Who Was Roald Dahl?

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Designed for students in 5th grade, this free digital curriculum contains annotations explaining geography, historical events and supporting details. It also contains interactive videos that support comprehension, such as videos about Dahl's life and Dahl's work. Over the course of the book, students will answer Common Core questions and quizzes related to the subjects of main ideas, supporting details, and structure. This free online unit will increase student engagement while building reading comprehension.

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Who Was Roald Dahl?

Based on this topic sentence, what is the the upcoming information going to be about?  
A biplane is a type of plane that has two wings stacked on top of each other. You can see an image of a biplane below.  (This annotation contains an image)
Roald Dahl wrote an autobiography, Boy: Tales from Childhood, about his own life as a young boy going to school. If you're curious about reading about his life from his own perspective, you should consider reading this book. You can see an image of the book cover below.  (This annotation contains an image)

Young Roald

Where is Wales located in reference to England?  
In your own words, summarize what this chapter is about. Use information from the text to support your answer.  
Appendicitis is when your appendix becomes inflamed and has to be removed or treated with antibiotics.  

School Days

What can we infer from this introductory paragraph to this chapter?  
Did you know that you can look up any word in the text of the book or the text of the questions and answers? Just click (or press on mobile devices) the word you want to define and hold until the blue text selector pops up. When you release, a define option will appear. Since it's so easy to look up words, make sure you use this feature frequently... Is there a word on this page you need to look up? 
As you read, you may be able to pick up on childhood memories that clearly inspired Dahl's writing later in life. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is all about candy, and Matilda and other books mention adult figures who are disgusting and the kids play pranks on them. Pay attention and see if you can make these connections in other instances.  
What is the overall structure of this book? Both across chapters and within chapters?  
Read the passage from Boy: Tales from Childhood, seen below, and think about how Dahl's description of the event with the motorcar differs from Kelley's.  (This annotation contains an image)
Which of the following events in this chapter does not necessarily directly fit under the "School Days" chapter title?  
Watch the video below on making inferences. Then, make an inference about what type of child Roald was towards his teachers based on the clues written in the book.  (This annotation contains a video)
What are two things that Roald Dahl liked about Repton?  


Lichen, seen below, is an organism that is created by a relationship between fungus and algae.  (This annotation contains an image)
Use the link below to access a passage from Boy: Tales from Childhood and answer the following question. What was the sign of a businessman on the train? http://tinypic.com/r/ih2jco/8 
The author is sure to include images, including maps, throughout the story. What effect does this have? Think about this as you continue to read.  
Section 1 Quiz 

The Flying Hero

Below is a picture of Europe. At the time of WW II Czechoslovakia was made up of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. (This annotation contains an image)
Identify two topic sentences, and two supporting details about Roald's experience flying planes.  
Greece is located just north of Egypt, but it still took five hours to fly there. You can see where the two countries are located on the map of the Mediterranean below. (This annotation contains an image)
What can you infer the author will explain next in this story of Dahl's fighting in the war?  


Which of the following is the main idea of this paragraph?  
Below is an image of a Renoir painting. You'll notice that even though you can tell what is happening, it is not completely realistic looking. The paint strokes are soft and only give the "impression" of the scene.  (This annotation contains an image)
The remainder of this biography of Dahl's life will likely include ____________.  

A Struggling Writer

Which of the following is NOT a piece of supporting evidence to the idea that it was difficult for Roald to write?  
Ernest Hemingway was a very important writer in the 20th century. The fact that Roald Dahl received advice from him is very significant. Below is a video that gives you more information about Ernest Hemingway.  (This annotation contains a video)
Dahl is known for his children's books. Explain how his earlier stories contrast with what he originally became famous for. 

Family Man

Overall, the story of Dahl's life has been told chronologically. Some of the events in his life have been caused by others, such as his desire to write children's books. As Dahl states, he would not have written for children if he had not had them himself.  
What is the cause for the Dahl's to move back to England?  
As you can see, Dahl's early life inspired his story telling later. Watch the video below to see how other earlier experiences inspired some of his novels.  (This annotation contains a video)
Section 2 Quiz 

More Ups and Downs

Infer from the title of the book which of the following is most likely going to happen next?  
Roald was determined to get his wife back to normal, and he didn't want her feeling sorry for herself. What do you think about the way Roald handled his wife's stroke?  
Who is Olivia?  

Roald’s Hut

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was a movie that starred Dick Van Dyke. You can watch a clip from the movie below.  (This annotation contains a video)
Make an inference about Roald Dahl's hut using evidence you find in the text.  
The way Kelley writes, it seems as though Dahl's life as a writer was a difficult one. He struggled because he wanted to be perfect. However, it also seems as though Dahl found joy in making kids happy.  

The Last Chapter

Based on the highlighted paragraph, what may have been the cause for the most productive time in Roald Dahl's life?  
Dahl's autobiography, Boy, was written when Dahl was in his sixties, but from the perspective of when he was a child. This point of view can make it difficult to identify which stories and details are fact, and which are exaggerated because of the perspective.  
Section 3 Quiz