Granny Torrelli Makes Soup

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Bailey, who is usually so nice, Bailey, my neighbor, my friend, my buddy, my pal for my whole life, knowing me better than anybody, that Bailey, that Bailey I am so mad at right now, that Bailey, I hate him today.

Twelve-year-old Rosie and her best friend, Bailey, don't always get along, that's true. But Granny Torrelli seems to know just how to make things right again with her warm words and family recipes. She understands from experience that life's twists and turns can't rattle the unique bond between two lifelong pals.

Newbery Medal winner Sharon Creech cooks up a delightfully tender novel, filled with homemade dishes and secret recipes. It's easy to remember what's important about love, life, and friendship while Granny Torrelli makes soup.

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Designed for students in 6th grade, this free digital curriculum contains annotations explaining author’s craft, strategies for monitoring comprehension and grammar. It also contains interactive videos that support comprehension, such as videos about identifying theme and comparing characters. Over the course of the book, students will answer Common Core questions and quizzes related to the subjects of internal/external conflict, inference and summarization. This free online unit will increase student engagement while building reading comprehension.

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Homework #6

How does this section of text reveal that there is a problem in the story? 
"Get over yourself" is a phrase that means "stop being self-centered." When Bailey uses this expression, we can infer that the person that he is speaking to (the narrator Rosie) must have done something to cause him to feel that she was only thinking of herself. 

Homework #8

What is Granny Torrelli's advice for when you are angry with someone? 

Homework #9

Rosie is always told to help Bailey. Why might Bailey need her help? 
How does Rosie feel after Bailey tells her to get over herself and slams the door in her face? 

Homework #10

Granny Torrelli comes over to Rosie's house and wants to make soup. The setting is the kitchen at Rosie's house. 
What do you think 'rooting' means in this context? 
Granny Torrelli notices something is wrong with Rosie. Have you ever had a parent or grandparent recognize when something is wrong with you even if you try to hide it from them? 
Why does Rosie love Granny Torrelli? 

Homework #11

Instead of verbally responding to Granny Torrelli, Rosie responds with a gesture. 

Homework #12

Why does Rosie think "Pardo" is a funny name? 
Picture Granny Torrelli's gesture. What do you think she is suggesting about their friendship? 
Granny Torrelli stirring the soup.  (This annotation contains an image)

Homework #13

What does Rosie learn about Bailey? 
Rosie realizes a similarity between her and Bailey. How do you think it would feel to be blind? 

Homework #14

Why does Rosie act like Bailey's mother? 
Rosie is remembering her first day of school. She lists several things she refused to do on that day. Why does Rosie not cooperate at school? How does Bailey not being there with her affect how she feels? 
As Rosie reflects on how she acted on that first day of school, do you think she is proud of herself for behaving that way? 

Homework #15

Why do Rosie's parents work too much? 
What skill does Rosie say Granny Torrelli uses to get you to talk? 
Braille is a system of writing invented by Louis Braille, in which letters and some combinations of letters are represented by raised dots arranged in three rows of two dots each. Braille is read by the blind and partially sighted using the finger tips. Here is an example of the Braille alphabet. (This annotation contains an image)
Rosie has a great idea to help Bailey. Why does it seem to bother Bailey's mother? 
Here is an image of what Bailey's book might look like. (This annotation contains an image)
Why did Rosie rip the page in Bailey's book? 

Homework #16

Do you think Bailey acts this way because he has seen his own father act this way?  
Why is Bailey crying? 

Homework #17

Do you agree with Bailey?  Do you think Rosie really understands what it is like to be blind? 
In what way is Rosie being stubborn?  

Homework #18

Why does Granny Torrelli want the dog, Nero, to love her? 
How do you think Granny Torrelli feels knowing her family is looking for her? 

Homework #19

Granny Torrelli stirs the soup. (This annotation contains an image)
Based on what you know about word parts, what do you think the word disastro means? 
Which words describe Rosie? 
Do you think the mutt Rosie has is Tootie?  
Why are things "not well" at the end of this chapter?  What is the outcome of Rosie's attempt to get a dog for Bailey?  

Homework #20

Zuppa is soup. Keep up with the progression of the story. Rosie and Granny Torrelli have cooked the soup as they have talked in the kitchen. Finally, the soup is ready and they are sitting down to eat. 
What does "she crosses herself because she is Catholic" mean? 

Homework #21

Why do you think Granny Torrelli doesn't want to talk about Pardo? 
Why does Rosie want "all the things in Granny Torrelli's head" inside her head? 
Rosie notices Granny Torrelli has a lot of wisdom and she wants that too. 
Here is the skill Rosie says Granny Torrelli uses to get you talking. She distracts you and then asks what is bothering you. 

Homework #22

How does the author's use of personification help you visualize the piece of red paper blowing across the yard? 
Why does Carmelita react the way she does when she sees Bailey sitting on the front porch? 
In what way does Bailey act like Granny Torrelli here? 
Rosie does not react the way she thought she would. Why do you think she smiles? 

Homework #23

Based on Bailey's reaction, what kind of person do you think he is? 
How might the scenario have been different if the girls knew Bailey could not see well? 

