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Kiersten White’s New York Times bestselling Paranormalcy trilogy comes to a breathless conclusion with a signature mix of wit, romance, paranormal creatures, and a truly original heroine.
In Endlessly, pink-loving, butt-kicking Evie has way too much on her to-do list. Paranormals are begging her to open a faerie gate so they can leave the human world, something Evie’s not sure she has the power to do. The Dark Queen is torturing humans and must be destroyed.
On top of all that, Evie’s prom is coming up. She’s not sure what to wear, and, oh, yeah, her shape-shifting boyfriend, Lend, has been cursed so that he falls into an enchanted sleep whenever he and Evie are in the same room…and even Evie’s ex-boyfriend, the faerie Reth, can’t reverse the dark magic.
An epic battle is looming, and the choices Evie makes will determine the fate of whole paranormal world—and her own life.

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This free digital curriculum for middle school students contains interactive videos exploring pronunciations and irony, as well as annotations describing theme, foreshadowing, and questioning strategies. Students will explore the themes of free will and sense of duty. The Common Core aligned questions, answers and quizzes in this free online unit will increase student engagement in the book while supporting reading comprehension.

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Pink Goes with Everything

Which of the following is mostly likely the genre in which this story would fall?  
The main character uses the word mace twice here. One where the word is used as a proper noun, and the other as a common noun. Mace used as a common noun is a heavy club. Mace as a proper noun is like pepper spray. Both are used as weapons, which is why she states that she would like to have both with her.  
What is the main character's name?  
Did you know that you can look up any word in the text of the book or the text of the questions and answers? Just click (or press on mobile devices) the word you want to define and hold until the blue text selector pops up. When you release, a define option will appear. Since it's so easy to look up words, make sure you use this feature frequently... Is there a word on this page you need to look up? 
Use the picture in the link to answer the following question. Most stories follow a typical plot diagram. Currently, we are in the portion of the plot that introduces the characters and setting, and in this case, reminds the reader what has happened in the previous books. This portion of the plot diagram is called the http://www.revolutionherald.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/plot-diagram-2.jpg 
This story is told from the first-person point of view, which means that one of the characters is telling the story from his/her perspective. In this case, our main character, Evie, is telling the story. Having a first person point of view allows the reader to really get to know the main character because we have access to his/her thoughts and feelings. The video below provides more information on point of view.  (This annotation contains a video)
IPCA historically believes in tracking paranormals as a safety precaution. The town in which Evie lives believes in allowing paranormals to roam free and undetected, as they are normal. Raquel and Evie had an understanding about the town, but having another member of IPCA in this town could be very dangerous.  

Barking Mad

If the stars are winking, what type of figurative language is this?  
Vivian is the closest thing Evie has to a sister. They are both the same type of creature, and the only two like them. Vivian and Evie only visit with each other in their dreams because Vivian is in a coma after she released the souls inside of her at the end of the first book.  
David and Raquel had differing opinions as to what is best for Evie in the second book, and were often at odds with each other. When characters do things that are unexpected, such as text each other when they typically dislike each other, the reader should take notice.  
Write a brief description of Evie. Use evidence from the text to support your answer.  
Centrifugal is actually a fictitious force. Want to sound smart with your friends? Watch the video below which explains what centrifugal force actually is.  (This annotation contains a video)
Use the define feature to chose the best synonym for vehemently as it is used here. 
Selkies are a mythological creature that are believed to be able to transform between seals and humans.  
What type of paranormal is Arianna? We know that she was not born the type of paranormal that she is now, and that she is a corpse under her glamour.  
Already Evie is dealing with abnormalities in her life. Raquel is not at IPCA, and Nona is secretly keeping tabs on Evie. Pay attention to the information Raquel gives Evie, as it will likely be important to the rest of the story.  

