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Evie’s always thought of herself as a normal teenager, even though she works for the International Paranormal Containment Agency, her ex-boyfriend is a faerie, she’s falling for a shape-shifter, and she’s the only person who can see through paranormals’ glamours.

But Evie’s about to realize that she may very well be at the center of a dark faerie prophecy promising destruction to all paranormal creatures.

So much for normal.

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This free digital curriculum for middle school students contains interactive videos exploring theme and characterization, as well as annotations highlighting vocabulary, specific settings, and questioning techniques. Students will explore the themes of acceptance and identity. The Common Core aligned questions, answers and quizzes in this free online unit will increase student engagement in the book while supporting reading comprehension.

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Oh, Bite Me

This story is being told in the first person point of view. This means that the narrator is also the main character of the story. First person narrator can often give us a great deal of information about the main character because we have access to their thoughts and feelings. Watch the video below for more information on point of view.  (This annotation contains a video)
What is the main character's job?  
Bucharest is the capital city of Romania, and it is famous for its vampire population. There are tours in Bucharest for those who are interested. You can visit the website below for more information. (This annotation contains a link)
In your own words, what is a vampluring outfit?  
It seems as though Evie and Reth know each other from before, and there is tension from her side. Pay attention as you continue to read and see if the reason behind this tension is revealed.  
What type of relationship do Evie and Reth have?  

A Population of Nightmares

When an author makes a reference to another piece of literature or art, it is called an allusion. Here, Evie mentions the Disney animated movie, The Little Mermaid. The mention of this film is considered an allusion.  
Based on Evie's description of Raquel, which of the following is the best summary of how she feels about her?  
It is clear that going to a normal school is something that Evie desires. She states that she has asked years ago, so this is not a fleeting desire. She also watches her television shows with envy at the characters who are in high school. Think about how this desire to be "normal" comes into play throughout the story.  
When the author goes back in time to describe an even that happened previously, this is called a(n) 
Despite her paranormal abilities, Evie seems to act like any other "normal" teenager. She wants to go on dates. She wants to watch TV. She has decorated her bedroom the way that she wants. All of these things are characteristics of what we would consider a "normal" teenager.  
What does Evie recognize at this point?  

Not-Me and I

Most stories in literature follow a plot diagram, seen below. The exposition is the portion of the story where the characters and the setting are established. The exposition usually ends when a conflict or problem arises and leads us on the path for the remainder of the story. Have we already come to our conflict? Keep reading and see if you can determine the conflict of the story.  (This annotation contains an image)
Use context clues to define the word inert in your own words.  
"Corp" or "corps" is a Latin root that means "body." The word "corporeal" means having a body.  
Glamours sound as though they are masks that paranormal creatures wear to disguise their true identity. This creature is able to change his mask to whatever he desires.  
Why did Evie say that her eyes looked like "streams of melting snow"?  

Lend Me Your Ears…Among Other Things

Verbal irony is when you say one thing but mean the opposite. The reason his smile is "ironic" is because his comment was that "it's like you think I'm some sort of monster," when he clearly is a monster or creature that is up to no good. His comment implies that he's over exaggerating, but in reality he's being serious. Watch the video below for more information on verbal irony.  (This annotation contains a video)
When Lend states that "I love a nice dose of electric current in my body," what is this an example of?  
This incident makes it seem as though Reth might be a bit dangerous for Evie, which would explain why she doesn't want him near her. This has given us a clue as to the true nature of their relationship, and we should be looking for more in order to fully understand.  
Watch the following video about conflict in order to answer the next question.  (This annotation contains a video)
Based on the video that you just watched, when Evie and Reth have an argument, what type of conflict is that?  
This exchange between Lend and Evie is interesting. It puts two questions in our minds: 1) Is it possible that Evie is not a human? 2) Is it possible that Lend is?  

Have a Bleep Bleep Day

The idea of normalcy has emerged several times throughout the beginning of this story. Take note of this, as this might be an emerging theme. As you read, notice as this idea develops, and try to determine what the overall lesson is. Watch the video below for more information on emerging themes.  (This annotation contains a video)
Who is the protagonist in this story?  
As we read, we can tell that Lend is part of our central plot, and it seems as though Lend and our protagonist have developed a fondness for each other, which will likely develop as we continue to move through the story.  
Use the previous annotation to answer the following question. Which of the following sets the mood most effectively in this story?  
Watch the following video on tone and mood in order to answer the next question.  (This annotation contains a video)
Today, the word dopplegänger is used to describe someone who is a look-alike. However, folklore sees it as a much more sinister creature. Read the website below for more information on doppelgängers.  (This annotation contains a link)
What type of figurative language is fine fishy friend?  

