The Last Little Blue Envelope

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Ginny Blackstone thought that the biggest adventure of her life was behind her. She spent last summer traveling around Europe, following the tasks her aunt Peg laid out in a series of letters before she died. When someone stole Ginny's backpack—and the last little blue envelope inside—she resigned herself to never knowing how it was supposed to end.

Months later, a mysterious boy contacts Ginny from London, saying he's found her bag. Finally, Ginny can finish what she started. But instead of ending her journey, the last letter starts a new adventure—one filled with old friends, new loves, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Ginny finds she must hold on to her wits . . . and her heart. This time, there are no instructions.

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This free digital curriculum for high school students contains interactive videos exploring imagery and European culture, as well as annotations describing symbolism, conflict, and point of view. In this sequel, students will explore the themes of friendship and independence. The Common Core aligned questions, answers and quizzes in this free online unit will increase student engagement in the book while supporting reading comprehension.

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The highlighted text is called an epigraph. An epigraph is a short quote at the beginning of a book that the author includes to hint at a theme (the message or moral). What might this epigraph suggest? 


This book is a sequel to 13 Little Blue Envelopes. Before you start reading, watch this short book trailer to get caught up. (This annotation contains a video)
Did you know that you can look up any word in the text? Just click (or press on mobile devices) the word you want to define and hold until the blue text selector pops up. When you release, a define option will appear. Since it's so easy to look up words, make sure you use this feature frequently. For example, you may not know what the word groveling means so try the define feature to look it up. This is a great tool to help you quickly improve your vocabulary! 
Which important character is left out of Ginny's summary of her adventures? 
Not all of the conflicts from 13 Little Blue Envelopes were resolved and, because this novel is a sequel, some of the conflicts continue. One major conflict is the stolen 13th letter. Watch the video on conflict below. How do you think Ginny is dealing with this problem? (This annotation contains a video)
Watch the video below about symbolism. Aunt Peg is using the division bell as a symbol to tell Ginny it's time for her to make an important choice. (This annotation contains a video)
What causes Ginny to start planning a return trip to England? 

Delusions of London

See the photograph below. (This annotation contains an image)
What does Ginny mean by this? Give at least two specific examples from this book or the last book in your response. 
Ginny's visit has a two-fold purpose: to get the letter and to talk with Keith. Which task do you think will be more difficult for her? Why do you think this? Read on to see if you're right. 
At this moment, Ginny can best be described as 

Surprises and Explanations

Use the Define feature and read the definitions for askew. As it is used in this sentence, askew most closely means 
This paragraph is a great example of imagery. Watch the video below. What does this description reveal about Keith? (This annotation contains a video)
Watch the video below about verbal irony. You may remember Keith's sarcasm from the first novel. In the highlighted text, Keith isn't suggesting that Ginny should literally be "put away." Instead, he's joking with her by calling her crazy for just popping in. (This annotation contains a video)
This exchange between Keith and Ginny is mostly 
H&M is a clothing store (see picture below). (This annotation contains an image)
How does Ginny arrive at this conclusion? Give two text-based examples from this chapter in your answer. 
Why doesn't Keith just tell Ginny he has a girlfriend? 

Pairs of Shocks

As Ginny looks at Oliver's fancy coat, what does she realize? 
Does this seem too good to be true? Do you believe Oliver's story or do you think he's up to something? 
Which of the following best describes Oliver's words? 
What advice would you give to Ginny about her current predicament with Oliver? 
In essence, what is Oliver doing to Ginny? 

The Devil’s Bargain

Why doesn't Ginny tell Cecil the truth? 
Watch the video below about tension in literature. Right now, what tensions exist in the novel? (This annotation contains a video)
How does Oliver's presence create tension in the text? Give specific text-based details in your response. 

