought with them as "a considerable cross to bear." Why do you think she feels these items are a burden to them? 
This is an example of a _____________. 
Accosting is the act of physically confronting someone. 
Leah says, "My father, of course, was bringing the Word of God-which fortunately weighs nothing at all." What does she mean by this? 
Leah feels the real burden is the responsibility her family has to share the Word of God with the uncivilized people of the Congo. 
Ruth May Price is the youngest Price daughter. She is five years old. 
Ruth May's view of their arrival in Africa is primarily based on her knowledge of Bible stories and what she understands about segregation. She says black people are cursed with dark skin and eternal slavery because Ham, youngest son of Noah, was bad and Noah cursed him. Ruth May goes on to say that back home in Georgia, blacks are kept separate from whites. Remember, segregation was prevalent in the South during this time period, so Ruth May saw how colored people are treated differently from white people. How do you think she will feel to now live in a predominantly black culture? 
Based on Ruth May's account, how do you think she feels about the family's move to Africa? 
Rachel Price is the oldest daughter in the family. 
Executrate is not a real word. Rachel is probably trying to use a word that means 'to vomit' but instead she uses a word that does not even exist.  
What does Rachel miss about life in Georgia? 
Rachel misuses the word granite. She should have said, "and other simple things in life I have took for granted." 
What bothers Rachel about the Congolese women? 
Rachel continues to misuse vocabulary. She wants everyone to think she is proper and sophisticated yet, she knows very little about simple grammar. This aspect of her shows how inwardly focused she tends to be. Rachel is all about herself. 
How does the mood of the celebration change once Rachel's father begins preaching? 
Notice how the word "nakedness" causes the women to feel ashamed. A few of the women pull their sarongs up to cover their breasts, and a few other women leave altogether without eating. 
Adah Price is an identical twin to Leah. Adah has a handicap that causes her to walk with a limp. 
Imagery: Notice how the author paints a picture of the African sky at sunrise. (This annotation contains a video)
Cite textual evidence to answer the following question. What amazes Adah about the women who carry bundles upon their head? 
A woman balancing a bundle on her head. (This annotation contains an image)
Vestigial means pertaining to the past. 
The Price family is dependent on Mr. Eeben Axelroot for any news of the outside world. How reliable is Mr. Axelroot? 
An area along the Congo River. (This annotation contains an image)
Adah sees the world differently than other people do. Yet, she gives us the best detailed account of what life is like in the village of Kilanga.  
How does Leah feel about her father? 
Leah's father intends to provide food for his family, and also to show the natives how they can provide for themselves with simple agricultural principles. 
What does Mama Tataba mean when she tells Mr. Price the tree he is wrestling with bites? 
Contemptuous means to show a lack of respect. By kicking the soil with her foot, Mama Tataba shows a lack of respect for Reverend Price. 
How important is it for Leah to have her father's wholehearted approval? 
What is the central idea of this paragraph? 
The actual saying is 'a horse of a different color.' 
Remember, Rachel is the oldest daughter. She is at the age where she is highly concerned about what she wears and how she looks. She is also conscious of the way others dress as well.  
Why is the Price family not accustomed to the African race? 
Based on Rachel's account of the Easter picnic, do you think she enjoyed the day? 
Reverend Price's intention for the day is a mass baptism but the men present in church adamantly refuse. Instead, Reverend Price settles for an Easter pageant, followed by a church supper down by the river. 
Ruth May believes God made the Congolese children look fat. She relates this idea back to the story of the Tribes of Ham like it is their punishment from a previous generation.  
What two toys does Ruth May bring to Africa with her? 
Although Ruth May is only 5 years old, she notices a lot about her surroundings. She listens to people and watches people, picking up on little things and interprets it in her own way. 
Orleanna points out that the Congolese people use their bodies like we use tools, and that their bodies are bound to get worn out. Why is the Reverend angered by her response? 
Adah tells us about a side of her mother that we will only see through their memories of her. As you read on, pay attention to the way her mother changes and try to identify the reasons. 
A mongoloid is an idiot or retard. The word is sometimes used when speaking of people with Down Syndrome. 
Although Adah is physically handicapped, she has a brilliant mind. Why does she draw a crowd when she demonstrates her giftedness? 