Dead Meat in any Language

A GED is a test you can take to get your high school diploma. Those who take this test often do not finish high school in a typical setting.  
What type of paranormal being is Charlotte?  
What can we infer about Evie based on this exchange between herself and Bud?  
Istanbul is a city in Turkey. Watch the video below for more information about this city. (This annotation contains a video)
Why would a human need to memorize two faerie names? Use what you have learned about faeries to answer.  
It is thought that faeries have disproportionately large eyes, as seen in the drawing below. (This annotation contains an image)
The author purposefully mentions that since this is a routine run, she doesn't need backup. What could the author possibly be doing?  

There’s No Place Like Home

Evie's comment that her pink sneakers and heart earrings indicate that she is a "psycho assassin" is verbal irony, or sarcasm. Typically, you wouldn't expect someone with pink sneakers and heart earrings to be an assassin, so she means the opposite of what she is saying.  
What has Evie done?  
When Evie says, "That should have warned me," she is definitely foreshadowing the fact that something bad happens later. The video below explains more about foreshadowing. (This annotation contains a video)
What type of figurative language is used in this highlighted sentence?  
Evie's background of not having a family allows us to understand more fully why she desires affection from boys, to be accepted, and to experience being a part of a "normal" world.  
What type of conflict is Evie dealing with right now as she struggles with her feelings of acceptance?  
A talisman is an object that is believed to have magical powers against evil or harm. They come in an array of different objects.  

Faerly Stupid

What type of conflict is Evie going through right now? Use evidence from text and your own reasoning to explain how you know.  
When the author provides in-depth information, like this information about the history of faeries, it is usually relevant to the story. Pay close attention, and see if any of this information becomes useful during future events in the story.  
Which aspect of the writing allows the reader to have access to Evie's every thought?  
Evie definitely has an interesting relationship with Lend, and not just because she can see him when others cannot. She seems to think he's physically attractive, but she also has a tendency to be drawn to him. Why do you think their relationship is different? What qualities do these two characters have that others do not?  
What does this conversation reveal?  
It seems as though the problem in this story is not simply Lend, but something else. However, it will be interesting to see if Lend has something to do with the problem of the vampires.  

Dumbbells, Boys, and Other Dense Things

So far in this story, what has been propelling the plot forward?  
Evie has just revealed that the warmth she feels with Reth is not a normal occurrence between humans and faeries. This is just the case with the two of them. This is another instance where we find out that Evie is a bit special, so we should pay close attention and keep this in mind as we continue to read.  
What do you think Evie is going to do knowing that Raquel is not going to be around?  
Although it might sound like a pretty neat ability to change what you look like anytime you want, image how uncertain you would feel about yourself, not having an identity to go back to that others can see.  
Lend and Evie discuss personal topics regarding Evie's life. Which of the following does this conversation relate to?  
The themes of identity and normalcy are emerging quite clearly in this story. We are discovering that Evie may not be as normal as we first thought, and Lend doesn't really have a normal state of identity. This is probably one of the reasons they get along so well. As you read, look for how both of them discover their true identities and the ways they come to these realizations.  

Therapy Bills

What can we infer that Evie is trying to discover?  
There are different types of characters within stories. Evie is definitely a round character because we know a lot about her, and right now, we can infer that she is will be going through a change shortly because she is discovering new information about her identity. Watch the video below for more information on how characters develop, and take notice of how the author develops the characters in this book.  (This annotation contains a video)
Do you think Raquel should have told Evie about her classification before? Or do you think she was just trying to protect her? What would you have done in Raquel's situation?  
Who do you think the art supplies are for? Is Evie going to draw herself?  
What type of character is Evie at this point in the story?  

I Can See Right Through You

What type of character would you consider Lend? Explain your reasoning.  
Do you think Evie's trust in Lend will get her in trouble? She has just revealed classified information to someone who broke into the Center.  
Why Lend snuck into the IPCA is a pressing question at this point in the story. The answer to that question could help us determine whether Evie should be trusting him with classified information.  
Which of the following is the best synonym for superfluous?  
When someone writes a phrase like this, "extra attentive (read: annoying)," the author is trying to convey the subtext. It basically means that when Evie says that Raquel was being extra attentive, she really means she was being annoying.  
Evie brushes off the emergency call and focuses on visiting Lend. But what does Raquel's unusual reaction to the communicator allow us to infer?  

