Tiger Lily

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Jodi Lynn Anderson explores the world of Neverland and the elation and heartbreak of first love in her dark, romantic, and very original YA novel Tiger Lily.
Tinkerbell narrates the magical, bittersweet love story between Tiger Lily and Peter Pan. Tiger Lily has never been truly accepted by her tribe, and now the elders have decreed marriage to a man she doesn’t love. She spends more and more time alone in the woods, where she meets wild, fearless Peter Pan, leader of the Lost Boys.
Tiger Lily is intoxicated by the freedom she feels with Peter, and falls under his spell. Their love is all-consuming, and she risks everything to be with him.
Then Wendy Darling arrives in Neverland.
Tiger Lily has been optioned for television!

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Designed for students in 8th grade, this free digital curriculum contains annotations explaining idioms, hyperbole, and literary allusions. It also contains interactive videos that support comprehension, such as videos about flashback and theme development. Over the course of the book, students will answer Common Core questions and quizzes related to the subjects of how dialogue reveals character traits, plot development, and analyzing the text to support inferences. This free online unit will increase student engagement while building reading comprehension.

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Given the hint in the prologue and knowing the setting is Neverland, we can infer this story is related to the famous children's story about _______________. 
The author uses several types of figurative language as she describes the large ship. She uses a metaphor (the ship was a skeleton) and personification (the ship was drowning) in this one sentence. Watch this short video to learn more about figurative language. (This annotation contains a video)
Look carefully at this painting by Jeanette Sacco-Belli. It is entitled, "The Shaman". How does it look similar to, or different from what you pictured Tik Tok looking like? (This annotation contains an image)
What does Tik Tok's statement, "I'm not a stranger to your love of lost causes, dear one," reveal to us about Tiger Lily? 


The author is obviously taking us back in time. This is a literary device called a flashback. Watch this short video to see why authors often use this effective technique. (This annotation contains a video)
According to the text, what do Tiger Lily and Pine Sap have in common? 
How does the author's earlier flashback help us understand the group's reaction to Tiger Lily's return to the camp that night? 


Sometimes an author throws a detail into a story that makes the reader become suspicious. Why would Aunt Fire be looking at Tiger Lily with a "strange smile" when the rest of the tribe is angry at her? 
How does Tiger Lily's position as Tik Tok's adopted daughter affect her experiences with the tribe's women? 
This phrase is called hyperbole. Hyperbole is when an author uses exaggerated statements to help the reader understand something important. Obviously, the women can't feel the actual weight of Tik Tok's heart, but they know he is worrying deeply about something. 


Without changing the meaning of the sentence, what word could be used in place of exquisite? 
A lagoon is a small body of water separated from the ocean by a low sand bank or coral reef. How does this setting add mystery to the scene? (This annotation contains an image)


What does Tik Tok mean by, "It's not your fault. It was my selfishness"? 
Go back and reread the final dialogue between Tik Tok and Tiger Lily. Now watch this short video about how to notice a developing theme. What theme do you think is developing in this story? (This annotation contains a video)


From the pirate's questions about Tiger Lily's necklace and the highlighted sentence we can infer that 


When an author introduces a new character, he/she will often use descriptive words so that we, the readers, can picture the character. What does the fact that he is "muttering to himself compulsively" tell you about this new character? 


What do Tink's actions say about her feelings toward Tiger Lily? 
Many famous pieces of literature involve the appearance of mermaids. Read this short article about the history of mermaids in culture. As we read further in our story see if you can figure out if the mermaids in our story play a negative or positive role. (This annotation contains a link)


Often authors use a technique called personification to make non-human things come to life. In this case Tink describes memories as being "so loud they drown out everything else in the brain." Watch this short video to learn more about personification. (This annotation contains a video)
This is a picture of how Disney characterized Captain Hook in their early movie about Peter Pan. Is this how you picture him after reading this paragraph? (This annotation contains an image)
How has Smee's point of view changed as the pirating journey has taken him to Neverland? 
What important information do we learn from the dialogue between Captain Hook and Smee? 