The Shortest Day of the Year

What does Raquel's body language tell you about how she is feeling? 
Raquel seems very desperate and anxious. This is very unlike her and should make us question what is going on.  
We can infer that the story is taking place during which season?  
In the second book, Supernaturally, a conflict arises where the elemental paranormals go missing, including Lend's mother. It was not resolved by the end of the second book, so we can assume this conflict will be resolved by the end of this book, which is also the conclusion of the trilogy.  
Explain what a glamour is in your own words.  
Evie's best friend was a mermaid named Lish. She was killed in the first book.  
What is the overall mood of this scene between Lend and Evie?  
Lend has thrown Evie quite the surprise party, and from its description, it seems as though it is exactly the type of party Evie would enjoy. However, it is stereotypical for big dramatic events to occur at dances and parties in stories that take place in high school. Keep reading to see if this stereotype holds true.  

Glamourous Parties

The addition of masks at this party adds an element of surprise or mystery. What might the author be doing with the addition of the masks?  
Lend was very thoughtful when he took Evie to go get herself primped up at the mall. It was all in preparation for this party.  
What can we infer about Carlee?  
What are these creatures, and how will the affect the story's plot?  

Winter Soulstice

In what point of view is this story told?  
Evie has taken partial souls from an air elemental and a water elemental paranormal. Therefore, there are times when she feels connected to the air and the water.  
What is the possible importance of this encounter with these paranormals?  
When a character provides information about the backstory or the past, it is important to take note because it often provides information that will be helpful later in the story. Make sure you understand what Donna has explained before reading on.  
Which of the following is currently moving the plot along in this chapter? 
One of the most common conflicts that Evie struggles with is balancing what she is made to do with what she believes is right. Although her body craves the souls of other paranormals, she doesn't believe it is right to take them. It seems as though Evie will have to struggle with deciding whether or not to help these paranormals get back home.  

Old Flames

Pay attention to the chapter titles, as they often give hints as to what is going to happen in the chapter. "Old flames" often refer to ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends, which means Reth could possible show up in this chapter. "Old flames" could also reference the fire that the old dragon breathes. Keep reading to figure out the connection between the chapter title and the plot.  
What can we infer from Evie's body language?  
This idea of making your own choices, despite who you are and who you are "meant to be," started developing in the last book. This theme of free will and making your own choices will most likely continue to develop throughout this book. Watch the video below for more information on theme, and pay attention to any other themes that may emerge throughout the story.  (This annotation contains a video)
Which of the following words would be the best synonym for enmity? 
Not only is Raquel acting strange, but Reth is acting strangely as well. Again, when characters do things that contrast with what we expect, it is important for us to take notice and ask ourselves why this might be happening.  

Found and Lost

What type of figurative language is used here to describe the Dark Queen's hair?  
The Dark Queen is using Evie's emptiness to make her feel compelled to come to her. When Reth realizes that this is happening, he begins to fill Evie with his soul in order to fulfill that longing.  
Based on Evie's reaction to this conflict, what theme is most likely developing at this point in the story?  

Shocking Encounters

Vivian is also feeling strange and different from how she normally feels. This should indicate that she is also feeling the effects of the conflict between the faeries and the elementals, or that she is being affected by something else. As you read, see if there is an explanation behind why Vivian is also feeling strange.  
The end of the exposition of the story is usually marked by the introduction of the central conflict. It seems as though the central conflict is the battle between the elementals and the faeries. Now that we have be introduced to the central conflict, in which portion of the plot diagram are we? http://www.revolutionherald.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/plot-diagram-2.jpg 
You can tell a lot about a person based on how he/she reacts to a set back. Evie could sit and cry and mourn what has happened, or she can stand up and fight back. This strong sense of duty and "fight back" mentality shows how strong Evie really is.  
How is Reth and Evie's relationship different from the first book in the series? Use evidence and reasoning to explain your answer.  
For what reasons is Evie being arrested? What has she done wrong in the eyes of IPCA?  