Poetry and Holding Hands

What does feigning nonchalance mean?  
The contrast between Lend and Evie's body temperatures is seemingly unimportant. Often, when a conversation seems unimportant at the time, it tends to have relevance later in the story. As you read, see if this conversation has meaning later.  
When a character tells a story that happened in the past, we consider this a  
Lend's comment here reveals how he feels about IPCA. His thoughts on IPCA could have something to do with why he broke in to look through Raquel's files.  
Conflict can be broken into internal versus external conflict. It can also be broken down into more precise categories. Which of the following categories does the conflict between Raquel and Lend fall into?  
A banshee is a female spirt from Irish mythology. She is often a sign of death and considered a messenger from the underworld.  
Which of the following has caused the tension between Evie and Raquel?  

Light My Fire

Why do you think Evie has developed a crush on Lend? What qualities does he have that make him attractive?  
Why did Lend break into IPCA?  
This poem or song continues to emerge throughout the story; therefore, it has importance. As you read, try to piece together why this song and its lyrics are important and possibly meaningful.  
The aggression that Reth is using on Evie is unsettling. He has silenced her, paralyzed her, and is not trying to force her to give him her heart. The mood of this scene has taken a dramatic shift from being loving and happy to very disturbing.  
What word best describes Reth?  

Burn, Baby, Burn

Have you ever been in a situation when someone of authority wouldn't believe you until it was too late? How did you react? Were you angry? Understanding? Relieved?  
There are several central conflicts that have emerged in this story that need solutions. Which of the following is NOT a central conflict that has developed?  
Evie isn't being honest with Raquel or the doctor despite having some very strange symptoms. How will this affect her?  
This word could be considered a type of figurative language. What type of figurative language is this?  
Section 1 Quiz 


This must be extremely scary for Evie. She sees something that nobody else can, and she has no idea what it is, or how it will affect her.  
The heart is a common symbol in novels. It often represents both love and life. It's connection to love is quite clear, but it can also represent life because it is an individual's life source. Therefore, when Evie states that Reth forces her to take the warmth and it goes to her heart, it could symbolize Reth's power over her love, as well as life. Watch the video below for more information on symbols and symbolism.  (This annotation contains a video)
Why does Lend say repeat this phrase about death? 
Take a minute to look at the poem and try to decipher what you think it means. Make a prediction based on what it says and the information that has been revealed to us.  
Based on what we know, make a prediction as to what might happen during this job. Make sure to support your claim with reasoning and evidence from the text.  
Evie has a sense that the IPCA cannot control the faeries based on what Reth has done to her. Fehl's comment supports this idea because she seems to know exactly the damage Reth has caused. Although this comment is small, it helps build the plot and the conflict.  

Lost Souls

You just learned about imagery in the previous video. In your opinion, what phrases from the highlighted section paint the clearest picture in your mind?  Cite one below and explain how it conveys an image.  
Watch the following video about imagery in order to answer the next question.  (This annotation contains a video)
What is the mood of this chapter towards the end?  

Selfish is as Selfish Does

An idiom is a common phrase that is not to be taken literally. Here, Evie says that Raquel's "eyebrows were knit." This means that her eyebrows were together in thought, as seen in the photo below. This is an idiom because Raquel's eyebrows are not actually knit together, but we understand the meaning of this phrase. Other common idioms include, "you know how to press my buttons," or "she gets under my skin."  (This annotation contains an image)
Why does Evie think that it's Reth doing this?  
Admonished means "warned" or "advised." Since both Evie and the readers know the severity of what he did, this punishment is not acceptable.  
This is an interesting theory. Think about what the creature looked like as Evie was leaving Ireland with the hag. How does that description relate to what Evie is thinking here?  
Lish and Evie are practicing common phrases that aren't meant to be taken literally. These could also be idioms. For example, Land isn't actually carrying a lot of baggage, but individuals will use that phrase to mean that someone has a lot of other things going on in his/her life, usually meant in a negative way. Lish needs to practice these phrases since it's implied that English is not her first language.  
What has Evie just realized?  