One type of figurative language authors often use to help us visualize something is a simile. This is a great example of a simile. Moon Eye's long legs being folded around her are being compared to those of a dead spider. What image does this create in your mind? 
Which quote from this section best helps us infer how Tiger Lily feels about the death of the Englander, Phillip? 
A boil is a tender lump similar to a blister, and "to lance it" means to stick something sharp in it so the fluid can drain out. Can you imagine being Tiger Lily right now? (This annotation contains an image)


Manoic is plant whose root is used to make tapioca. (This annotation contains an image)
Which simile does the author use to describe Tootles? 
This is an interesting comment made about the lost boys. Find two strong pieces of evidence from the section we've been reading that support this statement. Quote the evidence and explain why each one supports that they are more like animals than boys. 
Do you find it funny that they dressed the baby as a maggot? A maggot is the legless larvae of insects like flies. This is what one looks like. Can you imagine the baby looking like this? (This annotation contains an image)
What does Peter's comment about the rat, and the way he handles Tink reveal about him? 
Tiger Lily's actions and reactions in this section of our story give us an indication that she is changing in small ways. Watch this video about character development and see if you agree. (This annotation contains a video)


Without changing the meaning of this sentence, what word could be used to replace "contrition?" 
Many times an author will use a strategy called foreshadowing to keep the reader at the edge of his/her seat. Foreshadowing gives the reader a hint that something important is about to happen. What do you think the final sentence hints about? 


The author uses a bit of irony in this section of the story. Irony is when the opposite of what you would expect to occur happens. In this case there is irony because you would expect a dance and party to be joyous, but the boys' dance sets a mood of sadness and loneliness. 
How does this scene especially help us understand Peter's relationship with the lost boys? 


No wonder Tiger Lily couldn't say no very long. Here is what a wolf pup looks like. (This annotation contains an image)
How can you tell Tiger Lily is beginning to have feelings for Peter? 
Quiz: Chapters 1-15 


"Moon Eye scurried away like a mouse" is a great example of 
This is quite a thoughtful quote by Tik Tok. It seems to hint at a theme developing in the story. To what theme do you think Tik Tok is eluding? 


Through Tink's gathering of Captain Hook's memories we learn that 
In this context, a swab is the person responsible for helping to keep a ship clean, usually by mopping the decks. 


The author's use of "growling" here creates a picture in the reader's mind of the boys as animals. It helps us remember how thin and hungry most of them are. 
What decision is made when Peter says, "Not if I'm here"? 
This is a great example of a metaphor. Peter is compared to a jackrabbit without the use of "like" or "as". 
From this last thought of Tink's, we can infer she feels 


A tamarind is a fruit that grows on a tree. It is from the pea family. (This annotation contains an image)
Peter thinks leaving the lost boys ignorant about the pirates is best, and not knowing why Tiger Lily can't come see him is best. What do you think about Peter's opinion. Is it better just to remain ignorant, not knowing, or better to know and be prepared? Provide reasons to support your answer. 
"Glower" means to stare with anger. Why do you think Tiger Lily has had to glower at other children most of her life rather than smile? 


This is a great simile. The secret sounds very comforting. What secret do you think the author means? 
What can we infer from Pine Sap's statement about leaving his tribe? 


In this sentence the author is grabbing the reader's attention through the use of 
Tink says Peter knew how to mimic the call of the howler monkey. Click this link to hear what that would sound like. (This annotation contains a video)


Summarize the change that has taken place between the villagers and Phillip. 
In the section we just read, the author is using a strategy called a literary allusion. Much of what Phillip is talking about comes from the Bible. Watch this video to learn how to recognize, and learn from allusions. (This annotation contains a video)


"Phosphorescents" are things that are able to glow or emit light for a time. This is what they look like in water. (This annotation contains an image)
How are Tiger Lily's and Peter's views of getting old different? 
The author uses an interesting image of what love is in this passage. How would you describe love if you were an author? 


