A very scary headline about kindergarteners

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This article examines how a heavy focus on academics and testing is impacting kindergarteners. It is suggested for high school students, but good work for strong middle school readers as well.

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Think back to kindergarten, was your experience enjoyable? Did your school emphasize academics and testing?  
You can follow this link to a recent CNN story about standardized testing and the impact it has on students. (This annotation contains a link)
In your opinion, who do you think should develop the standards school children are measured by? Explain why this group is likely to develop the best and fairest set of standards. 
Hands-on learning experiences are important because they  
If research has proven that young children do not do well based on their development, why do you think the government and school districts continue to endorse their usage? 
Think back through your education. What hands-on or experiential learning activities stick with you? Why do you think they stand out?   
If students feel valued at school they are  
Some people argue that some stress is a good thing. Do you agree that this is true for students of all ages? Explain your point of view. 
Besides benefiting students in the classroom, encouraging active play might also impact their