Don’t Call Me

It seems strange that Raquel is going to be gone for a few days when so much is going on at IPCA. Do you think her leaving has something to do with what is going on? Who could she be meeting with?  
Evie finally has the chance to ask Lend questions about himself. Which of the following questions is mostly likely the one that Evie wants to ask him?  
It's interesting that Lend can't tell Evie about his parents. This makes the answer to this question even more interesting.  
The _________ of the story changes when Evie goes from talking to Lend to being in a room with Reth.  
It sounds as though Evie is not the only one involved in Reth's plan. Who is he talking about?  
Which of the following traits does Reth have that almost make him more sinister and menacing?  

Hearts Aglow

Evie is fascinated by the seemingly normal and mundane aspects of Lend's teenage life. How do you think Lend feels about it? Have you ever been jealous of something someone had, but they didn't think anything of it? That must be how Evie is feeling right now.  
Lend's comment is a sarcastic one. Sarcasm is a form of which of the following literary devices?  
It seems that the plot is continuing to develop since Raquel is back with individuals that are higher up in the company. We should pay close attention to see if any information is given that will help us figure out what is happening with Evie, Reth, the poem, and the creature that is killing the paranormals.  
How might Evie be helpful in solving this situation? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.  
Evie's comment that she had never noticed it before should hint to the reader that this is important, and should be taken note of.  
What can we infer about what Evie has just noticed?  
Again, Raquel is not valuing Evie's opinions and treating her like a child. Imagine the story is told from Raquel's point of view. Would we feel sympathetic towards Evie? Or would we be annoyed by her insistence on helping Lend?  
What does Evie mean by the statement "I guess I knew my place." 

Oh, Bleep

The lunar cycle is the cycle of the moon. Werewolves are supposed to emerge during a full moon; therefore, Evie is implying that a full moon occurred during this time. Below is a video that shows the lunar cycle in 2013. You can see in the upper left corner the moon's location in relation to the Earth, which shows why the phases occur.  (This annotation contains a video)
Which of the following is the best synonym for covert?  
Have you ever read any other books about vampires? Watched a TV show? Seen a movie? Did they have mind control powers? How did their mind control powers compare and contrast to those Evie describes?  
When Evie states that, "She looked up at me from her desk with a tight smile. Dark circles ringed her eyes and her hair was falling out of its bun," we can infer that Raquel is currently stressed and under pressure. What type of characterization is this? 
Evie leaves the ankle trackers and they come back later as an important part of the plot. This is example of which of the following literary features? 

Not Okay

What has just happened may be confusing. When Evie left the 5 trackers, the creature or creatures who are doing the killing must have found them and used them to get Raquel to open a passageway to the Center. By doing this, they gained entry, and broke the aquarium where Lish lives, marked her with the golden handprint, and killed her.  
As Raquel decides to run, Evie can't seem to do it without thinking about her friends. What theme may be developing?  
We know that Evie and the faeries are the only ones who can see the light burning under the skin. It is possible that Evie's ability to see beneath glamour makes it so she is the only one (other than the faeries) who can see the creature.  
How has the point of view of this story impacted our knowledge of the creature?  

What’s in a Name

Things are starting to come together. Evie looks like this woman, but only she can see underneath of her glamour to the fire. Reth revealed that the poem didn't have to do with Evie, but with another female. Several of the elements are coming together to make sense. Let's continue to read carefully to make more connections and gain more answers to the unanswered questions.  
Evie needs to be careful, as Reth could begin to turn her again.  
Which of the following supports Evie's idea that you cannot control a faerie?  


There are many cause and effect patterns in this story. It will be interesting to see how the freeing of Reth effects the rest of the story.  
Which of the following details suggest that Lend lives a "normal" lifestyle?  
What type of figurative language is used here?  
Evie's emotions are all over the place, and it must be really hard for her to focus on what is important. Have you ever felt overwhelmed by what was going on in your life? How did you become focused again?  
Which theme is being developed here?  

My First Sleepover

Evie's lack of normalcy continues to be of great importance.  
This raises a few questions. Who is Lend's mother? Where is she? And why is it cold there?  
In your opinion, do you think we have reached the climax of the story? If so, what was it? If not, explain why.  

Girl Talk

Did Evie go back into the Center? Is this a flashback? Is this a dream? When the setting changes abruptly like this, it is important to orient yourself and understand where and when this scene is taking place in relation to the rest of the story.  
What Vivian is saying is somewhat confusing. Which of the following possibilities might be the closest to what she is saying?  
This comment leads us to believe that Evie and Vivian are sisters.  

