Here's One More Reason To Play Video Games Beating Dyslexia

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In this article you can find out how dyslexia disrupts reading for people who have it, and how many are starting to turn to video games in order to overcome the challenges posed by it.

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This video from TEDex breaks down what someone with dyslexia experiences when they try to read and learn new information. It is a great resource to help you understand how frustrating the learning disability can be. (This annotation contains a video)
Having a delayed reaction would mean that  
Considering what you've read, as well as the explanation in the video annotation, why might hearing a word first help dyslexic people be able to read it more easily? 
In this sentence the word echoes means 
Considering the resources in your school, do you believe that everyone with a special need gets the full attention they deserve and need to be successful? Explain using evidence.