Ai Weiwei Vase Is Destroyed by Protester at Miami Museum

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In this article you will learn about a bizarre act of protest that led to the distruction of a million dollar vase. Find out what the suspect was trying to do, and how the artist responded to the crime.

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You can follow this link to a BBC news story about the destruction of the vase, which includes video of the incident. (This annotation contains a link)
You can follow this link to the Perez Museum's information page about the Ai Weiwei exhibit. It contains information about the artist, his works and vision. (This annotation contains a link)
Do you agree that this protest is disrespectful to Mr. Weiwei, the artist who created the work that was destroyed? Explain why or why not. 
Do museums have a responsibility to exhibit works by local artists? Why or why not? 
To find out more about Weiwei's protests after the 2008 earthquake you can visit this website. (This annotation contains a link)
The fact that Mr. Ai initially believed the vase was broken accidentally reveals that communication between the museum and the artist was 
How else might the perpetrator have been able to protest the museum's exclusion of local artists? What would have been a more effective way to draw attention to his point?