When You Are Old

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This free digital curriculum contains interactive content that supports reading comprehension. Over the course of the poem, students will answer Common Core aligned questions addressing grade-level appropriate literary terms and concepts. This free online unit will increase student engagement while building reading comprehension.

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"When You Are Old" by William Butler Yeats

You can read more about W.B Yeats below...  (This annotation contains a link)
As with many of Yeats's works, this poem is influenced by Greek Mythology. In this case, it is the legend of Helen of Troy, which inspires Yeats. You can listen to the story of Helen of Troy below... (This annotation contains a link)
All of the following literary devices are exemplified in the term "glad grace." Please explain how each of them is exemplified. PersonificationAlliterationConsonance 
Please explain what it could mean for a man to love a woman's "pilgrim soul." What is a pilgrim soul, and why would it be special for a someone to love a person who had one? 
In your own words, what makes the man in the last two lines of the second stanza different? 
What is the tone of this poem? 
Which words in the last stanza tell us that Yeats is using personification when he talks about Love? 
Please recount, stanza by stanza, what the speaker of the poem is saying to the woman he is speaking to.  
Why do you think the speaker asks the object of his affection to consider a future in which she may regret missed opportunities of love? What is his purpose?