New Jewelry

Evie's job used to be to "bag and tag" paranormals. She would find paranormals and then put a tracking device on them so the IPCA could monitor paranormal activity. The fact that the tables have turned and now Evie has been "bagged and tagged" could be consider ironic. Watch the video below for more information on situational irony.  (This annotation contains a video)
What is Evie planning on doing?  
Evie is struggling with internal conflict. She is mentally preparing herself for all the extraordinary tasks she has been left to handle - both paranormal and normal tasks. How she handles the pressure will tell us a lot about our main character's ability to handle difficult situations.  
What type of conflict is being displayed here between Evie and Anne-Whatever Whatever?  

Sparks Fly

At the beginning of this chapter, it is not entirely clear what is happening. Make sure you understand what Evie and the guard are doing before you continue into the rest of the chapter.  
Which of the following features of this story allows the reader to be included in Evie's internal conflict?  
When a character realizes something, or begins to make connections, we sometimes consider this an Aha! moment. We should ask ourselves, "How might this change things?" or, "will this come into play later in the story?" 
The fact that Evie can use the energy from the souls for things other than opening gates is a huge revelation. It will be interesting to see if she is able to use the other soul portions she has to help get herself out of situations throughout this story.  
Jack has been brought up several times in this book, but we have not met him yet. What do we know about Jack?  


Use the define feature to look up the word "emphatic."  
Evie doesn't ask an obvious question that we are left wondering. Which of the following questions is left unanswered with this conversation?  
How might Evie be able to get herself to Lend without the help of anyone else? Was Evie ever able to get herself to Lend on her own in any of the previous books? How did she do this?  
Should Evie trust Reth? Why or why not?  
In the faerie world, there are Unseelie and Seelie faeries. Unseelie faeries are supposed to be the "evil" ones, whereas the Seelie faeries are supposed to be "good." Although, from the descriptions in the book, it seems as though all faeries, Seelie or Unseelie are a bit evil.  
What do the alarms likely indicate?  

Rainbows and Butterflies

It is interesting how Evie's expectations have changed. Reth and Jack are the only two people that are there to help her, but they are also the two people she likes the least. Is this possibly developing into a theme? People may surprise you? People have the ability to change? As you read, see if this theme continues to develop.  
Which of the following is an appropriate antonym for the word cretin? 
Since the story is told in the first-person point of view, we can witness the effect the unicorn has on Evie's thought process. Thanks to the unicorn, we can see that Evie experiences an immediate perspective change on what is around her.  
Explain why it is ironic that the unicorn is disgusting.  

Holding Hands with Boys

What type of figurative language is the word "snick"? 
Mercurial is a great vocabulary word. It is used to describe people who are moody or quickly change their temperament, the way that the element mercury changes based on the temperature. In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare names one of the characters Mercutio because he can be a bit mercurial. The pronunciation of the word can be heard in the video below.  (This annotation contains a video)
Which of the following themes does Jack's comment help develop?  
As Reth pointed out, Evie isn't exactly the most cautious person. She is so focused on getting Lend back, that she is willing to take on a powerful creature with no plan. She was even willing to take on the Dark Queen with an injured ankle. Will this be her downfall? Or will she succeed despite this flaw?  
Which of the following is an example of indirect characterization of Jack?  
The author uses vivid language to describe this scene in the faerie world. We call this imagery. The video below explains imagery, and how it is used in literature.  (This annotation contains a video)

Dance, Dance Revolutions

The title of this chapter references a game called Dance, Dance Revolution. The premise of the game is to step in rhythm with specific songs. You can watch this child perform a song on Dance, Dance Revolution below. (This annotation contains a video)
Which of the following is the best antonym for maliciously? 
How has this world affected Evie? Will she be able to snap back out of it like she was able to with the unicorn? Or will it be more difficult?  

