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An inspiring YA debut from the author of Dangerous Minds . Eddie Corazon is angry. He's also very smart. But he's working pretty hard at being a juvenile delinquent. He blows off school, even though he's a secret reader. He hangs with his cousins, who will always back him up-when they aren't in jail. Then along comes Lupe, who makes his blood race. She sees something in Eddie he doesn't even see in himself. A heart, and a mind, and something more: a poet. But in Eddie's world, it's a thin line between tragedy and glory. And what goes down is entirely in Eddie's hands. Gripping, thought-provoking, and hopeful, Muchacho is a rare and inspiring story about one teen's determination to fight his circumstances and shape his own destiny. From the Hardcover edition.
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Designed for students in 8th grade, this free digital curriculum contains annotations explaining point of view, central idea and irony. It also contains interactive videos that support comprehension, such as videos about textual evidence and character development. Over the course of the book, students will answer Common Core questions and quizzes related to the subjects of figurative language, theme, and metaphor. This free online unit will increase student engagement while building reading comprehension.

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Chapter 1 - Beecher at the Library

At times during your reading you will be asked to support your answers by citing textual evidence. Textual evidence is the core of argument and analysis. Textual evidence is support lifted directly from text to support inferences, claims, and assertions. The video explains more about the use of textual evidence.  (This annotation contains a video)
An alternative school, in the United States and some other parts of the world, is an institution which provides alternative education. It is an educational establishment with a curriculum and methods that are nontraditional. These schools have a special curriculum offering a more flexible program of study than a traditional school. 
Write a brief comparison of Beecher and McElroy as seen from from Eddie's point of view. How does Eddie feel about each of the teachers? What is it about the teachers that makes him feel the way does? Use textual evidence to support your answer. 
Knowing and understanding the meaning of a "liberal intellectual" is critical to understanding the character of Miss Beecher. A liberal intellectual is a person with a tolerant mind, which is more than willing to accept divergent viewpoints for his/her own merits. As you read the novel, look for examples of Beecher's liberal intellectualism. 
Eddie may be exaggerating when he says New Mexico students perform poorly compared to students in other states, but there is some truth to his statement. The image below shows how each state compares to the others. The graphic shows that New Mexico ranks lower than at least 31 other states. Do you think New Mexico's education problems are due to a lack of quality teachers or poor education policy? (This annotation contains an image)
Is "depot" pronounced DEE-POT or DEE-POE? Did you know that you can look up any word in the text of the book or the text of the questions and answers? Just click (or press on mobile devices) the word you want to define and hold until the blue text selector pops up. When you release, a define option will appear. Since it's so easy to look up words, make sure you use this feature frequently... Is there a word on this page you need to look up? 

Chapter 2 - Getting Rid of a Teacher

According to the text, what is the name of the alternative school that Eddie attends? 
What would Joey Dinwiddie's life be like, if he were to marry at so young an age? 
Why would a school fire a teacher after complaints from just one parent? Do the Rosablanca administrators have a valid reason for firing Miss Beecher, even if Mrs. Ritchie's conclusions about her are incorrect? Discuss these questions with your classmates. 
Eddie speaks in a mixture of English and Spanish words (pinche, loco, and hasta luego). The reader can infer from the author's use of language that Eddie is most likely Hispanic. 
The selected text is a reference to Sherman Alexie. Sherman Joseph Alexie, Jr. (born October 7, 1966) is a poet, writer, and filmmaker. Much of his writing draws on his experiences as a Native American with ancestry of several tribes, growing up on the Spokane Indian Reservation. He currently lives in Seattle, Washington. The story that Eddie refers to in the novel is called "Indian Educatio." Read Alexie's short story, "Indian Education," at the link below. As you read, consider how reading this story helps your comprehension of the novel. (This annotation contains a link)