Like a Bad Joke

Which of the following is most likely going to happen?  
This highlighted comment is an example of 
This comment is important. As you continue reading, make sure to notice if Evie places her, and see if there is significance there.  
At this point of the story, what type of character is Arianna?  
The author uses the first person point of view to make us really feel that Evie is a typical teenager. Despite everything that is going on in her life, she still cares about what she looks like, and how much she likes Lend. This type of characterization may not happen if the story was not told from the first person perspective.  
What type of paranormal creature do you think Lend's mother is?  

Runs in the Family

Skipping rocks is something that you can do with a flat rock and a relatively flat body of water. Watch the video below of a man break the world record for most skips with one toss. (This annotation contains a video)
How does the title of this chapter relate to this description of Lend's mother? 
Cresseda, Lend's mother, seems to believe that Evie and he are connected in some way. It will be interesting to see how this develops, and if it will answer some of our questions.  
Which characteristic does Evie notice in Cresseda?  
What was it that glinted off of David's knuckles?  
What makes Reth so sinister? Use evidence from the text to support your answer. 

One of a Kind

We now know that the elements have something to play in this paranormal world. The faeries belong to the air, Lend's mother is water, and Vivian is fire.  
If there are creatures that belong to each element, what belongs to the Earth?  
Usually in stories when characters give information from the past, it is important to the rest of the story. It may give us information that will help during future events, or help us understand past events. As Lend explains his family's history, we should pay attention to the information and make connections to what we already know, and also keep it for future reference.  
What does it mean to sterilize someone?  
It's interesting that David has thought of more humane solutions to controlling the paranormal population than the IPCA. It seems as though Evie's escape has been educational, and it will be interesting to see how this information affects her.  
Evie is changing her perspective on the IPCA. This means that she can be characterized as which of the following? 
Lend's connection to the theme of identity is an interesting and complicated one. He is very confident in who he is, although he doesn't have a permanent glamour. Also, there is only one person who can see who he truly is, and that is Evie. And even further, Evie likes Lend for who he really is, and nothing else. Lend personifies the theme, and allows us to learn that whoever loves us for who we truly are is someone who matters.  
Evie has gotten more information about IPCA and now wants to help David right their wrongs. Keep reading to find out what David will have Evie do in order to help.  
What does David mean that he "couldn't do this without a few key people on the inside"? 
Section 2 Quiz 

Hijinks and High Schools

The point of view of this situation is critical. Arianna wasn't there when Lend showed David that the Fire Girl looks similar to Evie. Also, nobody but the reader and Evie know about the dream she had with Vivian, and how the two of them might be connected. If Arianna knew this, she might realize how much her joke affects Evie.  
What might be the problem with David declaring that Evie and Lend can't be bothered with what is going on?  
Evie has been waiting for this experience for a very long time. Do you think it will live up to her expectations? Will something dangerous happen while she is there? 
Evie jokes about her basing her high school expectations on Easton Heights. Are the teenage shows you watch about high school realistic? Or are they exaggerated like Easton Heights?  
What type of figurative language is this?  
Going to the prom is the stereotypically the most "normal" thing a teenager can do, and in most teen novels and movies, the climax occurs at the prom. So many big and important events have happened in this story, so it will be interesting if they are overshadowed by an even larger event at the prom that would be considered the climax.  

Girls, Crying, Wolves

Stacey seems to be more worried than anyone else about the werewolves. Why is this? Keep reading to find out.  
Why is Arianna's comment ironic?  

Hey, Stupid

It definitely seems as though Lend and Evie's relationship has moved forward romantically and that they are on the same page. The author seems to make it a point that those who matter like you for who you are. Evie is the only one who can see Lend's true self, and she likes him. Therefore, she is good for Lend.  
Evie is having another dream. We should pay attention to the information she gets in this dream, no matter how cryptic, because it might come into play later in the story.  
What does Vivian's statement about paranormals not being people somewhat imply?  
If Evie opens the communicator, will it provide her location? Is this Vivian's sneaky way of figuring out where she is located?  

What You Don’t Know

Do you think that Evie should tell David? Would he understand? Or would he feel threatened by Evie?  
Which of the following aspects of Raquel's story puts her in a complicated position?  
Getting advice is an important way to get more information about paranormals. When Evie speaks to Cresseda, we should pay close attention to the information she gives, even if it's cryptic.  
Analyze the information that has been given to Evie through Vivian and Cresseda and summarize what we know.  

