David Copperfield

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David Copperfield is the novel that draws most closely from Charles Dickens's own life. Its eponymous hero, orphaned as a boy, grows up to discover love and happiness, heartbreak and sorrow amid a cast of eccentrics, innocents, and villains. Praising Dickens's power of invention, Somerset Maugham wrote: "There were never such people as the Micawbers, Peggotty and Barkis, Traddles, Betsey Trotwood and Mr. Dick, Uriah Heep and his mother. They are fantastic inventions of Dickens's exultant imagination...you can never quite forget them." (From feedbooks.com)
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This free digital curriculum for high school students contains interactive videos exploring conflict, characterization, and symbolism. The subplots of the text are thoroughly examined through written and visual annotations. Interactive videos and images aid students in understanding the social customs of the period. Annotations explain the significance of allusions to geographical locations, works of art, and social and political events mentioned in the text. Students will explore the themes of equality in marriage, wealth and class, and the plight of the weak. The Common Core aligned questions, answers and quizzes in this free online unit will increase student engagement in the book while supporting reading comprehension.

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Chapter 1 - I Am Born

Point of view is the angle of considering things, which shows us the opinion, or feelings of the individuals involved in a situation. The video explains how writers use point of view.  (This annotation contains a video)
Which point of view does the story use? 
The Saracen's Head is the name formerly given to a group of late medieval buildings in Kings Norton, Birmingham.  (This annotation contains an image)
Miss Betsey is the narrator's 
The story begins before the narrator is born. His mother is pregnant with him. 
Why does Miss Betsey visit the narrator's mother? 
How does Mrs. Copperfield describe her relationship with her husband? 
A national school was a school founded in 19th century England and Wales by the National Society for Promoting Religious Education. These schools provided elementary education, in accordance with the teaching of the Church of England, to the children of the poor.  (This annotation contains an image)
What does Miss Trotwood do when she discovers the baby is a boy? 

Chapter 2 - I Observe

Did you know that you can look up any word in the text of the book or the text of the questions and answers? Just click (or press on mobile devices) the word you want to define and hold until the blue text selector pops up. When you release, a define option will appear. Since it's so easy to look up words, make sure you use this feature frequently. Is there a word on this page you need to look up? 
David may have lived in a cottage similar to the one shown here. (This annotation contains an image)
What do Peggoty's actions suggest? 
David does not like the gentleman that his mother brings to the cottage. His feelings hint at future events. This is called foreshadowing. The video below gives a further explanation of foreshadowing. (This annotation contains a video)
Why does Peggotty object to Mrs. Copperfield's relationship with the gentleman? 
Why does Peggotty's mood change as she watches Mrs. Copperfield and Mr. Murdstone? 
How do Mr. Murdstone's companions treat him? 
Davy tells his mother what Mr. Murdstone's friends said about her. How does she respond? 
What does Mr. Murdstone insist Davy's mother do upon Davy's departure? 

Chapter 3 - I Have a Change

What contrasts does the narrator note in Ham's appearance? 
What is unusual about Mr. Peggotty's house? 
Peggotty shares with David her brother's relationship with the individuals in his home. What does this reveal about Mr. Peggotty? 
Emily's desire is to be  
David expresses his love for Emily and is not aware of any inequality in their social positions. 
Davy describes Mrs. Gummidge as  
Why does Mrs. Gummidge become contrary at times? 
What does David notice about his mother's greeting? 

Chapter 4 - I Fall into Disgrace

Clara blames Peggotty for David's behavior. How is Clara changing? 
What will Mr. Murdstone do if David disobeys him? 
Miss Murdstone comes to live with the family. How does she feel about David? 
How does Edward react when Clara resists having her household authority usurped? 
How is church different for David now that Clara is married to Mr. Murdstone? 
What figure of speech does Davy use to describe his studies? 
What do Mr. Murdstone's words foreshadow? 
How do Jane and Edward treat Clara? 
How does Mr. Murdstone punish David? 
What do Peggotty's actions reveal? 