Chapter 3 - Back Where You Came From

The map below shows the area of the southwestern United States that once belonged to Mexico.  (This annotation contains an image)
Translated from Spanish to English, "mijo" means "my son." The term can also mean "honey" or "sweetie" when used to show affection toward a male family member. 
Translated from Spanish to English, "mi abuelo" means "my grandfather." 
The Minuteman Project is an activist organization started in April 2005 by a group of private individuals in the United States to monitor the flow of illegal immigrants between the border of the United States and Mexico. The Minuteman Project describes itself as "a citizens' Neighborhood Watch on our border," and has attracted media attention to illegal immigration. The image below shows a group of Minutemen border watchers. (This annotation contains an image)
Watch the video at the link below. the video and the novel are about immigration reform. Compare and contrast the purpose of the selected passage from Muchacho and the NBC video clip. Which type of media provides the best format for understanding the topic of immigration? Why is one format better than the other? Use evidence from the text to support your response. 

Chapter 4 - Just Say No

"Just Say No" was an advertising campaign, part of the U.S. "War on Drugs," prevalent during the 1980s and early 1990s, to discourage children from engaging in illegal recreational drug use by offering various ways of saying no. Eventually, this also expanded the realm of "Just Say No" to violence and premarital sex. The slogan was created and championed by First Lady Nancy Reagan during her husband's (Ronald Reagan) presidency. The image below shows Mrs. Reagan speaking at a "Just Say No" rally, in Los Angeles. (This annotation contains an image)
"Muchacho is told from Eddie's point of view. Point of view is the angle of considering things, which shows us the opinion, or feelings of the individuals involved in a situation or a reflection of the opinion an individual from real life or fiction can have. The video below explains more about point of view as well as cultural perspective. What is Eddie's opinion of campaigns such as "Just Say No"? Do you think the author shares Eddie's perspective? (This annotation contains a link)
The theme from the film, "Jaws" was written by John Williams in 1975 and performed by the Boston Pops Orchestra. Listen to the recording below. (This annotation contains a video)

Chapter 5 - Me and Harvey Castro

Translated from Spanish to English "mi prima" means "my cousin." 
"Güero" is a word used in Mexico to denote a person of fair complexion or with blond or red hair. The feminine form is güera. 
According to the text, what is the biggest difference between Eddie and Harvey? 
The name "Rambo" refers to John Rambo, the main character from the Rambo film series, based on the novel First Blood, by David Morrell. The image below shows actor Sylvester Stallone as Rambo. (This annotation contains an image)
Translated from Spanish to English "mocos" means "mucus." 
Translated from Spanish to English "chichis" refers to the breasts of a female. 
Eddie believes that boys are discriminated against. He thinks this is especially true for boys who are also Mexican. Write a brief analysis of Eddie's perspective using evidence from your life as well as the text.  

Chapter 6 - Walking with a Cop

Which of the statements below most closely explains the author's purpose for repeating the words "bang" and "dead" in the text? 
Malcolm X (May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965) was an African-American Muslim minister and a human rights activist. He has been called one of the greatest and most influential African Americans in history. The image below shows Malcolm X. (This annotation contains an image)
Huey Percy Newton (February 17, 1942 – August 22, 1989) was an African-American political and urban activist who, along with Bobby Seale, co-founded the Black Panther Party in 1966. He spent time in prison for manslaughter and was involved in a shooting that killed a police officer, for which he was later acquitted. In 1989 he was shot and killed in Oakland, California by Tyrone "Double R" Robinson, a member of the Black Guerrilla Family. The image below shows a young Huey Newton. (This annotation contains an image)
In the book "The Four Agreements " Don Miguel Ruiz gives four principles to practice in order to create love and happiness in your life. The image below explains the agreements in further detail. (This annotation contains an image)
Briefly explain the relationship between the quote from Ruiz and Eddie's life. What would the end result be if everyone practiced the "Four Agreements?" 
Based on the context of the word, which of the words below is a synonym for "boca?" 
The central idea or theme of a story is the central, unifying element of the story, which ties together all of the other elements of fiction used by the author to tell the story. They are commentaries about the way the world works and or how the author views human existence. A central idea or main theme the author develops in Muchacho is the power of a book to change a person's life. Look for other evidence of this theme as you read the novel. 
Translated from Spanish to English "viejas" means "old women." 
The image below shows a crape myrtle tree similar to the one Papi gave Eddie's mother for her birthday. (This annotation contains an image)
Eddie contemplates tearing the certificate up but thinks better of it. He understands that the promise written there is both a positive and a negative part of his life. Which of the statements below explains why Eddie thinks writing his promise down on paper is a positive thing? 

