Sonnet 73

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Sonnet 73, one of William Shakespeare's most famous sonnets, focuses upon the theme of old age, with each of the three quatrains encompassing a metaphor. (From Wikipedia)
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This free digital curriculum contains interactive content that supports reading comprehension. Over the course of the poem, students will answer Common Core aligned questions addressing grade-level appropriate literary terms and concepts. This free online unit will increase student engagement while building reading comprehension.

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Sonnet 73, William Shakespeare

Based on the description in the first four lines, what season is the speaker referring to? 
What tone is set in the first four lines? 
The phrase "death's second self" is a(n) 
Which of the following accurately describes how the ideas in the poem are structured? 
What is the form of this poem (choose an answer from one of the four choices below)? List at least two characteristics of the poem that lead you to your answer.SestinaSonnetVillanelle Epic 
Please name and describe one theme of this poem. 
Which of the following contains imagery of a sunset?