U.S. Olympic athlete gives up team spot to twin sister

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This brief article focuses on the Barnes sisters who have trained their whole lives together in an effort to make the US Olympic Team in the Biathlon (a combined event that tests cross country skiing and shooting ability). After Lanny failed to make the team, her twin Tracy decided to give up her spot on the team so her sister could compete in Sochi. The article is easily accessible to younger students, but could work for older students as well.

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Tracy and her twin sister Lanny Barnes competed at the Olympic team trials in Italy in January. Lanny became ill and wasn't able to participate to her full potential.  (This annotation contains an image)
From this quote please try to define the Olympic Spirit in your own words.   
Tracy's willingness to forfeit her spot to sister Lanny could best be described as an act of  
Imagine for a minute that you were Tracy. You've just made the team, and will probably not be able to try again in 4 years, but your sister and training partner was left off of the roster. Do you think you'd be able to give up your spot for her? Why or why not? 
Follow this link to see an interview with the Barnes sisters. (This annotation contains a link)