The Pool

Ginny has grown as a character in less than six months. She has matured and found her inner strength. 
What is Ginny's real reason for decorating? 
Watch the video below and then continue reading. Why is Ginny remembering this memory now? (This annotation contains a video)
In this paragraph, the author primarily uses which of the five senses to make the reader experience the New York summer heat? 
What is the moral to Aunt Peg's pool story? 
The italicized text included in this passage is Ginny and Oliver's chat. 

The Feast

What does Richard mean by "casual" Christmas? 
Watch this short advertisement for Olde English Crackers. (This annotation contains a video)
A partridge is a type of bird similar to a quail (see picture below). (This annotation contains an image)
Why is Ginny happy to be celebrating Christmas with her Uncle Richard? 
Why do you think Ginny asks Richard's permission to go to Paris? How is this trip different than last summer? 

Boxing Day

Learn more about Boxing Day by reading this article from Time. (This annotation contains a link)
Use the Define feature to look up the meaning of brisk. Which of the following words most closely matches the opposite of brisk? 
What is Keith's "solution"? 
The author most likely uses the reference to a pineapple to highlight which of Ginny's features? 

It Takes a Thief

Below is one view of St. Pancras. The Eurostar, a high-speed train connecting London to Paris and Brussels, departs from this station.  (This annotation contains an image)
Summarize Keith's plan in one sentence. 
Ginny tries to convince Oliver to show her the letter by telling him the truth. She began each task by opening the envelope and reading the letter. 
Why doesn't Keith's plan work? 
This is a reference to magic and the use of illusion. Magicians are masters at distracting their audience and making them believe in things they don't see. Who is the better illusionist, Keith or Oliver? 
Oliver is an interesting character full of complexities. 
Which of the following statements is true about Oliver? 

One More for the Road

Remember that Keith would care about the accuracy of his accent because he's an actor. 
Because of her feelings for Keith, Ginny is trying, but finding it impossible, to dislike Ellis. She agrees to let Ellis come on the trip to Paris. 
Why would the author most likely include the word trepidation in this sentence? 
Reread these two paragraphs. The author's use of imagery allows the reader to clearly picture this comical moment where Ginny and Oliver fit into Keith's tiny backseat. The idea of a clown car comes to mind (see picture below). (This annotation contains an image)
How does Keith interact with Oliver? 
Quiz Chapters 1-10 

The Talking Letter

Watch the clip below to see what it's like to board the Channel Tunnel Train. (This annotation contains a video)
How does Oliver share the letter with Ginny? 
Do you remember the theme Aunt Peg chose for the cafe? 
How does Ginny feel after hearing part of her aunt's missing letter? 
What context clues in the highlighted sentence hint at the meaning of sinuous? 
Ellis attempts to cheer the group up by staying positive and suggesting they eat. 

The Card Cheat

Below is a picture of a plate of mussels (a type of seafood in the family of clams). (This annotation contains an image)
Oliver's suggestion will most likely be 
Below is a selection of Top Trumps cards, a card game especially popular in England. (This annotation contains an image)
Why does Ginny react this way towards Oliver? 
This is a play on words: illusion referring to magic and a false reality. 
Oliver is a mysterious character. What are two things you definitely know about him? What is one thing you can infer about him? Provide text-based support in your answer. 

The Great Table Caper

Look at the title of the chapter.  As it is used here, a caper most closely means 
Keith is trying to reassure Ginny that everything is going to work out. Ginny is extremely nervous about breaking into the cafe. Do you think what they're doing is right? 
How do they get into the cafe? 
Even though Ginny is not an artist, she has learned a lot from her aunt and her aunt's friends while traveling. She knows to look beyond what meets the eye. 
What is Oliver's role in this caper? 
Imagine what Ginny must look like hustling through the streets of Paris while carrying a large yellow door. 
Which of the following causes a problem for Keith and Ginny? 

To Belgium!

