For Those Unable To Talk A Machine That Speaks Their Voice

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This article discusses how a new idea is helping sufferers of the disease ALS deal with losing their ability to speak.

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You can follow this link to a short video that describes what ALS is, and how it impacts the body. Most people diagnosed with the disease die within 3-5 years, but a few like Carl Moore are able to live longer.  (This annotation contains a video)
Most of us at one time or another have lost our voice to illness, but imagine what it must be like to lose both your ability to speak permanently and your ability to move. How might this be particularly devastating to patients? 
You can follow this link to the NPR story, and see images of the machine and voice recordings Carl will eventually need to rely on. (This annotation contains a link)
Having these recordings can help patients because 
In many ways you could say voice banking is about 
What do you think prevents some patients from participating, especially when they know a diagnosis will ultimately mean their own death?