Liar, Liar, Wrist on Fire

This type of "normal teenage behavior" is probably just the distraction that Evie needs. But it might also frighten her knowing all that she knows and being exposed in the town. Let's keep reading to find out if everything works out.  
Which version of Lend does Evie probably like the best?  
Evie is finally getting the first kiss that she wanted. Is it going to be what she expected? Is she going to feel awkward?  
What does Lend's non-verbal communication insinuate?  
Evie doesn't miss a beat, and she makes a joke. Since she is comfortable and being herself, she will likely be accepted by Lend's group of friends.  
Knowing that there is a theme of identity developing, and that Lend feels as though he can be his true self with Evie, what do you predict will happen later in the story. Use evidence and reasoning to support your answer.  

So Alone Together

This comment makes us really think about Evie and Lend's relationship. Evie likes Lend despite his true self, and liked him both before and after she found out what he is. Will Lend be okay with Evie's true self?  
Summarize the new information Vivian has just given Evie.  
This is a really pivotal realization Evie may have come to. How do you think their relationship will continue if this is true?  

Pink, Shiny Love

What type of conflict is Evie experiencing currently?  
Even if Vivian and Evie are the same type of being, does it make sense for Evie to start taking souls like Vivian? What characteristics does Evie have that Vivian doesn't?  
Lend provides Evie with a sense of warmth and wholeness despite not taking any of his soul. What might this feeling be?  
David's lack of organization does seem as though it might cause a problem. Let's keep reading to see if that's the case.  
Which of the following is most likely a synonym for nirvana? 

In Your Dreams

Is Evie ever going to be able to be normal as long as Vivian is around?  
Explain the differences between Evie and Vivian and how these differences might affect the story.  
Evie's desires have always been to have a family, be accepted, and feel normal. She feels for Vivian because Vivian hasn't had any of these things either. It's possible that Evie's empathy for Vivian will overpower everything, and she will try to give her those things so she doesn't feel lonely. As we read, let's see if we pick up on any hints on whether or not this is the case.  
What literary device is the author using here at the end of this chapter? 

Don’t Muss the Makeup

It's interesting how the theme of identity and being who you are has developed to being about more than just Evie. Evie focused on her identity and how she was accepted into normalcy, but now she is focusing on accepting others for who they are, and making them feel as normal as possible.  
Which of the following pieces of textual evidence indicates that Evie and Lish will meet again somehow?  
If Evie's thought process is correct, then she will probably need to figure out how to release the souls from the fiery orb of souls that Vivian has.  
What type of characterization of Lish do we see in the highlighted sentence?  

Party Crasher

Earlier, it was noted that in many stories and movies, the prom is where the big climax occurs. Take note of the title of this chapter. Is Vivian going to make an appearance at Evie's prom? Or Reth?  
This command is incredibly vague, and Evie is realizing the potential danger of this command.  
Which of the following traits is TRUE about Reth?  
Lend's house was a safe place and Reth wasn't able to reach her there. But didn't he say something about Vivian being on her way there?  
Which of the following is most likely to happen?  

Soul Suck

Evie has realized that there is another way to become whole, but she just can't place her finger on it. Do you think our prediction of love and acceptance is correct? Or is it something else that Evie is gaining to make her brighter and more whole?  
Evie is learning a lesson here. Summarize what she is learning and state what theme it is supporting.  
What will Evie do once she has all of Vivian's souls? Will she try to release them? Will she keep them to herself? Will it even work?  
What has happened to Evie?  

Paths and Possibilities

This ending is very different from the happy ending that we predicted. Has Evie now taken the role that Vivian fulfilled? Will Lend come and save her somehow?  
The souls are not enough to complete Evie even though she is completely full. What could she possibly be missing?  
Evie can see into the souls of individuals, and she can see what that person is like based on their soul. Think about whose soul she is describing.  
According to the plot diagram, what portion of the story are we entering?  

Heaven, Hell, and that Little Place Between

Where is Evie? It sounds as though she is in a hospital, but does that make sense for a paranormal?  
How did Evie know that it was Raquel before she read the note?  
It doesn't seem as though Reth is going to tell Evie what he means. This information will likely be revealed in another book in this series.  
In which other young adult novel do the two main characters have a romance where one character is immortal, and the other is not? Hint: If you haven't read the books, look them up! 
In which other young adult novel do the two main characters have a romance where one character is immortal, and the other is not? Hint: If you haven't read the books, look them up! 
How will Evie be able to resist the desire to gain souls? This will clearly be a problem in the other books in this series.  
Section 3 Quiz