Homework #24

Why are Granny Torrelli's eyes "sparkly shiny wet" after Rosie reads the Braille book? 
Rosie spends a whole year learning Braille in secret to surprise Bailey. Why do you think she wanted it to be a surprise? 
Why does Bailey become so upset about Rosie reading his book? 
Bailey uses this expression to let Rosie know she is being self-centered. He wants her to see that she thinks everything is about her. 

Homework #25

Why does Rosie feel miserable? 
Pay attention to the similarities between Bailey and Rosie's relationship and Granny Torrelli and Pardo's relationship. 
What is Granny Torrelli's biggest regret? 

Homework #26

Granny Torrelli's regret causes her to realize how stubborn she is. Why do you think she is telling Rosie about this? Could she be trying to keep Rosie from having similar regrets with Bailey? 
This is the reason Bailey became so upset with Rosie about reading his Braille book. 
What makes Rosie nervous about going to Bailey's house to take soup? 

Homework #27

Does Rosie's talk with Granny Torrelli help her realize how stubborn she is? Do you think Rosie would have apologized to Bailey if she had not talked with Granny first? 

Homework #28

Part 1: Soup Quiz 

Homework #30

Why does Granny Torrelli tell Rosie to go get Bailey? 
What do you think the word piccolino means based on the way it is used in the text? 

Homework #31

Why does Granny Torrelli stop Rosie from getting the eggs? 
What does Granny Torrelli show Rosie about Bailey?  Do you think Bailey likes for Rosie to take over tasks for him or does he like to do things for himself? 
This detail is important. Notice how Rosie says she wants Bailey all to herself. How do you think Rosie will react if someone tries to come between her and Bailey? 

Homework #32

Based on what Janine says, we can infer that ______________. 
Suspicious means distrusting or tending to suspect. Why is Rosie suspicious of Janine? Why does she feel like she can't trust her? 

Homework #33

Why does Rosie feel "frozen" when someone mentions Janine?  Why does she describe herself as the ice queen? 
Although Bailey can't see Rosie's facial expression, he detects in her voice that she doesn't like Janine too well. 
Why is Rosie angry about Janine learning Braille? 

Homework #34

What does Rosie mean by this statement? Are Granny Torrelli's eyes really on Rosie's back or does she just mean that she feels Granny Torrelli watching her? 
How does the way Granny Torrelli speaks about Violetta compare with the way Rosie speaks about Janine? 
Who is probably at the window? 

Homework #35

Why does Rosie feel the need to stake a claim to people? Why is she so protective of her relationships? 
Based on Rosie's feelings, how might she feel about Bailey teaching Janine to read Braille? 
Several times throughout the story, Rosie has mixed feelings. It seems she has the ability to feel mad and glad at the same time. 

Homework #36

Which literary device does the author use in this sentence? 
Why does Granny Torrelli describe herself as a monster? 
Granny Torrelli cuts Violetta's hair because she is jealous that Pardo pays so much attention to her.  Would Granny Torrelli have felt good if the haircut had made Violetta look ugly? 
How does Granny Torrelli's plan to make Violetta look ugly by cutting her hair off not turn out the way she planned? 

Homework #37

Bailey picks up on Rosie's jealousy. Even though he can not see her facial expressions, he can tell by her tone of voice and the things she says that Rosie is jealous of Janine. 
What does the author mean by describing Bailey's answer as "hanging heavily" in the kitchen air?  

Homework #38

Visualize the process of making pasta. Notice the steps and how Granny Torrelli seems to be an expert at pasta-making. 
Rosie's thoughts are an example of ________ conflict. 
Cavatelli is a type of pasta with rolled edges. 
Rosie says being outside herself is a calm place to be. This detail reveals to us that inside her there is a conflict going on. 

Homework #39

Granny Torrelli says ___________ is the "good thing that happened" in the Violetta story. 
Granny Torrelli's actions and words make Rosie and Bailey laugh. Granny Torrelli uses humor mixed with wisdom to teach the kids valuable life lessons. 
What is meant by the saying 'the shoe is on the other foot'? 

Homework #40

Who do you think may be moving in? 
Why is Bailey agitated and annoyed? 

Homework #41

Notice how Bailey acts here. He is acting the same way Rosie acts when she thinks of Janine. Could Bailey and Rosie both be jealous of one another? 
Notice what Rosie is doing. She is deliberately being mean to Bailey because he is going to teach Janine to read Braille and she doesn't want him to. 
Why is Bailey described as an ice-king? 

Homework #42

Rosie relates her situation with Bailey and Janine to the story Granny Torrelli is telling about her, Pardo, Violetta, and Marco. Do you think Granny Torelli's story will help Rosie learn a lesson? 
What does Bailey mean by saying 'the web is getting very tangled'? 
Notice how the story of the baby changes the atmosphere of the room. Like Granny Torrelli, Rosie and Bailey are not thinking of Janine or the people who are moving in. They are only concerned about the baby. 

Homework #43

As a result of the her experience with the Gattozzi baby, Granny Torrelli felt ____________________. 
Do you think the baby Gattozzi story had an effect on Rosie? 
Why does Rosie feel relieved at this point in the story? 

Homework #44

Rosie thinks it is good they are in a little house. It probably forces them to interact and talk with people they might try to avoid if they were in a bigger house. 
What is the atmosphere like in the room and around the table? 
Part 2: Pasta Quiz