Chapter 7 - I Got A Girlfriend

"Chingón" is a Spanish word meaning someone or something that is cool, awesome and very good. 
"Gordita" means "little, fat one" in Spanish. 
"Cumbia" is the Spanish word for a music genre popular throughout Latin America. The Cumbia originated in Colombia's Caribbean coastal region and Panama. During colonial times Cumbia began as a courtship dance practiced among the African population. Learn to do the Cumbia by watching the video below. (This annotation contains a video)
In the space provided, list at least three pieces of textual evidence that support the inference that Eddie likes Lupe very much. 
Bright Horizons is different from the typical school. According to the text, Lupe enjoys the alternative school because it allows students to work at their own pace instead of all the students being responsible for learning the same material at the same time. True or false? 
The Heimlich Maneuver is an emergency technique for preventing suffocation when a person's airway (windpipe) becomes blocked by a piece of food or other object. The video below explains how to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on a choking person. (This annotation contains a video)
What does Primo mean by men “like the hunt better than the kill” when it comes to women? Do you agree with him? On what evidence do you base your choice? 

Chapter 8 - Girl + Friend

How is Lupe different from Eddie's other girlfriends? Are these differences critical to having a successful relationship with someone? Write a brief response in the space provided. 
Eddie and Lupe have different views about what a criminal is. Eddie believes that as long as Primo is not involved in selling drugs and only steals from the wealthy, he isn't a criminal. Lupe thinks that Primo is a criminal because his actions emotionally impact the people he steals from, regardless of their wealth. Who do you agree with? Provide information from the text to support your opinion. 
What does the selected passage reveal about Eddie, Primo, and Papi? 
Lupe's thinking is very mature for her age. Most of her peers think the only way to get ahead is to have the right set of friends, wear the latest fashion, and belong to the in-crowd. Think about your feelings about belonging and friendship. Do you agree with Lupe or Eddie? 

Chapter 9 - Margaritas En México

Ciudad Juárez (Juarez City) is a city and seat of the municipality of Juárez in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. The map below shows the location of Juarez. (This annotation contains an image)
"Guapo" is the Spanish word for "handsome." 
Puerto Palomas de Villa, also known simply as Palomas, is a small town in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. It borders the village of Columbus, New Mexico, in the United States. The map below shows the location of Palomas near Columbus, New Mexico. (This annotation contains an image)
"Puro diablo" means "pure devil" in Spanish. 
"Basura" means "garbage" or "waste" in Spanish. 
"Pobrecita" means "poor thing" in Spanish. 
Which of the statements below most closely explains why Eddie wants the quarters?  
Quiz #1 

Chapter 10 - Lupe Full of Grace

Gary Soto was born in Fresno, California, in April 12, 1952, to working-class Mexican-American parents. He was not academically motivated as a child, but became interested in poetry during his high school years. His first collection of poems, "The Elements of San Joaquin," won the United States Award of the International Poetry Forum in 1976 and was published in 1977. His second book of poems, "The Tale of Sunlight" (1978), was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Soto writes poems that focus on daily experiences, often reflecting on his life as a Chicano. The image below is a photo of Mr. Soto. (This annotation contains an image)
Which of the characters mentioned in the story most likely inspired Eddie's poem. 
In the poem, "Lupe Full of Grace," Eddie compares himself to the rosary. When you portray a person, place, thing, or an action as being something else, even though it is not actually that “something else,” you are speaking metaphorically. Click on the video below to learn more about metaphors. (This annotation contains a video)
"Pachuco" is a term from the 1930s-1950s. It was used to describe Mexican Americans who wore zoot suits. (This annotation contains an image)