An African Grey parrot like Methuselah. (This annotation contains an image)
What does Adah say is as impressive as her adding up the grocery bill at the store? 
The order of the girls relates to either their personalities or abilities. It has nothing to do with their age or name.  
How does the way Reverend Price begins to replant the garden demonstrate how he has been influenced by Africa? 
How is Reverend Price's devotion to his garden similar to his devotion to the church? 
Orleanna discovers that the Betty Crocker cake mix has solidified in the humidity and is unusable. How does she feel? 
The Verse is punishment for the girls. This time they get Numbers 29:34 and must start here and write the next one hundred verses. Notice how these verses relate to the sin he believes they have committed. 
Which Price girl is responsible for teaching the bad word to Methuselah? 
Adah says her family receives a _________ stipend than other missionary families. 
Why do you think Reverend Price includes the story of Susanna and Joakim in his sermon? Do you think he is going to relate it to the Congolese people? 
Why does Adah say Rachel looks 'as if she had once again, as usual, been crowned Miss America?' 
Did you visualize the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz here? She melts when Dorothy pours water on her. 
What is meant by this statement? 
What does Reverend Price mean by this statement? Does the size of Heaven really matter? 
Leah finds her father examining a tremendous insect. He tells her that the reason their plants are not producing any vegetables, is ________________. 
Notice the difference between Leah's experience of baptism and that of the African people.  
Book 1: Genesis Quiz 

Book Two

Orleanna tells her account of life in Africa from a "looking back" point of view. Now that she is older, she looks back on the Africa experience and sees how it affected her and her daughters. 
The human sense of smell is extremely powerful. Orleanna describes how certain smells remind her of Africa.  
Every __________ day is Market Day in Kilanga. 
Based on what Orleanna says, we can infer that she feels _________________. 
Orleanna begins describing her life in the Congo. When she says, "the litany of efforts it took to push a husband and children alive and fed through each day in the Congo" describes her struggle just to keep her husband and children alive. With Mama Tataba gone, she will find it almost impossible to keep things going on her own.  
What conflict does Orleanna deal with every day? 
The Mission League provides supplies to missionary families for free. However, Eeben Axelroot found a way to capitalize on delivering the goods to the Prices. 
A tuber is a fleshy, thickened underground stem of a plant, usually containing stored starch. Examples include a potato or arrowroot. (This annotation contains an image)
Why do you think Orleanna is so troubled and worried about the death of her children? Does she continue to have these dreams because she worries so much? 
How does Orleanna learn of current events in America? 
Leah embraces life in Africa. She enjoys learning the new language and rarely complains about anything. One reason for this is she wants her father's approval and she knows how important being in Africa is to him. 
What does Leah want to remember when she is grown? 
How does Leah feel about the way the African children treat her? Why does she want to fit in with them? 
Why does Leah say "speaking English was nothing?" 
Although Leah and her sisters are made to feel like "odd birds" by the villagers, Leah can not stay inside the house. She is too fascinated by the village and her surroundings not to explore it. 
What is ironic about Mama Lo's outfit? 
Below is the type of rash caused by the poisonwood tree. This is why Leah said it was plaguing them all half to death. (This annotation contains an image)
What can you infer is the cause of the "black stumps of teeth" that most of the Congolese people have? 
A chameleon changes its color to blend in with its environment. This is a defense mechanism known as camouflage. (This annotation contains an image)
Why does Ruth May not get a whipping for breaking her arm? 
Pygmy people of the Congo. (This annotation contains an image)
The expression "in a coon's age" dates back to the early 1800s. It refers to the belief that raccoons live for a long time. 
The doctor and Reverend Price get into a heated argument, concerning American interference in the Congo. Nathan maintains that the Americans are bringing much-needed civilization into Africa, while the doctor counters that his view of what they are doing is taking unfair advantage of the African people. 
Why does Ruth May think the Africans get their hands cut off? 
In what way does Ruth May say she is "like a green mamba snake?" 
Anatole is the local schoolteacher. He is the young man who welcomes the Prices at their arrival feast and translates the Reverend's sermons for the villagers. 
A syllabus is a summary of topics which will be covered during an academic course, or a text or lecture. Is this word used in the right context? Or should Rachel have used the word syllable? 