Chapter 5 - I Am Sent Away

Peggotty stops the carrier to comfort David. 
What is the meaning of Mr. Barkis' message? 
David has a meal of pork chops and batter-pudding. (This annotation contains an image)
What misconception do the diners have of David? 
David refers to the novel "Robinson Crusoe" by Daniel Defoe in which the protagonist tells of his adventures while shipwrecked for years on a tropical island.  
What does the description of the school master suggest about him? 
Where does the school master take Davy? 
What is the relatonship between the school master and the old woman? 
The condition of Mr. Mell's clothes and boots indicate that he is very poor. Wealth and class is a recurring theme of the novel. Watch the video to gain an understanding of theme. As you read, pay attention to the themes of the novel. (This annotation contains a video)
How does wearing the placard affect David? 

Chapter 6 - I Enlarge My Circle of Acquaintance

What does Davy notice about the part of the house that Mr. Creadle occupies? 
Use the define feature to determine the meaning of "Tartar." What does the word mean in this sentence? 
Tommy Taddles befriends Davy. How does he save Davy from embarrassment about the placard? 
Why does David refer to Steerforth as "sir"? 
The narrator is revealing more about the personalities of the characters. This process is called characterization. The video defines character development and how it is used in writing.  (This annotation contains a video)
What is Steerforth's opinion of Davy? 

Chapter 7 - My 'First Half' at Salem House

Exordium in this sentence means 
Mr. Creadle enjoys intimidating the boys. 
Why does David consider Traddles an honorable person? 
Steerforth has insomnia. Davy is flattered that Steerforth asks him to tell stories to help him get to sleep. 
What does the reader learn about Steerforth's character from his  treatment of Mr. Mell? 
Traddles shows his honorable nature by speaking out against Steerforth's rude treatment of Mr. Mell. (This annotation contains an image)
What theme does the behavior of Mr. Creakle and Steerforth towards Mr. Mell emphasize? 
Mr. Mell, though poor, shows himself to be an honorable man. 
Why do the boys support Steerforth rather than Traddle? 
Mr. Peggotty's dialect indicates his  
Why does David hesitate in telling Steerforth about Emily? 

Chapter 8 - My Holidays. Especially One Happy Afternoon

What do David and Barkis talk about on the trip home? 
Davy is happy to be able to have a peaceful dinner with his mother and Peggotty. Mother figures are a recurring idea or motif throughout this text. The video explains motifs. (This annotation contains a video)
This statement by Davy's mother is an example of  
Why does Davy's mother accuse Peggotty of being jealous of Miss Murdstone? 
What is the purpose of Peggotty's argument with Davy's mother? 
How does Miss Murdstone show her contempt for Davy and his mother? 
What literary device does the narrator use to describe Mr. Murdstone's treatment of David? 
Why is there a gulf between Davy and his mother? 

Chapter 9 - I Have a Memorable Birthday

What news does Mrs. Creadle give Davy? 
Mr. Omer measures Davy for mourning clothes to wear to his mother's funeral. The happiness Mr. Omer shares with his daughters contrasts with David's situation. 
Davy rides in a carriage similar to the one in the image. (This annotation contains an image)
How does Mr. Chillip's behavior toward Davy contrast with that of Mr. Murdstone and his sister? 
What does Peggotty reveal to Davy about his mother's death? 

Chapter 10 - I Become Neglected, and Am Provided For

What does Davy notice about Mr. Murdstone's feelings for him? 
How does Mr. Barkis show his admiration for Peggotty? 
Why does Peggotty seek Davy's approval of her marriage to Mr. Barkis? 
What changes does Davy notice in Emily? 
Often in the novel, the reader is aware of the significance of events when the characters are not. This is called dramatic irony. What does Emily's expression indicate? (This annotation contains a video)
Mr. Barkis may have worn an outfit similar to the one in the image below. (This annotation contains an image)
Why do Mr. Barkis and Peggotty visit the church? 
Peggotty's marriage to Mr. Barkis does not change her feelings for Davy. She is still devoted to him. 
Mr. Murdstone's refusal to allow Davy to have any friends shows   
What plan does Mr. Murdstone make for Davy's future? 

Chapter 11 - I Begin Life on My Own Account, and Don't Like It

How does working at the counting-house affect Davy? 
What do you notice about Mr. Micawber's speech? 
What causes Mr. Micawber grief and mortification? 
Why does the landlord's wife return Davy's money and give him a kiss? 
How does Mrs. Micawber get money for food? 
Egg-hot is a hot drink consisting of beer and eggs sweetened and seasoned with nutmeg. (This annotation contains an image)
Under this act a prisoner could be released if he promised to repay his creditors in a timely fashion. 