Chapter 11 - Secret Readers

Based on what you know about the character of T. J. and the other students at Bright Horizons, why is a T. J. a "secret reader"? Use the space below to write a brief response. 
"The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" is a 2003 mystery novel by British writer Mark Haddon. Its title quotes the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes in Arthur Conan Doyle's 1892 short story "Silver Blaze." The image below shows a book cover for the novel. (This annotation contains an image)
The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven was published in 1993 . Alexie fuses surreal imagery, flashbacks, dream sequences, diary entries, and extended poetic passages with his storytelling to create tales that resemble prose poems more than conventional narratives. The image below shows a book cover for the collection of stories. (This annotation contains an image)
The selected text and the article "Do, Re, Mi, Fa-get the Piano Lessons" share ideas about music and intelligence. What is the topic of both pieces of text? Discuss similarities and differences in the text structure for each piece. Use details from both passages to support your response. In your response, be sure to: identify the topic shared by both passages, “Muchacho” and “Do, Re, Mi, Fa-get the Piano Lessons” explain the similarities and differences in the structure for each text use details from both passages to support your response   
The selected text means "-- aunts and uncles, girl cousins and boy cousins, grandmothers and grandfathers. They all love the children." 

Chapter 12 - Garrulous Gabe and Silent Slim

A second theme that is explored in "Muchacho" is the power of love to change your life. Eddie is aware of this because he muses that Mr. McElroy's appearance is a result of finding love. Eddie changes his behavior at school after falling for Lupe. What do you think? Can love have the power to change the way you live your life? 
Which of the words below is the best synonym for "garrulous" as it is used in the text? 
Which of the words below is the best synonym for "garrulous" as it is used in the text? 
"Blue in the Face" by director Wayne Wang presents a series of improvisational situations strung together to form a combination of Brooklyn's diverse ethnicity, offbeat humor, and essential humanity. The image below shows the movie poster for the film. (This annotation contains an image)
Eddie is an intelligent person, but he doesn't want anyone to know about it. Is he using Beecher's words to justify not having to perform well in school? What are your thoughts? Do you know someone in your school who is smart but prefers to "play dumb" rather than risk ruining a bad reputation? 

Chapter 13 - Googling God

A chromosome is a structure of DNA, protein, and RNA found in cells. The image below shows the organization of chromosomes and DNA within a cell. (This annotation contains an image)
Which of the words below is closest in meaning to blasphemous as it is used in the passage? 
How does Eddie feel about the book burning? What evidence from the text supports your answer? 
Birkenstock is a German brand of sandals and other shoes notable for their contoured cork and rubber footbeds, which conform somewhat to the shape of their wearers' feet. The image below shows two pairs of Birkenstocks. (This annotation contains an image)

Chapter 14 - Stick to the Dead Dog

Explain what the title of the chapter means? 
"Nalgas" means "buttocks" in English. 
"Yo tu quiero" means "I love you" in English. 
Which of the novel's themes or central ideas is best supported by the selected text? 

Chapter 15 - Who is Eddie Corazon?

The title of this chapter implies that Eddie may be having a hard time defining exactly who he is. This is not unusual for young people who are making tough decisions about what to do after they graduate from high school. The video below explain more about character development. After watching the video, think for a moment about how Eddie has changed over the course of the novel. (This annotation contains a video)
"Madre de Dios" translates to "Mother of God." 
"Hermosa" means "beautiful" or "lovely." 
What does Eddie mean when he says "...I was going to say I was sorry but he was going to say, "Sorry doesn't live here anymore?"  
"Menso" or "mensa" translates to "foolish" or "stupid." 
Believe it or not, there is a real Black Cat Books in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. The image below shows the store where one can have a cup of coffee and read a good book. (This annotation contains an image)

