Two Dolphins' Paths to a Bullying Scandal

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This article from the New York Times examines the recent bullying scandal plaguing the NFL's Miami Dolphins, and seeks to understand why it happened and what can be done to curb bullying in sports.

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You can follow this link to see specific examples of what drove Jonathan Martin to see psychiatric help. *trigger warning* (This annotation contains a link)
What does this paragraph reveal about the problems in the Dolphins' locker room? 
You can follow this link to a short analysis clip from ESPN. In it, the commentators discuss what types of punishments are likely for the bullies in this case. (This annotation contains a video)
Why do you think there were no consequences for such offensive behavior? What does the lack of consequences mean for the culture of the locker room? 
You can follow this link to find out more about the case against Hernandez. (This annotation contains a link)
Jerry said he would have dismissed racism as "typical pranks".  What does that reveal about the amount of racism he must encounter daily while at work? What do you think explains this? 
This paragraph acknowledges that "banter and teasing abounded." In your opinion, what do you think coaches, owners and universities should be doing to protect players from bullying? Why do you think that would be effective? 
In your opinion, do you think it is common for close friends to tease one another frequently when they become as close as Incognito, Pouncey and Jerry had? Do you engage your closest friends in this way? Explain why or why not. 
Former coach Ricky Woods's comment indicates that