Chapter 12 - Liking Life on My Own Account No Better, I Form a Great Resolution

What do Mrs. Micawber's comments reveal about her background? 
As the Micawbers plan to leave, what resolution does Davy make? 
What advice does Mr. Micawber give Davy? 
As Davy watches the Micawbers leave in the carriage, he decides he can no longer endure life at Murdstone and Grinby's. During this period in England, many children suffered a plight similar to Davy's. The video will help you understand life during this period. (This annotation contains a video)
Why does Davy wait until Saturday night to run away? 
What happens to Davy's money and box? 

Chapter 13 - The Sequel of My Resolution

What does Davy do to get money? 
Why does Davy choose to sleep near the cannon? 
The old man frightens Davy and cheats him on the price of his coat. 
How does the woman help Davy? 
Davy finally arrives at his aunt's house. Miss Betsey is amazed by his appearance. (This annotation contains an image)
What is Davy's assessment of is aunt? 
Davy thinks his aunt shows her concern for him while he is sleeping. 
How does Miss Betsey feel about marriage? 

Chapter 14 - My Aunt Makes up Her Mind About Me

Miss Betsey tells Davy that she has written to Mr. Murdstone to inform him that Davy is with her. He is coming to meet with her. How does Davy respond to that news? 
What does Mr. Dick's name suggest about his social position? 
Why does Miss Betsey insist that Mr. Dick come live with her? 
What is the tone of the scene with the donkey? 
How do Mr. Murdstone and his sister describe Davy to Miss Betsey? 
Why does Miss Betsey decide to keep Davy? 
What observations does Miss Betsey make about Mr. Murdstone's treatment of Davy and his mother? 

Chapter 15 - I Make Another Beginning

How is Mr. Dick different from the other male figures in Davy's life? 
Does the image below fit the narrator's description of Uriah Heep? (This annotation contains an image)
How does Uriah Heep make Davy uncomfortable? 
Davy equates Agnes with 
What does Uriah's handshake suggest about his personality? 

Chapter 16 - I Am a New Boy in More Senses Than One

What does Mr. Wickfield discuss with Doctor Strong? 
Why does Davey have difficulty adjusting at school? 
What is Jack Maldon's attitude toward Doctor Strong? 
What observation does Davy make about Agne's life? 
What does Uriah Heep's language indicate? 
How do Doctor Strong's discipline methods differ from Mr. Creadle's? 
Mrs. Markleham often creates conflict for Annie. Conflict is a struggle between opposing forces. The video explains the different types of conflict in literary works.  (This annotation contains a video)
Mrs. Markleham is  
What do Mrs. Markleham's remarks suggest?  
Davy's observations of Mrs. Strong indicate that he is  

Chapter 17 - Somebody Turns Up

What news does Peggotty give Davy in her letters? 
Why does Davy at first dismiss Mr. Dick's story about his aunt's late night visitor? 
What bothers Davy about Uriah Heep's manner? 
How does Mrs. Heep view Davy? 
David encounters Mr. Micawber as he is visiting Uriah Heep. (This annotation contains an image)
Mr. Micawber quotes lines from “Cato, a Tragedy,” a play written by Joseph Addison in 1712 and first performed on April 14, 1713. Addison’s poem deals with such themes as individual liberty versus governmental tyranny. How do you think this applies to the text? 
What events in Davy's life relate to the themes of Addison's work? 
Why do Mr. and Mrs. Micawber return to London? 
What do the contents of Mr. Micawber's letter reveal about him? 

Chapter 18 - A Retrospect

How does Davy's manner change when Miss Shepherd makes it known that she does not like him? 
Why does Davy fight the butcher? 
How does Davy's infatuation with the eldest Miss Larkin affect his behavior? 
To what do Mr. Chestle's words hint? 
Quiz One 

Chapter 19 - I Look About Me and Make a Discovery

What is Miss Betsey's wish for Davy? 
What change does Davy notice in Mr. Wickfield? 
Why does Mr. Wickfield send Jack Maldon abroad? 
Mr. Wickfield's actions toward Annie influence Davy's opinion of her. 
How do the coachman and the gentleman treat Davy? 
Why does Davy command the waiter in a deep voice? 
Why does Steerforth call Davy "Daisy"? 