Chapter 16 - Making Babies

Yucca is a genus of perennial shrubs and trees. Its 40-50 species are notable for their rosettes of evergreen, tough, sword-shaped leaves and large terminal panicles of white or whitish flowers. They are native to the hot and dry (arid) parts of North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. The image below shows a yucca in bloom. (This annotation contains an image)
Planned Parenthood Federation of America, commonly shortened to Planned Parenthood, is the U.S. affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation and one of its larger members. PPFA is a non-profit organization providing reproductive health and maternal and child health services. 
Use your own words to explain how Beecher's problem solving method works. Evaluate this method by explaining if it is an appropriate model for solving problems of any size or nature. Use evidence from the text and your own experiences to support your evaluation. 
Eddie tells the reader he gets to sit in the back corner of the room. The reader can infer from Eddie's explanation of Henry Dominique's problem that Eddie is most likely NOT well-behaved during the school day. True or false?  

Chapter 17 - The Four Agreements

Which of the novels central ideas or themes is best supported by the selected text? 
Once you are in a gang, you are in it for life. Being jumped out of the gang means you are beaten very badly or even killed. Learn more about gangs and gang violence at the link below. (This annotation contains a link)
Use your own words to explain how the selected text helps develop the theme or central idea of the power of books to change lives.  
Use your own words to explain what Eddie means by having positive thoughts isn't enough. You must also have the intention to make something happen.  
A stereotype is a thought that can be adopted about specific types of individuals or certain ways of doing things. For example, one might say men are strong and do all the work. Which of the excerpts from Eddie's story is the best example of a stereotype? 

Chapter 18 - Plan C: Alka-Seltzer in your Pocket

Elephant Butte Lake State Park is a state park of New Mexico. It is the largest state park in New Mexico and surrounds the state's largest reservoir. (This annotation contains an image)
José Doroteo Arango Arámbula (5 June 1878 – 20 July 1923) – better known by his pseudonym Francisco Villa or his nickname Pancho Villa – was one of the most prominent Mexican Revolutionary generals. The image below shows Pancho Villa. (This annotation contains an image)
Adobe is the Spanish word for mud brick, a natural building material made from sand, clay, water, and some kind of fibrous or organic material (sticks, straw, and/or manure), usually shaped into bricks using molds and dried in the sun. A casita is a small house. 
According to the text, which of the options below is NOT part of Eddie's plans for surviving his new life as an intellectual? 
What is the first unexpected problem with Eddie's Plan C? 
Quiz #2 

Chapter 19 - Living In T or C

According to the text how is Eddie's uncle different from most bachelors? Comment about why Tío wants to live the way he does.  
Eddie is seeing the blue heron fly over. The great blue heron is a large wading bird common near the shores of open water and in wetlands over most of North America and Central America as well as the Caribbean and the Galápagos Islands. The image below shows the beautiful blue heron in flight.  (This annotation contains an image)
Which of the sentences below uses incorrigible in the same way it is used in the text? 
Irony is a figure of speech in which words are used in such a way that their intended meaning is different from the actual meaning of the words. The video below explains more about the meaning and purpose of irony. (This annotation contains a video)
Which of the statements below is an inference that can be made from the selected text? 
The final paragraph of Chapter 19 helps to develop the theme or central idea that books have the power to change your life. Which of the choices below most closely explains how Eddie feels after the lady from North Carolina shares? 

Chapter 20 - The Black Cat

According to the text, how do Eddie's parents change while he is living with Tío Antonio? 
Which of the statements below explains why Lupe tells Eddie to watch himself? 
"Hasta luego" means "until later." It is similar to saying "goodbye," "so long," or "take care" in English. 
Explain why Tío Antonio speaks with Eddie about his virginity? Why is it important that Eddie not give in to peer pressure to lose his virginity? Use textual evidence when it is appropriate for supporting your response. 
What does Eddie realize about his mother in the selected text? 
Why does Eddie decide not to marry Lupe until she has become everything she dreams of? 

