Road Trip

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Designed for students in 5th grade, this free digital curriculum contains annotations explaining figurative language, point of view, and dog-related content. It also contains interactive videos that support comprehension, such as videos about character development, theme, and imagery. Over the course of the book, students will answer Common Core questions and quizzes related to the subjects of story structure, quoting the text to support inferences, and comparing and contrasting story events and characters. This free online unit will increase student engagement while building reading comprehension.

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Chapter 1: The Plan

This is what a border collie looks like. Throughout this wonderful story you will read about a crazy trip taken by a group of unique characters, each trying to make changes in their lives. They are heading to a shelter to save one of these beautiful border collies. One of the wisest of the characters on the trip is Atticus, an older border collie, who will share some very interesting details with you, the reader! (This annotation contains an image)
Although we are just getting to know the characters, we can tell there are differences between the father and son. What is one difference we have noticed? 
Did you know that when you are reading in Curriculet, there is a tool you can use that will provide you with the meaning of an unknown word? Click and hold on the word "skeptical." Choose the DEFINE option from the pop up. Use this helpful tool whenever you come to an unknown word. Why do you think Atticus is "skeptical"? 

Homework #9

Point of view relates to whom the author chooses to tell the story to the reader. In the first chapter the son is telling the story, but this page has their dog, Atticus, talk to the reader. Watch this video to learn more about point of view, and think about how hearing from Atticus might affect how we view the events of the story. (This annotation contains a video)

Chapter 2: The Sucker Punch

What can we infer the son means by, "Even for Dad, this business idea and sudden trip is off the rails"? 
An idiom is a figure of speech that has a meaning different than what the literal meaning of the words would be. To "live close to the bone" is an idiom that means they will have to cut back on buying things. 

Homework #11

According to Atticus, what important detail has the father not told his son? 

Chapter 3: The Criminal Element

Theo sounds like a very interesting character who will be joining the road trip. Watch this video about how characters develop throughout a story. Which character do you think will change the most as a result of this road trip together? (This annotation contains a video)
Explain how Ben's reason for inviting Theo to go on the trip is backfiring and not turning out how he had hoped. Use details from the story to support your answer. 

Homework #13

Have you ever wondered if dogs can sense the emotions of humans like Atticus seems to be doing? Watch this interesting video about what scientists are doing to try to find answers. (This annotation contains a video)

Chapter 4: The Bus

How can we tell Ben is not disappointed that the truck has broken down? 
This is an interesting comparison made by Ben. What characteristics do you think Gus and Atticus share? 
The theme of a story is the central idea the author wants the reader to understand. Watch this short video about how a theme develops. (This annotation contains a video)
Let's Review Chapters 1-4 

Chapter 5: The Brawl

Imagery is an important tool authors use to help us create pictures in our minds as we read. The paragraph describing Mia is full of rich images. Watch this short video about imagery. (This annotation contains a video)
As good readers, we all knew Mia was going to join the road trip. What were some of the clues that helped us make that prediction? Choose a few quotes from the text to support your answer. 
What do you predict this word means?Make sure you use Curriculet's define tool on "chakras". Was your prediction correct? 

Chapter 6: The Fiery Inferno

What do the dad's actions in this highlighted section tell us about his relationship with Ben? 
Theo seems to have been nervously texting someone ever since the episode outside the diner. Who do you think he is texting and why? 
What kind of mood does the author set by giving us details like Theo "pacing" and Atticus never letting his eyes leave the woods on the side of the road? 

Chapter 7: The Drag Race

Why do you think the authors include this scene in the story? Do you think it is realistic? Use details from what has already happened in the story to support your answer. 
Wow! What an important transition in the story! How does this statement by Ben differ from the things he had been saying about his dad? How do you think this will affect the rest of the story? 

Chapter 8: The Big Picture

What is a similarity Mia and Atticus share? 
Theo states that he "thought it might be a better idea to take you guys out of the situation." This tells us, as readers, a lot about how he feels about the others on the bus. How does it also help the author develop a theme about the value of friendship? 
After reading this paragraph, how closely does this photo match the image created in your mind? How does this setting match the events occurring in the story right now? (This annotation contains an image)
Let's Review Chapter 5-8 

Chapter 9: The Bigger Picture

Tarot cards are cards fortune tellers use to let you know what is supposed to happen in your future days. Do you think Mia is the kind of person who would read tarot cards? (This annotation contains an image)
Without changing the meaning, which of these words could best replace "harrumphs" in the highlighted sentence? 

Chapter 10: The Reason for the Trip

This highlighted section includes a hyperbole. Hyperbole is when the author uses a big exaggeration to make a point to the reader. Alison obviously doesn't stare a real hole in Ben's forehead, but we get the idea that she is glaring at him hard! 
"Mom surprising everyone is like the missing piece being added to the puzzle." Do you agree with this statement? Explain using details from the story. 

Chapter 11: The Time After

How is the trip back home different from the trip to the shelter? 
Click the link below to see the lyrics to Willie Nelson's famous song, "On the Road Again." Does the song seem to fit our group of characters? (This annotation contains a link)
Let's Review the Last 3 Chapters