Bundles of Joy

Explain the mood of this scene? Is it happy? Or is it serious? Support your answer with evidence.  
In this faerie world, what seems to be wonderful and lovely experience is actually sinister and evil. The juxtaposition of these two things makes this world even more frightening, as it is difficult to know what is a real.  
Again, in Evie's haste to find Lend, she has made a quick decision without thinking things through. Which of the following questions does her actions bring up?  
Section 1 Quiz 

Happy Pills

What is going to happen to these girls and their unborn children? This question is another conflict that the author will need to address and resolve by the end of the book. As you read, see if you can pick up on any clues as to how this issue will be resolved.  
Reth's explanation gets cut off. Make a prediction on why these humans are there.  
What Evie and Reth saw seems random at this point in the story; however, keep what we have learned in the back of your mind, as it is likely to come into play later in the story.  
What gives Evie strength in this situation is knowing her identity and having confidence in that. This is what will save her. It is clear that knowing who you are and believing in yourself is one of the most prominent themes developed in this story.  

What’s in a Name?

What type of figurative language is used here?  
What should make us assume that Evie does not give the Dark Queen her name?  
The suspense created in this scene continues to develop as we read. We believe that Evie won't give up her name, but what does that mean? Will she escape? And how?  

Power Nap

What do we know about the consequences of what Reth did to Evie's feet?  
Will the unicorn be able to fix her feet? Does Reth know a remedy?  
Use the define feature to look up the definition of sinewy. Write an original sentence using the word as it is used here. The pronunciation can be heard in the video below.http://www.quietyoutube.com/watch?v=pi_SDdy_4HA 
Reth and Evie's relationship has clearly evolved from the first book in the series. Pay attention to how they interact, and see if this affects future events.  
Summarize what Evie has just realized during this conversation with Cresseda.  

Eau De Faerie

Evie is unhappy with the way that Reth handled this situation. But do you think that he was manipulating Evie? Is there another reason that he chose to handle the situation like this?  
Which theme is Arianna emphasizing with her comments to Evie?  
It is strange that Vivian sounded differently in the dream Evie had. How does this connect to the events of the story? Did Evie's trip into the Faerie Realms disrupt her relationship with Vivian?  
What does Evie think happened?  

I Need a Little Space

Dryads are tree nymphs. You can read more about them at the Wikipedia page below. (This annotation contains a link)
What have Arianna and Evie just discovered? 
At this point there are several conflicts that will need to be resolved by the end of the story. One of them being Raquel's safety, and what she has been doing this whole time.  
Which of the following sentences does not use the word menagerie correctly?  

Deck the Sterile White Halls

The title of this chapter makes one believe that it will take place mostly at IPCA's Center. Will we run into Raquel? How will this help Lend? Also, it's a reference to a Christmas song, so this adventure is probably taking place on Christmas day.  
Which piece of textual evidence supports the reasoning that Reth doesn't necessarily support this decision? 
Treason is a crime of betrayal. Usually is it for the betrayal of one's country, but in this case, it possibly references a betrayal of IPCA. Treason is not a crime that is usually taken lightly, and can be met with serious consequences.  
With whom is Lend arguing?  
Evie is vowing to never forgive Reth. Do you still think that his intentions were always selfish and that he tried to manipulate Evie? Or do you think that he is truly good deep down and sincerely cares about Evie? Can you think of any characters from other books that were thought to have been bad, but ultimately were revealed to have been good all along? Keep reading to see if Reth's true nature is revealed.  

In the Absence of Ruby Slippers

Use the title of the chapter to make a prediction about what might happen in this chapter.  
Is Evie just trying to disguise herself, or is she disguising herself as Raquel? As you read, try and pick up on clues that could point us in one way or the other.  
What is Carlee's purpose in this book? 
Jack suggested that Evie create a gate and send all of the faeries to hell right before he abandoned her in the Faerie Paths in the last book.  

Plan T

Which of the following is a possible definition of vendetta? 
Anime characters have characteristically large eyes. Below is a picture of a male anime character where you can see that the eyes are the most prominent feature. (This annotation contains an image)
What is most likely Bud's purpose in this chapter? 
"Gone to pot" is an idiom that means to deteriorate or get ruined. Idioms are phrases that mean something other than their literal translation. Popular idioms include "push my buttons" and "get under my skin."  

