Killers Were Tiny, Victims Were Huge At Chile's Whale Graveyard

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This article discusses the science behind figuring out what killed whales, seals, and other sea creatures around modern day Chile more than 5 million years ago. The answer might surprise you.

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Think about what you know about whales and other sea creatures and make a prediction. What do you think could have killed these creatures so long ago? Why do you believe that it is a likely cause? 
You can follow this link to BBC video of the Whale Graveyard and see how scientists are exploring the fossils. (This annotation contains a link)
Because these types of events happened repeatedly, it is logical to assume that 
You can follow this link to a TIME Magazine story about a recent mass stranding in New Zealand. These events are very rare, so the fact that it happened repeatedly in Chile is quite remarkable. (This annotation contains a video)
When scientists and scholars look at clues to form a broad picture of what happened they are using