Gastrodiplomacy Gives Foreign Chefs A Fresh Take And Taste Of America

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Can tasty food help us to overcome our differences? Find out how the foods we cook and eat are helping us better connect with foreign diplomats and people.

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To see some pictures about what happens when the Chefs get to work, and hear other stories about gastrodiplomacy you can visit this link. (This annotation contains a link)
Imagine you were a foreigner asked about American foods. What are the first foods you think foreigners might think of when discussing the American dinner table? Why do you think those foods are most closely associated with us?   
To find out what's in ras el hanout you can check out this link. If you've ever had Moroccan food chances are you've tasted this savory earthy blend of delicious spices. (This annotation contains a link)
When traveling foods help us understand a foreign culture and place because 
If you could have a foreign visiter taste any dish that you think positively showcases our country, which would it be?  Why would you choose that food?