What is Tata Ndu's main concern for the people of his village? 
There are major conflicting views about what Anatole and Reverend Price consider to be a "preacher." 
Why does the Price family like to have company? 
Nathan Price causes Orleanna to break the one item she has become attached to in Kilanga, a beautiful serving platter left by Brother Fowles. 
What do you think of Nathan Price? How can he seem to be such a godly man yet be so hateful to his own family? 
Why is it unusual for Tata Ndu to make a visit to the Price home? 
An image of a pygmy with filed teeth. (This annotation contains an image)
Why is Adah slow when it comes to walking and talking? 
What does Adah mean by this statement? 
How long does it take Nelson to learn English? 
This is an example of a superstition.  
What does Leah mean by saying "the idle mind is the Devil's workshop?" 
Cross-stitch is a type of needlework where the threads are crossed over each other. (This annotation contains an image)
Kakaka is a fatal digestive bug that is running rampant throughout the village so Orleanna demands that all of her girls stay at home away from the other villagers. Nelson is allowed to go throughout the village as he pleases. 
What is Reverend Price's reason for letting Methuselah go free? 
This is how they test to see if the eggs are alright to eat. 
Church attendance is up because the villagers believe that Jesus saved Adah from the lion. 
What does Nelson mean by saying the African people have 'one foot in the door of the church and one foot out?' 
Leah parades around the house with her owl on her shoulder and is punished violently by her father for the sin of pride. Pride is closely related to the idea of "free-thinking" and that is exactly what Reverend Price wants to prevent in his family.  
Why does Rachel compare the Underdowns to Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head? 
The Underdowns show up in the Congo unexpectedly. This causes Rachel to wonder why they are here. Are they here just to build a relationship with the Prices or have they come to share some disturbing news? 
What problem are the Prices made aware of by the Underdowns? 
Pay attention to Frank Underdown's body language as Rachel describes it. Does he seem like he wants to say something but he isn't sure what response he will get from Nathan and Orleanna? 
What does Rachel hope will happen due to this problem the family is facing? 
Morse Code 
Why is Reverend Price so concerned about the 'unsaved souls' of the Congolese people? 
Adah is punished in Sunday school because she questions the justice of a God who would condemn people because of the color of their skin or the place they were born. She is made to kneel on grains of uncooked rice and pray for her soul. 
This is how the Congolese people will hold their election. The women are not allowed to vote, however they give strong advice to their husbands as to who to vote for. 
Why does nganga Kuvudundu leave chicken bones in the calabash bowl outside the Price's door? 
Quinine pills were believed to prevent malaria. (This annotation contains an image)
What can you infer is the reason Ruth May's mother does not want to get out of the bed? 
Visualize what this scene must have looked like. Leah is on the barge that is so full of people it seems as if it may sink. She is here with her father witnessing the transfer of power from the Belgians to the new Prime Minister.  
What kind of meal does Leah have at the Underdown's home? 
Notice how Adah's mind works. Sometimes she reads words and phrases backwards. This phrase spelled backward is one red plume. 
Book 2: The Revelation Quiz 

Book Three

Oleanna explains that no matter how she tries to protect her daughters, they are still going to follow Nathan. 
What does Orleanna mean by she 'was an inferior force?' 
Orleanna tells of her courtship and marriage to Nathan Price. She reveals a side of him we did not know exists. In his younger years, he is more loving. He also seems less serious; he is capable of joking and having fun.  
What happens to Nathan? Cite textual evidence to support your answer. 
Nathan returns home a different man than when he left. Nathan feels like a coward in the eyes of God. He believes God spared his life in Bataan and now he feels he owes God a favor in return.  
Archetypes are immediately identifiable. An archetype is a reference to a concept, a person or an object that has served as a prototype of its kind and is the original idea that has come to be used over and over again. Do Nathan and Orleanna remind you of Joseph and Mary in the Bible? 
Nathan is a different man now that he is back from the war. He is bent on receiving God's approval through the salvation of souls. It is at this point that Orleanna realizes she no longer has any kind of power in the marriage. 
Nathan feels that _________ is always watching him. 