Picture Imperfect

What does Evie's dialogue with the werewolf say about her as a character? 
This word is a homonym to the word faint, meaning that it is pronounced the same way, but it has a different meaning. Feint means that Evie made a fake movement during the fight to distract the werewolf. She did not get dizzy and fall forward.  
Evie's true nature is to hurt paranormals; however, she makes the decision to do the opposite here. Which theme does this action exemplify?  
A sentry is a guard.  
Which of the following can we infer from Reth's comment about his queen? 

Eavesdropping and Reading Notes

Anne-Whatever Whatever seems to know about the gates, so does that mean she knows that the paranormals want Evie to create a gate? Also, this person that is speaking to Anne will likely become an important part of the story, since his/her identity is secretive when introduced.  
What does Anne mean when she says this?  
Did you see that one coming? The author has provided hints throughout the last two books to indicate that Raquel and David are becoming closer, or that there is affection between the two despite the disagreements they had in the first half of the series. This should have given you some clue that there was something going on between the two of them, but maybe not this extreme. 
The author's hinting at Raquel and David's relationship is called 
When characters ask themselves tough questions, we should be asking ourselves the same. We should also try and think back to previous events and conversations to see if we can piece together the solution to the puzzle.  
Which aspect of the files has the group failed to mention as of yet?  

Ice, Ice, Baby

Many people have learned to tie cherry stems with their tongues. Jack is most likely referring to this trick. In the video below, you can watch a young lady do this trick. (This annotation contains a video)
Raquel has kept Evie's clothing after she left the center. We can infer from this action that Raquel cares very much for Evie. What type of characterization is this? 
A farce is a type of comedy that relies on miscommunication and mistaken identities. It also has characteristics of slapstick and crude humor. The way this South African man uses the word, it could be interpreted as him saying, "Is this a joke?" 
This is an extremely momentous moment in the story. Therefore, we have likely reached the  
Hong Li's comment is interesting here. Since the point of view of this story is from Evie's perspective, it's hard to imagine that others are distrustful of her. Hong Li knew Evie when she was at the IPCA, and since we know Evie really well, we assume that Hong Li would be on her side. However, Hong Li's comment shows that it's unsafe for us to assume this. It's important to note that Evie may be seen differently from who she really is. Evie is known as a dangerous level seven paranormal that betrayed IPCA. But we know that this isn't entirely true. As you read, try to pick up on other instances where characters in this book demonstrate instances of being different from who others expect them to be (including Reth, Jack, etc.) 
What type of figurative language is used here?  
Despite the immediate danger Evie and her friends are in, she is still maintaining her sense of duty, and wishes to rescue Vivian, the closet person she has to sister.  

Double Dating Disappointments

What does Reth mean when he says this?  
Reth's comments also leave a lot of questions unanswered. What will he need from Evie very soon?  
Raquel is weary of Evie using Reth and Jack to help her. What is this an example of?  
Evie is hoping that Raquel will be able to fix the faerie curse that has been placed on Lend and herself. How would Raquel have knowledge of this? Do you think she'll be able to fix it? 
Why would it be extremely dangerous for an Unseelie faerie to come to the house? 
In the previous books, we learned that David left his fiancée for Cresseda. We now know that the fiancée that he left was Raquel.  

More Monsters in the Dark

Which of the following can we infer based on Lend's comments?  
Evie and Lend have fought for their relationship since the beginning of the series. Do you think the author will let the novel come to a conclusion without them being able to be in the same room? If not, how do you think this conflict will be resolved?  
Explain Lend's reaction. Do you think he's justified in being so upset? Why or why not? 
The paranormals assume that since Evie's true self can create gates and take the souls of others, that she will do it for them. When, in fact, we know that Evie is doubting whether this is something she should do because she believes it's the choices that makes her who she is. This idea that the Evie others see is different from who she really is continues to develop. 
Lend brings up an interesting point. What might the purpose of this revelation be?  
Have you ever had someone tell you something, but you knew from how they said it that they didn't' mean it? Evie can tell from the tone of Lend's voice that he is debating whether or not to go through the gate, and that his answer of "No" is really uncertain.  
Which of the following words or phrases does NOT create a mood of darkness in this scene?  
Evie is able to see the souls of those around her more clearly now that she has taken some of the faerie soul. She has also noticed Reth's soul looks different, which could indicate that he is really hurt and possible incurable.  
In literature, when an author references another piece of literature or work of art, it is called an allusion. Allusions often include pop culture references. Sherlock Holmes is a literary detective, so Evie's comment here is an allusion. She is also using verbal irony, because she means the opposite of what she is saying. Verbal irony is often considered sarcasm. Watch the video below on verbal irony for more information.  (This annotation contains a video)
Which of the following sentences could be considered foreshadowing for bad things to come?  