What does Keith mean by "patter"? Explain your best guess by looking at the context clues and the events from previous chapters. 
See a photograph below of the Champs-Elysees at Christmastime. (This annotation contains an image)
The author includes this back and forth to play up 
Petrol is what the British call gasoline (see the sign below). (This annotation contains an image)
Belgium is known for its delectable chocolate. Watch this video featuring a Godiva chocolatier. (This annotation contains a video)
It's about a three hour drive from Paris to Ghent (see map below). (This annotation contains an image)

A Feeling of Shed

What does Ginny notice about the city of Ghent? 
What's your first impression of the man? 
What is Keith's objection to the cat house? 
This is a picture taken in Ghent, Belgium. Notice the cobbled streets and the churches. (This annotation contains an image)
Why won't the car start? 
Why did Ginny select the table that was clearly "stained"? 
This paragraph is a great example of third person limited narration. We see what Ginny sees (in this case, the falling snowflakes). Watch the video below about point of view. (This annotation contains a video)
Explain two contrasting qualities between Ginny and Ellis. Give specific text-based details in your response. 

The Law of Pants

Ginny feels bad about breaking into Paul's cafe, even though Paul knew she was supposed to pick up one table, he just didn't know when. 
Ginny feels very uncomfortable seeing Oliver in his boxers. This reveals that she is still 
Keith really doesn't trust Oliver. Oliver is trying to do something nice (brushing off the snow on the car) and he still gets yelled at. Is this deserved? 
Last summer, everything did not go according to plan; however, Ginny was successful with most of her aunt's tasks. She considered her Amsterdam trip to be a failure because she couldn't find Charlie. 
The author includes the image of a cocoon by referring to Ginny's 
Which of Oliver's belongings is ruined by the water? 
Do you agree with this conclusion? 
As the trip progresses, Ginny is becoming more ________________ towards Oliver. 

The Stain on the Page

This passage is Aunt Peg's true voice coming out through her writing. Her comments reflect what we know about her personality and attitude. 
What is one advantage Ginny has this time in trying to locate Charlie? 
The assistant characterizes the foursome as "English." 
This description is reminiscent of what other character from Ginny's previous adventures? 
The author includes figurative language in this description of Aunt Peg. Watch the video below to learn about two types of figurative language. (This annotation contains a video)
Why must they wait a day to retrieve the window? 

The Koekoeksklok

Watch the first minute of the video below to see the hooks Ginny learned about. (This annotation contains a video)
Do you think you could survive being totally "unplugged" (no phone, no computer, no internet, etc.)? 
Why is Richard asking Ginny these funny questions? 
What does Oliver mean by this? 
How does Oliver feel about Aunt Peg's tasks for Ginny? 
Read the following statistics about teen smoking: --90 percent of smokers began before the age 21. --Every day, almost 3,900 adolescents under 18 years of age try their first cigarette. More than 950 of them will become daily smokers. --About 30 percent of teen smokers will continue smoking and die early from a smoking-related disease. --Teen smokers are more likely to have panic attacks, anxiety disorders and depression. --1 of 5 teenagers who are addicted to cigarettes smokes 13-15 a day. --Approximately 1.5 million packs of cigarettes are purchased for minors annually. --Smoking can age skin faster, second only to the effect sun exposure has on giving premature wrinkles. --On average, smokers die 13 to 14 years earlier than nonsmokers. --According to the Surgeon General, teenagers who smoke are three times more likely to use alcohol, eight times more likely to smoke marijuana, and 22 times more likely to use cocaine. --The lungs of teens who smoke will not develop fully, which puts them at higher risk for lung disease. --In the United States, about 20 percent of teens consider themselves to be regular smokers. (Source: 
How does Oliver rationalize keeping the letter and asking for half the money? Give specific details from this chapter in your answer. 