How does Tiger Lily's conversation with Maeryn change the mood of the story? 
When Moon Eye makes the skirt for Tiger Lily, she includes a bird taking flight. The bird is really a symbol of something more meaningful in Tiger Lily's life. Watch this short video clip about symbolism and think about what the flying bird symbolizes. (This annotation contains a video)


Which quote from this section best demonstrates how Tiger Lily feels about the recent events? 
Do you remember what she was symbolically wrapped in a few pages ago? How is Peter like a secret? 
How will this detail change the course of events in the story? 


"Hapless" means always having bad luck. What other bad luck have we learned Tootles has experienced? 
Based on this paragraph, we can infer that 


Why would the conversation between Tiger Lily and Tik Tok have let Tik Tok down? 


A "plateau" is a high, flat piece of land. It might look similar to this. (This annotation contains an image)
According to the text, how is Peter different when he's sleeping than when he is awake? 


Remember the video about symbolism? What does the relentless dry heat on the island symbolize in Tiger Lily's life? Think about why the author chose the dry season for the wedding. 
A "pyre" is a pile of things that will burn. It is often used to burn a body in a funeral, which is probably what the pirates were hoping was happening to the lost boys. (This annotation contains an image)
How does the author build in suspense for this scene? 


At this point Pine Sap probably feels 
There are several places in this chapter where the author gives clues about what is going to happen to the clock. Look back and see if you can pick out a few places where you just knew something bad was going to happen to the clock. 


A "jacamar" is a tropical bird with a long pointed bill, a long tail, and plumage that is typically iridescent green. (This annotation contains an image)
Quiz: Chapters 16-31 


"Rueful" means causing regret or sorrow. Can you imagine how Pine Sap feels knowing that Tiger Lily doesn't realize the house he's built is for her? 
What big decision has Tiger Lily made? 


What is so meaningful about Phillip cutting off Tik Tok's hair? 
This is an interesting way for the author to convey how much Tik Tok has been changed by the actions of Phillip and the villagers. 


What is one of the major differences you see between Wendy and Tiger Lily? 


This is an interesting memory the author brings back to the reader's mind. By doing so we can understand the deeper differences between Wendy and Tiger Lily, and the reasons for them. 
This is an idiom, figure of speech, which means that she made it clear she wanted a part of what was going on. 
How has the plot shifted dramatically? 


The details in these sentences suggest that 


Wendy saying Tiger Lily's wedding bracelets make her lucky is very ironic. In reality, the bracelets symbolize a very unlucky part of Tiger Lily's life. 


After hearing Maeryn's plan for Tiger Lily to meet up with Smee, you can tell she is 
Read this interesting article about the symbolism of the crow. Does anything you read relate to how the author has used the crow in this book? (This annotation contains a link)


This _________ for Tiger Lily's heart tells us she has given up on all hopeful things. 


This is a good example of personification. Obviously, words cannot tattoo themselves anywhere. The author uses this strong image to help us understand Tiger Lily's love of the boys. 
Why did Tiger Lily take the boys to find pearls and then drug them into sleep? 


A word that would best describe Wendy at this point is  
This phrase, "people who were charmed" means people who have lived lives of privilege and luxury.  


Can you imagine being Tiger Lily surrounded by the mermaids she has always feared? What does this tell you about her dedication to save Peter? (This annotation contains an image)
Why isn't Captain Hook angry with Tiger Lily for killing Smee? 


This English ship is probably similar to what Tiger Lily is watching leave Neverland. (This annotation contains an image)


This powerful sentence sums up so much of what has happened in the story. Choose one relationship from the book and describe how each "broke" the other. 


Tink sees many things in Peter's room that let her know the room belongs to him. Which of these was NOT one of them? 
When Tink says the man is speaking "rhetorically" she means he is not really asking the question in order to get an answer. He already knows Tink is there to see his father. 
Quiz: Chapters 32-45