Dream Date

Soporific means to induce or cause sleep. The video below will show you how to pronounce the word.  (This annotation contains a video)
Explain what the Dark Queen may mean here in your own words.  
Evie is experiencing a dream that consists of different scenes. If you have read Harry Potter, it is similar to Harry's experiences in the pensieve where he is a part of Dumbledore's memories. As you read, make sure to pay attention to what you learn in these memories, as they are likely to be very important to the story.  
These dreams show what happened before the faeries began creating. This could be considered [a]  
The author makes sure that Evie summarizes what she has learned for us so that we maintain an understanding of what is going on. Here we learn that the Dark and Light Queens created a gate to the human world and didn't close it, and the other paranormals got pulled through the human world, too. Now, they want Evie to create a gate so they can leave.  
Use the define feature to answer the following question. Which of the following definitions best fits the use of folly in this sentence?  
We define characters in several ways in literature. We categorize characters based on how well developed they are. If a character is very well developed, like Evie, that is a round character. If the character is not well developed, like Carlee, then that character is flat. We can also categorize characters based on whether or not they go through a change. Dynamic characters go through a change, whereas static characters do not. Think about some of the characters in this story and see if you can categorize them both by how well developed they are, and whether or not they have been through a change.  

You Can’t Change Me

Which of the following summarizes what the Light Queen has just said?  
Reth's reluctance to explain what he thinks gives the reader a clue that he knows more than he is letting on.  
Evie is being sarcastic here because she is saying the opposite of what she means. This is also considered 
Reth has revealed some interesting information. He has said that he didn't fix Lend because Evie only reacts and goes into action when things aren't right in her world. If she's happy, she lets everything else go. He has also revealed that Evie has changed him. Although we don't necessarily know how she has changed him, as readers, we can start to make predictions as to what this mean.  
What type of figurative language is this an example of?  
Evie bases who she is on the choices she makes, not how she was born. She realizes here that Reth sees her as how she is supposed to be, and not who she really is. All of these ideas are large themes in the novel. Think about yourself, for instance. Do you have a group of friends you feel you can be yourself around? And then you feel you have to wear a mask around others? Isn't there a difference between how others see you, and who you truly are?  
Reth's appearance seems to be getting worse. Will Evie figure out a way to heal him? Is this even a priority in Evie's mind?  
Section 2 Quiz 

You’d Think They’d Never Seen an Invisible Boy Before

SWAT teams are usually reserved for situations that are deemed extremely dangerous because the perpetrator is heavily armed or dangerous. Therefore, someone deemed Lend's house a dangerous setting. You can read more about SWAT teams at their Wikipedia page below. (This annotation contains a link)
What does NSA stand for, and what type of work do they do? Hint: Use the Internet to look up the answer. 
Evie is clearly confident at this point in the story, or at least she feels she has nothing left to lose. SWAT officers and the NSA are very serious matters, so to talk to them in such a nonchalant way really takes courage.  
To whom is Evie referring?  
Jack seems to take this responsibility seriously, and even takes pride in the fact that he can help others.  

Sweaty Mess

What type of figurative language is used here?  
Reth has been feeling less like himself since the incident at IPCA. It is likely taking its toll on him now.  