Mama Mwanza takes pity on the Price family now that they no longer receive the fifty dollar a month allowance from the Mission League.  
Nelson believes that Orleanna and Ruth May ___________________. 
In what ways do Nelson and Adah relate to one another? What kind of friendship do they have? 
What is Nelson's reaction when he discovers that Adah is a twin? 
Adah learns that her father's church is populated mostly by twin-prone mothers, lepers, and two men who committed the unforgivable crime of accidental murder.  
What can you infer about how Ruth May feels about her father? Why do you think she feels this way? 
The author uses a simile to compare Orleanna's speech to that of a record on the wrong speed. This helps the reader to understand how she sounds when she talks. 
Why are the girls coming together to make a plan for keeping the household? 
Elucidated most closely means __________. 
Figurative Language: Idioms. An idiom is an expression that has a figurative meaning not related to the literal meaning of the phrase. "Get off her high horse" is an example of an idiom.  
What can you infer is the reason Leah gets Ruth May out of bed and takes her outside? 
How important is it that the Prices stay on good terms with Anatole? Why do they need to communicate with him? 
What is Leah's plan for getting some mangwansi beans for the stew? 
Leah notices how the men treat their wives. The wives have a tremendous work load, yet they are treated as insensible and unimportant. 
Leah says her family is tangled up in knots of _________________. 
Leah feels it is foolish to believe that the slums outside Leopoldville can ever be better when she has seen similar places like it in America. 
Anatole and Leah have a discussion about __________________. 
Do you think Leah is glad Anatole visited them? 
The use of the simile gives the reader a better idea of how Leah's heart feels. 
What reason does Nathan Price give for not leaving the Congo? 
Why might Nelson bring the nkisi to Ruth May? Do you think it may help her get well? 
Leah has unresolved issues with guilt for Adah's condition. 
Leah goes into the kitchen house ______________. 
For the first time, Leah begins to doubt her father's judgment in keeping his family in the Congo. They remain in a dangerous situation because of his arrogant, strong will. 
Rachel compares the visitor at their door to __________________. 
Brother Fowles, his wife, and children have come to the village to visit. Brother Fowles has a deep understanding of and appreciation for the native customs. He tries to explain that their neighbors are very religious people, with a keen sensitivity for the miracles of God's natural world. 
What kind of work does Brother Fowles do? 
Nathan Price and Brother Fowles exchange words over biblical translations. Nathan's argument is very rigid and strict while Brother Fowles's argument is more relative. Brother Fowles considers that there may be several translations, however Nathan believes there is only one. 
How does Brother Fowles react to Nathan Price's biblical retaliation? 
Does it sound like Orleanna is trying to find a way to get to the American Baptist Foreign Mission Service?  
What does Rachel mean by we 'felt like a fish out of water?' 
Brother Fowles says his time in Kilanga leads to private shrines to Tata Jesus springing up in all of the kitchens, which is considered the domain of the woman. How is this detail significant to the effect he had in the village? 
How does Orleanna feel about the Fowles's visit?   
Tata Ndu already has several wives. Why do you think he wants another one? Do you think he wants to marry one of Nathan's daughters? If so, which one do you think he will choose to marry? 
Why does Tata Ndu want to marry one of the Price girls? Support your answer with textual evidence. 
If the Prices turn down Tata Ndu's marriage proposal to Rachel, it will be a great offense, not only to him personally but to the entire village. In place of the majority rule of democracy, the Congolese believe that complete unanimity must be reached before a plan can move forward and so any official action Tata Ndu takes must have the viallge's unanimous backing. Meanwhile, Rachel is beside herself with outrage and fear. 
Ruth May's condition is ________________. 
Eeben Axelroot tells Rachel he works for the CIA. Do you think he is telling the truth or just trying to make himself look good? 
What can you infer about Rachel's relationship with her mother? 
Ruth May decides that, if she dies, she will reappear as a mamba snake. It is clear that she chooses this "safe place" because mamba snakes are what frighten her most. 
Rachel is outraged because she turns seventeen years old today and no one gives her any attention. Why do you suppose they are acting like it is just another ordinary day? 
Which event happens on Rachel's seventeenth birthday? 