Chapter 20 - Steerforth's Home

How does Davy see himself in comparison to Steerforth? 
What does Steerforth reveal about himself? 
What does Steerforth mean by "that sort of people"? 
Steerforth makes an allusion or reference to Luke 12:27. Watch the video clip to see how allusions are used in literary texts. (This annotation contains a video)
Consider the lilies how they grow : they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. Luke 12:27 KJVHow does this verse of scripture apply to Steerforth's life? 
Why does Mrs. Steerforth send her son to Mr. Creadle's school? 

Chapter 21 - Little Em'ly

Littimer exudes an air of 
Davy has great admiration for Steerforth and cannot see Steerforth's faults. How does Davy describe his friendship with Steerforth? 
What is Steerforth's attitude toward Peggotty and her family? 
Why do the women of the village dislike Emily? 
How does Peggotty react when she sees Davy? 
How does Mr. Barkis show his happiness at seeing Davy? 
Mr. Peggotty and his family are a picture of happiness and innocence. 
What happy news does Mr. Peggotty share? 
What does Davy notice about Emily's relationship with Ham? 

Chapter 22 - Some Old Scenes, and Some New People

What does Davy reflect upon at his mother's graveside? 
Steerforth reflects upon his life and expresses regret that he is so misguided. 
Davy shows great ___________ in his assessment of Steerforth's reason for buying the boat. 
How does Davy describe Ham? 
What is unusual about Miss Mowcher? 
What fascinates Davy about Miss Mowcher? 
Miss Mowcher examines Steerforth's hair. (This annotation contains an image)
What is noteworthy about Steerforth's description of Emily 
What does Steerforth tell Davy about Miss Mowcher? 
Who is Martha? 
Emily is very upset when Martha leaves. What desire does she express to Ham, Peggotty, and David? 

Chapter 23 - I Corroborate Mr. Dick, and Choose a Profession

Why does Davy ask Steerforth's opinion about his future profession?  
What effect is achieved by Miss Betsey's concern about the donkey?  
What regret does Miss Betsey share with David? 
Miss Betsey drives off with a strange man. Davy remembers Mr. Dick's story of a man who visits Miss Betsey late at night. 
Why does Davy question Mr. Spenlow about financial considerations for an articled clerk? 
Miss Betsey makes arrangements for Davy to board with Mrs. Crupp. 

Chapter 24 - My First Dissipation

Why does Davy visit Highgate? 
Davy explains his dinner plans to Mrs. Crupp. How does she "assist" Davy? 
Why does Davy indulge in smoking and drinking? 
Often you will have to answer questions about a text based on inference. Inference is explained in the video. Why is Davy remorseful? (This annotation contains a video)

Chapter 25 - Good and Bad Angels

Why does Agnes ask Davy to visit her? 
Davy's inability to see Steerforth's flaws and his infatuation with Miss Dartle after their brief meetings reflect his naiveté. 
What does Agnes reveal about Uriah Heep? 
How does Davy evaluate Mr. Waterbrook's comments about Traddles? 
Why do Mr. Gulpidge and Mr. Spiker engage in conversation related to their profession? 
Why does Uriah's presence make David uncomfortable? 
What does Uriah Heep suggest about Mr. Wickfield's business practices? 
Uriah tells David that he is interested in Agnes but swears David to secrecy. How does David respond to this news? 

Chapter 26 - I Fall into Captivity

David's description of Uriah suggests that he is  
Mr. Spenlow and David ride in a phaeton, a carriage similar to the one in the image below. (This annotation contains an image)
What is David's reaction to Mr. Spenlow's daughter? 
David meets Miss Murdstone at Mr. Spenlow's home. She has been hired as Dora's companion. How does Miss Murdstone suggest that she and David handle their relationship? 
What assessment does Dora make of Miss Murdstone as she and Davy stroll in the garden? (This annotation contains an image)
What does Mrs. Crupp mean by the advice she gives David? 