Kind of a Big Deal

Which portion of this comment will likely cause the most conflict? 
Although Evie is a paranormal, she clearly identifies herself as more human and at home in the human world. Again, she identified with her choices, and not her paranormal abilities. 
Atone is a great vocabulary word. What does it mean?  
What do you think about Lend's reaction? Is he reacting more for his mother? Or for himself?  

Dude, for Serious

Make a prediction as to what may have happened to Carlee. Use evidence from the text to support your answer.  
Evie is taking Carlee's disappearance on as her responsibility as well. She feels a sense of duty towards her friend, and will likely do what she needs to do in order to find her (although she may be exhausted from all of the problems she needs to solve). 
Which theme does Evie's statement support? 
Evie and Lend are questioning Jack's cooking ability because he has eaten faerie food. After eating faerie food, normal human food tastes unsatisfying.  
What is the mood during this scene?  
The last sentence of this chapter prepares us for the rest of the novel. Although this feels early, we are likely approaching the resolution where all of the conflicts come to a solution. Pay attention to how the author wraps up all of the loose ends that have come undone throughout this series.  

Jack is Clever, Jack is Good

How is one's name linked to the themes of the story?  
Some people are auditory learners, who learn best when they put things to songs. Jack remembers his name because his mother used his name in a song.  
The staff of life is a phrase that refers to bread. This phrase cannot be translated literally; therefore, it could be considered a(n) 
Evie is planning on going back into the Faerie realm to resolve conflict, and characters from the first few books are starting to make appearances. It looks as though the loose ends are starting to get tied up.  
Which of the follow describes Evie and Reth's relationship as of now?  

Bread Basket Cases

Jack's knowledge of what it is like to be a human in this world makes him a perfect choice to bring along this mission.  
What is your opinion on this matter? Is it better for the humans in the faerie world to be blissfully unaware of what has happened to them, or is it better for them to have knowledge of it?  
Based on what we have read, is it likely that Carlee ran away "or made some other gloriously mundane, human mistake"? What would be the point of this storyline if that was the case. It is safe for us to assume that Carlee is in the Faerie Realms, and Evie needs to find her.  
At this point, what should Evie do in order to get Carlee back?  
How does this affect the rest of the plot? Is there anything that we have learned that may help us predict what may help the pregnant girls?  

Possibly Impossible

Who do you think "he" is? Use evidence to support your answer.  
Evie is likely upset because she realizes that her mother would have been like these women. She thinks it is possible that her mother didn't care about her when she was pregnant.  
Which word best describes how Evie is feeling right now?  
What type of conflict is Evie experiencing?  
Despite being immortal, it is possible to die. Take Reth for example. He is an immortal creature, but he is currently dying.  

A Lot Strange

What does it say about Carlee that she is taking the revelation of this world in stride?  
When someone "purses" his/her lips, it's a description of how they may tighten their lips to keep from verbally responding. Below is a picture of McKayla Maroney after she won the silver medal for her vault at the Olympics in 2012. Her pursed lips and annoyed expression clear in the picture. (This annotation contains an image)
With an increased amount of paranormals in their house, what does this tell the reader?  
Bill Cosby has said, "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." Evie is making decisions based on what she thinks is best. There is no way that her decisions are going to make everyone happy, or be the right decision for everyone. She just needs to make decisions based on what she thinks will be the best for the most people.  
What type of figurative language is used here?  
This new time crunch adds a level of suspense to the ending of this story. Will they make it just in time? Will they miss it and have to come up with a different solution?  

You Can’t Borrow My Clothes, Either

What can the reader infer from Reth's tone?  
Vivian can see her soul in her heart. It has become stronger without having to take souls. What do you think is causing her soul to become stronger?  
Explain what Evie means by this. From what was Vivian disappearing?  
It seems that things are starting to fall into place for Evie to complete her task. Will Reth make it in time?  
What is the reasoning that Jack and Lend are taking food back to the house?  
Reth is basically saying that the decisions Evie has to make may not always be easy decisions, and that some may even be difficult. It sounds as though Evie is going to have to take the Empty Ones to the Dark Queen so that they will leave with what they want.  

