Take a Stand

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Find out about a young girl from California who is trying to save enslaved children one glass of lemonade at a time.

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This is the picture of two Nepalese brothers that put Vivienne on the path to changing her world for the better. She couldn't understand why she was able to go out and play, but they had to carry heavy rocks down a dangerous mountain.  (This annotation contains an image)
Can you think of any circumstances or factors that could lead to slavery? Make a list of 2-5 things you think could lead to child slavery and write a short sentence for each explaining why that could be a cause. 
This fact reveals that Vivienne's community 
Please follow this link to hear from Vivienne herself and learn what inspires and motivates her. (Although the video is long you only have to watch the first 8 minutes). (This annotation contains a video)
Vivienne Quiz 
If you are curious to learn more about Vivienne's story you can check out this link.  (This annotation contains a link)