Hester Prynne is the protagonist of Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel The Scarlet Letter. She is portrayed as a woman condemned by her Puritan neighbors. In The Scarlet Letter, Hester wears a scarlet letter A. Adah compares Leah to Hester because Leah's actions are going to cause her to be condemned by the Congolese people. 
What occurrence causes Leah to feel she is hated by Nkondo and Gabriel, and even Anatole? What does she think is the reason? 
Anatole is not concerned about being rich. He has seen too many unhappy people who were rich.  
Leah tries to explain to Anatole what America is like. Why does he not quite understand what she tells him? 
The author uses a metaphor here to describe ___________________. 
What does Leah mean by this statement? Is nature organized a different way or it is that the people are organized a different way? 
Why does Leah blush from embarrassment when Anatole tells her what beene-beene means? 
Here is an image of a calabash. Leah tells Anatole if he will bring her one, she will make a globe for him. (This annotation contains an image)
Describe how Rachel feels about Eeben Axelroot.  
What could Eeben Axelroot have said to the women to cause them to react so strangely? 
Why do the women of Kilanga despise Eeben Axelroot? 
Eeben Axelroot informs Rachel of a secret he knows - a plot to kill Patrice Lumumba. 
Why does Rachel think Eeben Axelroot tells her the story about his involvement with the Congolese government and Lumumba? 
Adah overhears Eeben Axelroot and another man talk about Patrice Lumumba being "as good as dead," and links the assassination plot to President Eisenhower. Adah is distraught over this revelation, finding it hard to believe that the United States would overthrow the elected Congolese government and murder an innocent man. 
How do they plan to kill Patrice Lumumba? 
Watch the video below on personification.  (This annotation contains a video)
Rachel's main concern during the ant crisis is for __________________. 
Adah feels betrayed, becausehs he is abandoned by her mother the night the ants came to their village. Orleanna grabs Ruth May instead of helping Adah get to the river. 
Describe how the night of the ant crisis changes Adah. Cite textual evidence to support your answer. 
Leah and Anatole continue their ongoing philosophical conversation while crossing the river to safety. 
Leah says she felt the breath of God grow cold on her skin. This detail reveals that Leah _______________________. 
Book 3: The Judges Quiz 

Book Four

Up to this point, Orleanna has spoke of what she lost during her time in the Congo. Now she turns her attention to the task of making sense of all that happened there on a political level. She begins by telling us about a meeting between a Belgian and an American. This meeting will prove to be significant to the events that follow. 
What connection does this house, where the two men are meeting, have to the African Congo? 
President Eisenhower (This annotation contains an image)
Why is Prime Minister Lumumba's escape a clever plan? 
Orleanna's account is told from the perspective of looking back fifteen years. She tells of the events that took place which ultimately led to Lumumba's death in prison. Her account brings to light a theme that has been in the background which is the intersection of personal and political issues. Her guilt lies in the fact that she was too busy with the events of her personal life to realize what was going on politically around her. The central theme of the book relates to the collective guilt we all share for the events that took place in the Congo. 
Leah brings us back to the personal events which are unfolding in Kilanga. Meanwhile, the historic events between America, the Congo, President Eisenhower, the CIA, and Prime Minister Lumumba are playing out. The Price family is so wrapped up in the events in their own lives, they are unaware of what is taking place globally. 
Based on Leah's description in this sentence, what can you infer about the weather in the Congo? 
What does Leah mean by 'that was not a fair match?' 
A cross is used to represent Jesus and palm wine is used to represent a vote against Jesus. Do you think this will have any effect on the way the voting turns out? 
Ruth May was the only Price girl who voted in the election? Why do you suppose the other Price women didn't vote? 
Leah loses respect for her father when ____________________. 
What warning does Tata Kuvudundu give the people? 
Tata Kuvudundu is angry. He does not like the way the people have overturned the way of the natural world.  
Everyone in the village believes what happened to Anatole is a result of Tata Kuvudundu's warning.  
Why do the people of the village sing and dance the night before the hunt? 
This is an example of personification. 
Adah reflects on the fact that ________________. 
Rachel is distraught over the hunting scene and escapes back home to take a bath. 
After witnessing the brutal slaughter of animals during the fire hunt, Rachel vows to become a ___________________. 