Chapter 27 - Tommy Traddles

How does Traddles' neighborhood remind David of Mr. and Mrs. Micawber? 
How is Traddles' background similar to  David's? 
David is surprised to learn that Traddles is boarding with Mr. and Mrs. Micawber. Mr. Micawber does not at first recognize David. He tells David that they are currently in a difficult situation. 

Chapter 28 - Mr. Micawber's Gauntlet

Why does David hesitate to ask Mrs. Crupp for any assistance? 
Mrs. Crupp does a poor job of preparing the mutton and gravy. The Micawbers and Traddles assist David in turning the meal into a festive occasion.  
How does Littimer's presence affect the dinner party? 
Mrs. Micawber recounts Mr. Micawber's failed efforts to secure a position. She thinks that it is time he assume responsibility for his life. 
How does Mrs. Micawber propose that her husband find employment? 
What warning does David give Traddles? 
What does David note about Steerforth's attitude ? 
Steerforth convinces David to delay his trip to Yartmouth and spend a day with him at Highgate. 
What information does Mr. Micawber share in the letter he gives David? 

Chapter 29 - I Visit Steerforth at His Home, Again

Why does Miss Dartle question David about Steerforth's absence from Highgate? 
Why supposition does Miss Dartle make, and what is Mrs. Steerforth's response? 
Steerforth's parting words to David are an example of  

Chapter 30 - A Loss

Mr. Omer attributes Emily's unsettled state to apprehension about Mr. Barkis' impending death and her upcoming marriage. 
Emily's behavior towards Ham suggests the theme of 
Symbolism is the use of symbols to signify ideas and qualities by giving them symbolic meanings that are different from their literal sense. The video explains the use of symbolism in literary texts. Mr. Barkis dies as the tide goes out. What does the tide represent? (This annotation contains a video)

Chapter 31 - A Greater Loss

In this sentence, abstruse means  
Mr. Peggotty puts the candle in the window for Emily to see as she walks home from work. What does the light represent? 
What message does Emily write in her letter? 
How does Davy react when he realizes that Emily has run off with Steerforth? 

Chapter 32 - The Beginning of a Long Journey

What does Mr. Peggotty propose to do until Emily returns? 
How does Mrs. Gummidge's demeanor change? 
Why does Miss Mowcher visit David? 
Miss Mowcher explains her role in Emily's downfall. How do Steerforth and Littimer deceive her? 
What lesson does Miss Mowcher teach David? 
According to Mrs. Steerforth, why can't her son marry Emily? 
What does David recognize about Mrs. Steerforth and James? 
How do Mr. Peggotty and Miss Dartle's views of Emily differ? 

Chapter 33 - Blissful

David's love for Dora is  
How does David's reaction to Mr. Murdstone show his maturity? 
How do David's views of the workings of the judicial system differ from Mr. Spenlow's? 
David is so smitten with Dora that he does not notice the dusty ride to the birthday picnic. When they arrive, he is jealous of a young man who seems to be interested in Dora. 
Who arranges for a meeting between David and Emily? 
Structure refers to how a text is organized. Viewing the video will help you better understand structure. How is this novel structured? (This annotation contains a video)
David tells this narrative in retrospect. What does he realize about his secret engagement to Dora?  

Chapter 34 - My Aunt Astonishes Me

What is the substance of Mrs. Crupp's letter to David? 
Mr. Micawber has financial difficulties again and has been forced to move and change his name to Mortimer. Traddles' flower pot and marble table are confiscated because he allowed Mr. Micawber to use his name. 
Why is Mrs. Crupp so attentive to Miss Betsey? 
What distressing news does Miss Betsey give David? 

Chapter 35 - Depression

Mr. Dick does not understand the severity of Miss Betsey's financial situation until David explains it to him.  
Why does Miss Betsey change her opinion of Peggotty? 
What does Miss Betsey think of David's infatuation with Dora? 
How does David try to improve his aunt's financial situation? 
What bewilders David about the objections of Mr. Spenlow and Mr. Jorkins? 
Agnes's words represent a(n) _________ of the novel. 
Why is Agnes at first apprehensive around Miss Betsey? 
What changes does David note in Mr. Wickfield? 
The metaphor David uses in this sentence to portrays Uriah Heep as  

Chapter 36 - Enthusiasm

How does David describe Miss Dartle? 
David's insistence that seventy pounds is fair payment suggests his 
What suspicions does David have about Mrs. Strong and Jack Maldon? 
What work does Traddles find for Mr. Dick? 
What information does Mr. Micawber share in his letter to David? 
What concerns Mrs. Micawber about Mr. Micawber's new position? 
Quiz Two 
Mr. Micawber gives Traddles an I.O.U. for the two bills that he took out in Traddles' name. David fears that Mr. Micawber will never repay Traddles. 

