Let Us Pay Your College Tuition

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In this article you can see what Oregon and Tennessee are proposing to make college more affordable and accessible to students in their states. Experts also weigh in on the advantages and disadvantages of each proposal.

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Imagine Tennessee puts this plan successfully into action.  What positive impacts do you anticipate the state government seeing over time? 
You can follow this link to a Bloomberg News report about education levels around the nation.  (This annotation contains a link)
Do you agree with Professor Wolff's point that the state's plan is unfair to poor and middle income citizens? Or do you agree with Professor Dynarski who contends that if the tickets are being purchased anyway it is okay to use the funds for education? Why or why not? 
Professor Dynarski notes that if the program is designed right it will become an income-based repayment plan.  What does she mean by income-based repayment plan?   
Do you agree with Professor Wolff that both of these programs are poor choices? Would you participate in one of them if it was an option? Explain why or why not. 
You can follow this link to an article that recently appeared in The Atlantic that analyzes the problems with the student loan system in the U.S. (This annotation contains a link)