A Night of Vice

Using the Define feature, inscrutable in plain English means 
Ginny's need to enter this coffeehouse falls order the category of teenage rebellion. How does this act relate to the title ("A Night of Vice")? 
Which of the following jobs might Oliver be best suited for? 
It turns out that Oliver has quite a sense of humor. 
Why does Ginny glare at Oliver? 
In this chapter, Oliver voices his observations about Ginny and Keith's relationship. It can best be described as a love triangle. Can you think of any famous love triangles? (This annotation contains an image)

Random Acts of Cruelty

What do you think is the real reason Keith is being so nasty to Oliver? Give specific details from the text as support. 
Pepto-Bismol pink is a very specific shade (see picture below). Ginny is surprised to see that the boat isn't this color. (This annotation contains an image)
Why does Ginny relate the card game to high school? 
Who is Oliver referring to as "they"? 
This is just like Aunt Peg's envelopes. Ginny has another task to complete before traveling to Dublin. 
Quiz Chapters 11 - 20 

The House of Secrets

Oliver has a strong reaction to Peg's "unique" decorative style. 
What additional task will Ginny most likely have to complete once she's secured the last object? 
Read the introduction to this New York Times article about Indian food in London. If you'd like to, continue reading on about specific restaurants. (This annotation contains a link)
Below is a picture of sheep grazing on the Curragh. (This annotation contains an image)
Why does Ginny ask this question? 

The Emerald Isle

Ireland is nicknamed "The Emerald Isle." Look at the picture below and see if you can figure out why. (This annotation contains an image)
Which of the following words is an antonym for stark? 
What is this phrase an example of? 
Below is a picture of Celtic crosses in an Irish graveyard. (This annotation contains an image)
Why did Oliver think it best for Ginny to do this on her own? 
Why do you think Ginny lies to Keith? Would she have done this six months ago? 

A Death in Ireland

Why does Ginny ask about Ginger Ale? 
Watch the clip below from the movie Leap Year. The two characters are heading to Dublin and they have an issue with their car. Does this sound familiar? (This annotation contains a video)
What causes the car to breakdown? 
The Irish are also known for their beautiful lace (see photo below). (This annotation contains an image)
Given what she's been through, Ginny finds Keith's antics 
What does the title of this chapter refer to? 

The Bells

Below is a photograph of the Temple Bar area in Dublin. (This annotation contains an image)
The bodhran is an Irish drum (see picture below). (This annotation contains an image)
Who interrupts Ginny and Keith's personal moment? 
This italicized word is an example of which of the following sound devices? 
The ringing bells signify the new year. Visit the website below and watch the video showcasing countries all around the world ringing in 2014. (This annotation contains a link)
Why does Ginny kiss Oliver? Be specific with your answer. 

The Crossing

Remember that Ginny took a ferry to Greece during the first trip. 
Why does Ginny tell Ellis about her kiss? 
Keith tries to make light of the situation-- to be humorous about Ellis being sick. 

Reality Comes to Visit

Oliver's actions reveal his _____________ side. 
Why does Oliver think Ginny used him to make Keith jealous? 
Do you like this title for Aunt Peg's masterpiece? Why or why not? 
What does Ginny suddenly realize? 

The Dotted Line

All of the following are pieces of the artwork EXCEPT 
Cecil pulls Ginny aside before the auction because he knows her last visit was under unusual circumstances. He is suspicious of Oliver and his role in the selling of this piece. 
This is over $280,000. 
Who purchases Aunt Peg's piece? 

The Conversation

What is Keith interested in? 
What does Keith's obsession with taking down the lights really mean? 
Ginny now realizes that it's time for her to move on and go home. 
Which of the following best describes Keith and Ginny's problems after this conversation? 

The Probably Problem

This painting is called The Dream by Henri Rousseau. See the painting below. (This annotation contains an image)
The highlighted paragraph describes all of the following relationships EXCEPT 
Ginny uses some detective skills to figure out where Oliver lives. 
What does Aunt Peg's letter inspire Ginny to do? 

This Is Not a Pool

This shows how anxious Ginny is to talk to Oliver. What do you think will happen? 
Which word best describes Ginny's character in the highlighted passage? 
Is Oliver only concerned about Ginny finding the train station or did he come back for a different reason? 
What is the real reason Oliver didn't take the money?  
Quiz Chapters 21 - 30