Kansas spanking bill slapped down

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Recently a law maker in Kansas tried to pass a bill defining corporal punishment. The bill would have allowed spanking that left bruising, and was immediately called out as problematic and supportive of abuse. This article discusses the debate that swirled after the bill's proposal, as well as how opponents of corporal punishment are trying to change the rules around its use.

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Since 2011 fashion designer Marc Ecko has been fighting to ban corporal punishment. You can follow this link to an ABC News story that explains what corporal punishment is, as well as why Mr. Ecko wants it prohibited in the U.S. (This annotation contains a link)
How do you think the bill's author came up with 10 as a fair number? Does this seem logical to you? Why or why not? 
You can visit the Center's homepage here to find out more about their nonviolent strategies. (This annotation contains a link)
Although Rep. Finney did not intend to sanction child abuse, many might perceive her bill in such a way because 
Imagine you were a parent.  Are there any circumstances in which you would give permission to a teacher or school official to spank your child?  Explain why or why not. 
Do you think the U.S. should follow this example and ban all form of corporal punishments, or do you think it should be allowed in the home?  Explain why you support that argument. 
Why might the U.S. government not support such a document?   
The decrease in the use of corporal punishment at home can likely be attributed to