Research Shows New Flu Viruses Often Arise In Domestic Animals

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For decades scientists have believed that the flu virus originated in domestic birds and was then spread by their migratory cousins. New research suggests that those beliefs may be wrong, and another animal is actually serving as the petri dish for new strains of the flu. To find out what the scientists are learning you can read this article from NPR.

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In this sentence the word dogma means 
You can follow this link to a brief video from the History Channel that details what happened when the flu struck globally in 1918. (This annotation contains a link)
If you're wondering what the average mutation rate is and how it impacts genomes, you can follow this link to a short wikipedia article. It helps define mutation rate clearly. (This annotation contains a link)
Rather than considering all 8 viruses generally, why might looking at the nuances of each genome and the mutation rate offer scientists better information to protect the public?   
Modern farms pose an increased flu risk because