Chapter 21 - Man-to-Man

"Caballero" is the Spanish word for "horseman." 
"Gordo" is the Spanish word for a fat person. 
Which of the translations below most closely means the same thing as "enamorada" as it is used in the passage? 
The selected text is an example of which literary device? 
Lupe gives Eddie three reasons why she isn't jealous of other girls. Which of the statements below is NOT a reason why she isn't jealous? 
Habitual offender laws (commonly referred to as three-strikes laws) are statutes enacted by state governments in the United States which mandate state courts to impose harsher sentences on habitual offenders who are convicted of three or more serious criminal offenses. They are designed to counter the repetition of crimes by habitual offenders through imprisonment. 

Chapter 22 - Sunglasses for Books

Which of the words or phrases below most closely means the same as "right" as it is used in the passage? 
Which of the following statements is an inference that can be drawn from the selected text? 
General Educational Development (GED) tests are a group of four subject tests which, when passed, certify that the test taker has American or Canadian high school-level academic skills. The GED tests measure measure proficiency in science, mathematics, social studies, reading, and writing. 
"Nuestra familia" is the Spanish equivalent of "our family." 
Carefully reread the passages of the text that describe the use of the tinted plastic overlays for alleviating reading problems resulting from light sensitivity. Next, read the article at the link below. the structure and purpose of the two texts. How is the structure of the two texts different? How is the structure the same? How does the author's purpose for writing the article differ from that of the novel? Comment on any relationship that you notice between the structure of a text and its purpose. 

Chapter 23 - Lupe’s Heart

According to Eddie which of the events below does NOT lead to him meeting Lupe at Bright Horizons? 
The selected text is a great example of how the author uses point of view in a story. The author tells the story from Eddie's point of view. The reader gets a peek inside Eddie's thoughts and feelings as well as the actions of other characters. While the reader may be able to infer a character's feelings or actions from the text, he can never be certain because those actions are filtered through Eddie's eyes and interpreted based on his culture and life experiences. The video below explains more about point of view. (This annotation contains a video)
Eddie wishes he could kill the drunk driver that killed Lupe's mother. What are his motivations for wanting to kill the man? Do you think Eddie is justified in feeling the way he does about the man? Would killing the man change how Lupe feels about the death of her mother? 
The lady in Lupe's dream calls Lupe mija. The reader can infer from this bit of textual evidence that the lady in silver is 

Chapter 24 - To Whom It May Concern

What is Mami most likely feeling when she reads the letter written by Beecher? 
"Con mucho gusto" translates to "with pleasure." 

Chapter 25 - C.A.N.T.

The lady in the red cape is using a deck of tarot cards to tell the future. From the late 18th century until the present time the tarot has also found use by mystics and occultists in efforts at divination or as a map of mental and spiritual pathways. The image below shows an example of a tarot card. (This annotation contains an image)
Why has T. J. come to Truth or Consequences? 
Which of the statements below explains why Eddie doesn't tell Tío about T.J.'s visit? 
Chapter 25 is called C.A.N.T. Use your own words to comment on the meaning of the title. What does it mean for Eddie? What does it mean for T.J.? 

Chapter 26 - Veinte-Veinte Vision

Which of the excerpts from the text helps the reader to understand the meaning of El Rio Eduardo? 
Use your own words to explain why Eduardo feels he is like the Rio Grande. Think deeper than the surface of the text to how Eddie's life has been like the river. Use events from the text to support your response. 
"El mundo" is the Spanish translation for "the world." 
Eddie uses a book to symbolize the new life he has created for himself in the selected text. He is using which literary device to compare his life with writing a book? 
"Con ojos abiertos y claros" translates to English as "with eyes open and clear." 
What is the topic of Eddie's poem? 
"El sol" is Spanish for "the sun." 
"Todo el mundo" is "all of the world" or "the whole world" in English. 
Quiz #3