Chapter 37 - A Little Cold Water

David accepts the changes in his aunt's financial situation and determines that he will take on the financial responsibility for the family. David adjusts to situations and is able to grow and change. Such a character is a dynamic character. (This annotation contains a video)
How does Dora react when David describes the changes in his financial situation? 
What does Miss Mills think about Dora's ability to handle domestic responsibilities? 
What does David begin to realize about Dora? 

Chapter 38 - A Dissolution of Partnership

How does David master stenography? 
Why does Mr. Spenlow ask to meet with David? 
What action does Mr. Spenlow threaten to take if David refuses to stop seeing Dora? 
What news does David receive when he goes to the office? 
What does David learn about Mr. Spenlow's financial situation? 
David's precoccupation with Dora's activities reflects 

Chapter 39 - Wickfield and Heep

How do things change at the Commons after Mr. Spenlow's death? 
Why does Mr. Micawber ask Davy not to discuss matters pertaining to Messrs Wickfield and Heep? 
David's description of Dora contrasts her attributes with those of Agnes. 
What does Agnes suggest David do to continue his relationship with Dora? 
What image of Uriah Heep and his mother does the narrator's description convey? 
What does Uriah learn from his upbringing in a poor house? 
The image below show Uriah Heep fawning over Agnes. What does Uriah Heep say that upsets Mr. Wickfield? (This annotation contains an image)
What figure of speech does Uriah use to describe his error in mentioning his intentions to marry Agnes? 

Chapter 40 - The Wanderer

What does David note about Mr. Peggotty's appearance? 
Why do village women give Mr. Peggotty food and drink? 
Emily's letters express her remorse at hurting her uncle and Ham. She also sends money that her uncle does not spend. 
How does the love Mrs. Steerforth and Mrs. Heep have for their sons affect their sons' characters? 

Chapter 41 - Dora's Aunts

David is concerned about Traddles' hair sticking up on his head. Traddles shares that Sophy's sisters tease him about his hair, but he doesn't seem to mind. 
Traddles describes his proposal to Sophy as  
Dickens often uses figurative language to paint a picture for the reader. The video explains two types of figurative language, similes and metaphors. What type of figurative language is used in this sentence? (This annotation contains a video)
The two sisters seem to enjoy overseeing Dora and David's courtship.  
What conditions do the aunts set for David's courtship of Dora? 
Miss Betsey was happy for David, but her long walk indicates that she is concerned about his relationship with Dora. 
The aunts and Miss Betsey treat Dora  

Chapter 42 - Mischief

Uriah Heep comes to keep an eye on Agnes as she visits Dr. Strong and Annie. 
What figure of speech describes Uriah's appearance? 
Dora admires Agnes and wonders why David chose her, rather than Agnes, for his companion. 
The description of Uriah's hand conjures images of  
Uriah forces Mr. Wickfield to admit his suspicions about Annie Strong and Jack Maldon's relationship. 
What does Doctor Strong's response to Uriah's allegations against Annie reveal about his character? 
David slaps Uriah and tells him how much he hates him. Uriah forgives him for this act. Uriah serves as a foil, or contrast, to David. The video will help you understand the role of a foil in literature. (This annotation contains a video)
How does Mr. Dick make David feel ashamed? 
What changes does Mrs. Micawber note in her husband? 