The people of the village have killed enough food for everyone. Once it is time to divide up the spoils of the hunt, bickering breaks out among the entire village population. Over the fights, Tata Kuvudundu reminds the people of his warning concerning the toppled natural order of the world.  
Based on the context of the sentence, flouted most likely means ______________. 
Would you have ever thought that Leah would be the daughter going against her father? She was the only one of them who, at the beginning of the story, wanted his approval the most. 
Where do the girls get the idea for setting the trap? 
Leah, Adah, and Nelson find footprints in the ashes—footprints with six toes on the left foot, which means that they belong to Tata Kuvudundu. 
After the snake shoots past Leah and Nelson, they hear a scream from Ruth May. Leah believes Ruth May screams because she saw the snake.  
After realizing Ruth May has been bitten by the snake, Nelson tells Leah to get _________ to help draw out the poison. 
Rachel thinks about the impossibility of returning home and pretending that these years in the Congo had never taken place. She realizes that Ruth May's death will change all of them forever.  
How is Orleanna's reaction to Ruth May's death different from what the daughters expected from her? Why do you think she reacted this way? 
This example of a simile describes the heaviness of the air. 
What causes the Price daughters to kneel on the ground and pray? 
Reverend Price's chief concern is that Ruth May was not baptized. Do you think this is why he baptizes several of the Congolese children in the rain? 
Book 4: Bel and the Serpent Quiz 

Book Five

What reason does Orleanna give for staying busy after Ruth May's death? 
Orleanna seems to be apologizing or trying to justify leaving Nathan. Again, we see the guilt she feels for many things that have occurred in her life. 
Who is Orleanna speaking about when she refers to the 'eyes in the trees?' 
Notice the mood of the women as they leave Kilanga. They are lighthearted and upbeat. 
What problems do the mosquitos cause the women as they are traveling? Cite textual evidence to support your answer. 
Leah contracts malaria and will spend the next several weeks very sick. 
How does Leah feel about Anatole being with her and taking care of her during her illness? 
At this point, Rachel has left with Eeben Axelroot. Orleanna and Adah are leaving on a banana truck. Leah is unable to leave now because she is still too sick with malaria. 
Leah has _______________________. 
Leah decides to remain in Africa with Anatole, realizing they are both making sacrifices by her doing so.  
Rachel and Eeben move to Johannesburg, South Africa to start a new life. How does Rachel feel about being in Johannesburg? 
Rachel does everything she can to fit in with the upper class society. She also takes on Eeben's last name even though they are not married yet. 
Orleanna takes up gardening, while Adah is preparing _________________. 
Adah has a strong desire to attend college. Notice her reasons for wanting to go to college. 
When Adah and Orleanna land in Fort Benning, Georgia, Orleanna _____________________. 
Adah realizes her father is not the hero he claimed to be. His duty to the jungle is a result of his betrayal to the soldiers he left there once to die. 
Why are Leah and Anatole in danger in Bulungu? 
Nathan Price struggles in the Congo without his wife and daughters. Yet, he has too much pride to leave the Congo and return to Georgia. 
Leah works in a clinic, or infirmary, where she ______________________. 
Leah's skin color causes many problems not only for her but Anatole as well.  
What does Rachel like about living in South Africa? 
Rachel is happy with her life in Johannesburg. However, Eeben still has not married her and this makes her unhappy. She knew Eeben was not a man of his word in the Congo. Why would she think he would be any different now? 
Rachel's plan is to marry _____________. 
Why does Leah kill a snake on this particular morning? 
What does Leah mean by this statement? Why is this Ruth May's day? 
What are the conditions like at the Bikoki Station mission? 
Leah has the most unique personality traits. Anatole loves her because she is so truthful. He noticed that about her when he first met her. 
Why does Leah feel she has lost her family? 
Ruth May's death on January 17 makes January a difficult month for Leah. She deals with grief and guilt for what happened to Ruth May. 
Why are Leah and Anatole in the United States? 
Adah notices that she and Anatole have many similarities.  
Why does Adah call her mother in the middle of the night? 
Adah is happy with her mother's answer. Do you think knowing this will help Adah deal with her struggle of inferiority she has felt her whole life? 
Leah and Anatole now live in __________. 