Light and Dark

Summarize what Reth is saying here.  
Is Evie implying that there are faeries in the Light Queen's court that thinks she is an idiot?  
Which of the following phrases or sentences from the highlighted passage exemplified the theme of free will?  
Due to the time crunch, the Dark Queen and her faeries will have to leave now or never.  
The author uses very descriptive language that describes how the Light Queen speaks. When the author uses descriptive language, this is called 
The Light Queen has used a name command against the Dark Queen and forced her to be still. This is the one rule she has broken.  

Daddy Issues

Evie allows herself to be defined by her ________ instead of how she was born.  
Jack and Vivian probably think that this was an impossible decision for Evie because she knew she would be hurting someone in the process. In their eyes, no decision was going to be perfect, and Evie would try her hardest until she found a decision that was. In their minds, they are helping her make the right decision by doing the wrong thing.  
Vivian needs Evie to take the soul of the Light Queen in order to not go overboard with too much soul. How does this scenario mimic another scenario in the book? 
Reth likely wanted Evie to recognize her own soul and separate it from the Light Queen's. That way, she could hold onto it, and not let it be lost amidst the Light Queen's.  
Look at the title of this chapter. Who is likely to make an appearance before the end of the chapter? 

We’re Not Dawn Yet

A pun is a type of word play that uses the different meanings of words or similar sounding words for a kind of humorous effect. The title of this chapter is called "We're Not Dawn Yet," which is a pun. The phrase is typically, "we're not done yet," and dawn is being used in the place of done because of their similar sounds. The pun here should lead the reader to interpret this in two ways. 1) In this chapter, they still haven't finished what they sought out to do, and 2) Dawn hasn't arrived, so they still have time. You can visit the website below for examples of puns.  (This annotation contains a link)
Evie and Lend seem to be taking their time despite the fact that Reth is dying. How does this make you feel?  
Is Evie going to change her mind? Is she going to take Anne-Whatever Whatever's advice?  
How is Raquel's idea of a program different from IPCA?  
Reth doesn't want to go through the same gate that Evie sent the souls at the end of the first book. When she sent the souls through that gate, they didn't have bodies. They were just souls being sent into the after-life. Reth is asking Evie to find a different gate for them to go through, since their souls are still attached to their bodies.  
This comment that Evie makes is written in all capital letters. What does the use of all capital letters imply with typeface?  

Miss You Faerie Much

The title of this chapter would be consider a __________ because the word faerie replaces the similar sounding word very.  
Lend and Evie most likely don't feel a part of that world because they identify more human than paranormal. Also, they were never a part of that world. 
Looking at the title of the chapter, who is going to be one of the last people Evie says good-bye to?  
Arianna made a difficult decision, leaving a world she knows for one she doesn't. However, sometimes leaving your comfort zone for the unknown can pay off, and it seems to have paid off for Arianna here in Evie's description.  
Which line from this section is a summary of one of the major themes of this book?  
Although elements of Evie and Reth's relationship remained the same throughout the series, their friendship also evolved into something different. In Paranormalcy, all the way through Endlessly, Reth manipulated Evie in order to get what he needed from her. However, his feelings towards Evie became much more genuine and loving as the series continued. When reading a series such as this, it's important to not only notice the development of characters and plots in a book, but over the entire series as well.  

Never Forever

If we look at the themes that have been developing throughout this entire series, it is very unlikely that the author will have Lend and Evie give into who the paranormal world wants them to be and go through the gate. Who is most likely going to go through the gate to help them close it?  
The word buoy means to keep afloat. In the video below you can hear both the English pronunciation, as well as the American.  (This annotation contains a video)
What has Vivian done to Lend?  
Despite Evie's thought that these words are inadequate, these are the words that gave Vivian a soul. Her love for Vivian allowed her soul to grow, and give her an identity separate from "The Empty One." The words "I love you" are not inadequate.  
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