Chapter 43 - Another Retrospect

Sophy and Agnes will serve as 
Those attending the wedding comment on the youthfulness of the couple. (This annotation contains an image)

Chapter 44 - Our Housekeeping

Use the define feature to look up the meaning of paragon. What is ironic about the servant's name? 
David realizes that Dora is not able to handle the household. She becomes distraught when he makes any attempt to coach her in her domestic duties. 
Why does Miss Betsey refuse to speak to Dora about her household duties? 
David and Dora are taken advantage of by their servants and by the tradespeople because of their youthfulness and naiveté. 
Why does Dora ask David to think of her as his 'child-wife'? 
David realizes that something is missing in his relationship with Dora. She is not able to be a partner to him. 
David's tone when he speaks of Dora is 

Chapter 45 - Mr. Dick Fulfils My Aunt's Predictions

Annie's mother is concerned only about her own pleasure. She unknowingly deepens the gulf between Annie and Doctor Strong. 
How does Mr. Dick describe himself? 
The conditions of Doctor Strong's will indicate his 
Mr. Dick brings Annie and Doctor Strong together. Annie appeals to her friends to mediate between them. 
What does Annie disclose about her relationship with Jack Maldon? 
Why do these expressions trouble David? 

Chapter 46 - Intelligence

Why does Miss Dartle wish to see David? 
Why does Emily become violent with Mr. Littimer? 
What happens to the letters Mr. Peggotty sends Emily? 
David visits Mr. Peggotty to tell him what he learns from Mr. Littimer. 
What causes Mr. Peggotty's feelings about Martha to change? 
In this novel, the lives of many of the characters are intertwined. The video explains parallel plot. How are the plots connected in this text? (This annotation contains a video)

Chapter 47 - Martha

How does Martha say her life is like the river? 
Emily's flight has made Mr. Peggotty more compassionate. He assures Martha that he has changed. 
Why does Martha want Mr. Peggotty and David to trust her to assist Emily if she ever has the opportunity? 
Who is the man that Miss Betsey has been giving money to? 

Chapter 48 - Domestic

The problems David and Dora have with their help reveals 
Why does David give up his scheme to form Dora's mind? 
What does David realize about his marriage to Dora? 
What does David fear is happening to Dora? 

Chapter 49 - I Am Involved in Mystery

Why does David find it difficult to understand the meaning of Mr. Micawber's letter? 
Traddles receives a letter from Mrs. Micawber expressing her concern for her husband. 
How does Mr. Micawber describe Uriah Heep? 
Mr. Micawber is financially ruined. 
What request does Mr. Micawber make in his letter to David? 

Chapter 50 - Mr. Peggotty's Dream Comes True

Who beckons to David as he walks in his garden? 
Miss Dartle enters Martha's room to viciously berate Emily. (This annotation contains an image)
Miss Dartle's words show her to be 
Miss Dartle's attack on Emily is filled with emotion. This emotion creates tension. See how tension adds to a literary work. (This annotation contains a video)

Chapter 51 - The Beginning of a Longer Journey

What happens to Emily after she escapes from Mr. Littimer? 
How does Martha save Emily? 
Mr. Peggotty plans emigrate with Emily to 
Mr. Omer realizes that he is coming closer to the end of his life and wishes to do any kindness he can for Martha.  
Why does David arrange to meet Ham alone? 
Why does Mrs. Gummidge beg to go to Australia with Mr. Peggotty? 

Chapter 52 - I Assist at an Explosion

What makes Miss Betsey change her mind about accompanying David to Canterbury? 
What does stipendary mean in this sentence? 
Uriah is surprised when Mr. Micawber ushers the group into his office but quickly adopts his 'humble' attitude. (This annotation contains an image)
How does Uriah react when confronted with his treacherous acts? 
Mr. Micawber enjoys writing letters and reading them. He expounds upon the wrongs done to Mr. Wickfield by Uriah Heep. (This annotation contains an image)
What advice does Mrs. Heep give Uriah? 
David comforts Agnes as the truth of Uriah's evil plan is revealed. (This annotation contains an image)
What does the narrator choose to use "peroration" rather than conclusion when referring to Mr. Micawber's reading of his letter? 
What choice does Traddles give Heep? 
Mr. Micawber is able to reunite with his family now that he is relieved of the burdens of Uriah Heep's deceit. (This annotation contains an image)
What solution does Miss Betsey suggest for Mr. Micawber and his family? 

Chapter 53 - Another Retrospect

Why do you think Dora wishes to see Agnes? 
What insight does Dora share with David? 