Although, Leah and Anatole live in poverty, they live in better conditions than the people around them. 
Why is Leah so upset about the boxing match between Muhammed Ali and George Foreman? 
Kinshasa (This annotation contains an image)
Leah takes her sons to the United States so they can ___________________. 
Mobutu lives like a king, with palaces around the world. Leah's resentment toward the West and Mobutu deepens steadily.  
Why is Leah angry about the roads being built? 
Leah does not like the way Mobutu attempts to create national unity. 
What does Rachel like about running the Equatorial? 
Rachel resents the fact that none of her family visits her, especially Leah because she lives the closest. 
Why does Leah wish they had not come back from Atlanta? 
After receiving schooling in the United States, Anatole realized how much he loved learning the information contained in history books. 
Anatole's arrest came ____________ Leah. 
Leah discovers that Anatole has been arrested for treason. She wonders from this point on if she will ever see him again. 
Although the recipients of Leah's letters will probably never see them, why does she write the letters? 
Leah has a lot of emotions to deal with in regard to Africa. However, she is comforted by knowing that Anatole forgives her for any mistakes she has made. 
Why do the Price girls not get along well? 
Tensions run high between Rachel and Leah, especially on the issue of global conflict. 
Why are the roads in Africa 'here today, gone tomorrow?" 
Rachel notices how similar Adah and Leah are now that Adah is no longer handicapped.  
Who do the girls blame for Ruth May's death? 
An imbecile is a person who has the mental capacity of a three to seven year old. 
Which Price daughter is the most upset over their father's death? 
Adah says her father got The Verse at the end of his life. Can you identify the irony here? 
At the end of their reunion, Rachel and Leah get into another argument over ______________________. 
Why do the girls find humor in saying "Jesus is poisonwood?" Keep in mind that words in the Kikongo language can have several different meanings.  
What does Adah "miss" about herself? 
Why do you think Orleanna acts the way she does when she hears of Nathan's death? 
What does Adah mean by 'we are our injuries, as much as we are our successes?' 
Anatole, Leah, and their sons are moving from Kinshasa to the Kimvula District. (This annotation contains an image)
Why are Leah and Anatole in the Kimvula District? 
Leah and Anatole long to live in Angola. She says it is a nation 'whose hopes coincide with our own.' Do you think they will be happy in Angola? 
Bangala is a word with several different meanings. Which of the following is NOT a meaning of bangala? 
Leah finally puts all of the meanings of the words together and understands how they relate to one another. 
Book 5: The Exodus Quiz 

Book Six

Based on what Rachel says, what can you infer about the people who work for her? 
Notice the things Rachel feels she missed by not living in America. As you continue to read, notice the reasons she could not return to America. 
This description of how easily Rachel dismisses childhood lessons is an example of _______________________. 
This paragraph sums up how Rachel feels about their experience with the Congo - from beginning to end. 
What kind of husband has Anatole been to Leah over their many years of marriage? Compare and contrast him to her father. Use textual evidence to support your answer. 
Anatole tells Leah a story. What do you suppose the significance is to this story? Could it possibly relate to them? 
Which of the following is NOT a class that Leah teaches? 
Leah has found "the simple human relief of knowing you've done wrong and living through it." Although it takes her many years, this is where Leah finds redemption. 
In what ways does Adah say Africa naturally cleanses itself? 
Adah's work as a scientist causes her to have a greater appreciation for viruses and other microbes that inhabit the earth. She believes they have as much of a right to be here as humans do. 
For most of her life, Adah felt betrayed by ______________. 
Adah wonders if they did more harm than good in Africa. She makes reference to the misprinted Bibles to say that the way something is said can be misleading. When her father would say "Tata Jesus is bangala!," the people of Africa interpreted it as " Jesus is poisonwood!" Therefore, they did not want anything to do with Jesus. They avoided him the same way they avoid the poisonwood tree. 

Book Seven

The mother and her daughters are in __________________. 
Ruth May tells us the condition of Mobutu as he lies on his death bed.  
What is significant about the fact the woman in the marketplace tells Orleanna and her daughters that Kilanga never existed? 
Book 6 & Book 7: End of Book Quiz 
Ruth May tells her mother that she forgives her and that she should forgive herself and move on.