Chapter 54 - Mr. Micawber's Transactions

Dora's beloved pet Jip dies. Agnes tells David that Dora has also just died and comforts him in his sorrow. (This annotation contains an image)
Mrs. Micawber makes an allusion to Isaiah 11:6 KJV: The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. 
What does Mrs. Micawber mean by her reference to Isaiah 11:6? 
Traddles points out that Mr. Micawber and Mr. Dick have been instrumental in bringing to light and unraveling Uriah Heep's evil scheme against Mr. Wickfield. 
Why does Miss Betsey burn the letter Mr. Wickfield wrote her? 
Why do Traddles and David recommend giving Mr. Micawber only a small sum in money and making the payments for his transactions? 
What is the secret Miss Betsey reveals? 
Summarize the contents of the note Mr. Micawber sends David. 

Chapter 55 - Tempest

Why does Mr. Peggotty visit David? 
Mood is the feeling that a work evokes. This video explains the difference between mood and tone. What mood is created by the fierceness of the storm? (This annotation contains a video)
David's restlessness and concern for Ham is an example of  
David and others run to the beach to see the wreck of the ship. What imagery does the narrator use to describe the wrecked ship? 
Whose body does David see on the shore? 

Chapter 56 - The New Wound, and the Old

David feels it is his responsibility to take Steerforth's body home to Highgate. 
Miss Dartle blames Steerforth's death on  
Mrs. Steerforth has made no response other than moaning since David told her of her son's death.  (This annotation contains an image)

Chapter 57 - The Emigrants

Why doesn't David want Mr. Peggotty and Emily to know that Ham is dead? 
Mr. Micawber is arrested again for the debts he owes Uriah Heep. David pays the fee. 
Albion is the ancient name for England. Mrs. Micawber wants the family to remember its English roots and, in time, return home. 
After viewing some of the paintings of Adrian Ostade, what do you think David means when he says "... and I seemed to stand in a picture by Ostade"? 
Adriaen van Ostade was a Dutch Golden Age painter of genre works. The video shows some of his works. (This annotation contains a video)

Chapter 58 - Absence

How does the tone of the narrative change? 
What effect does the letter from Agnes have on David? 
How does David's acknowledgment of his love for Agnes affect him? 

Chapter 59 - Return

David is sad that Traddles has not become a successful lawyer. 
What news does Traddles give David? 
Traddles is not materially wealthy but considers himself rich because he has the love of Sophie and her sisters. (This annotation contains an image)
How does David's attitude towards Traddles situation change after visiting with him? 
David and Mr. Chillip reflect on old times. Mr. Chillip is proud of David's accomplishments. 
What observation does Mrs. Chillip make about Mr. and Miss Murdstone? 
The video shows a meeting with David and Mr. Murdstone's intended bride. How does this version differ from that in the text?  (This annotation contains a video)

Chapter 60 - Agnes

The manner in which Agnes calms David reflects 
The reader knows more about the feelings David and Agnes have for each other than the characters do. To what does Mr. Wickfield refer in this sentence? 
Why does Agnes show distress at David's words? 

Chapter 61 - I Am Shown Two Interesting Penitents

Traddles and Sophy are very happy. Traddles praises her for her devotion to him and making their home a happy one. 
Why does Mr. Creadles invite David to visit the prison? 
Why is David shocked when he meets the Model Prisoner? 
What does David realized about Mr. Littimer and Uriah Heep? 
Miss Mowcher keeps her promise to repay Mr. Littimer for his part in wronging Emily. 

Chapter 62 - A Light Shines on My Way

Why doesn't David tell Agnes how he really feels about her? 
What upsetting news does Miss Betsey give David? 
What response does Agnes make to David's declaration of his love for her? 
Agnes reveals that Dora's last request was that she become David's wife. (This annotation contains an image)

Chapter 63 - A Visitor

Mr. Peggotty comes to visit Agnes, David, and their children. How does he say they have fared in Australia? 
Why does Emily refuse all offers of marriage? 
Mr. Mell has moved to Australia and improved his circumstances. What theme does the success of this good man support? 
What changes can David see in Mr. Micawber? 

Chapter 64 - A Last Retrospect

What lesson does Mrs. Steerforth's condition teach? 
Quiz Three 
David realizes that he has loved Agnes all of his life and wishes to die with her by his side.  (This annotation contains a video)