The Testing

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It’s graduation day for sixteen-year-old Malencia Vale, and the entire Five Lakes Colony (the former Great Lakes) is celebrating. All Cia can think about—hope for—is whether she’ll be chosen for The Testing, a United Commonwealth program that selects the best and brightest new graduates to become possible leaders of the slowly revitalizing post-war civilization. When Cia is chosen, her father finally tells her about his own nightmarish half-memories of The Testing. Armed with his dire warnings (”Cia, trust no one”), she bravely heads off to Tosu City, far away from friends and family, perhaps forever. Danger, romance—and sheer terror—await.

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Designed for students in 7th grade, this free digital curriculum contains annotations explaining imagery, tone and making text connections. It also contains interactive videos that support comprehension, such as videos about characterization and foreshadowing. Over the course of the book, students will answer Common Core questions and quizzes related to the subjects of figurative language, understanding vocabulary, and theme. This free online unit will increase student engagement while building reading comprehension.

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Chapter 1

What images come to mind as you read the word "colony?"  (This annotation contains an image)
Which definition best matches the meaning of immune as it is used in the sentence? 
Did you know that you can look up any word in the text of the book or the text of the questions and answers? Just click (or press on mobile devices) the word you want to define and hold until the blue text selector pops up. When you release, a define option will appear. Since it's so easy to look up words, make sure you use this feature frequently. 
Have you ever felt pressured because of the success of your parents or siblings? Does the pressure make you perform better or worse? 
Cia asks her dad if he regrets attending the university. The tone of his response can be described as ______.  
What do Cia's feelings for her friend tell you about her character traits? As you read, notice Cia's actions and how they demonstrate her personality. 
Based on the information that you have read so far, what was the previous name of the United Commonwealth? 
What type of governmental structure would you classify the United Commonwealth? What events do you think could have brought about the societal changes? 

Chapter 2

Why is it easy for Zeen to be empathetic to Cia regarding her disappointment? 
Notice the job that is mentioned requires manual labor. Do you think that the colonies are focused on gender roles?  
The comment that the smile doesn't quite reach her eyes means the Magistrate's smile is ______.  
Treason is an act of defiance against one's own government. 
This is an example of what type of figurative language? 

Chapter 3

This is another example of Cia's character traits. 
The sky being hazy and unclear is a result of _____. 
Watch the video to review foreshadowing.  (This annotation contains a video)
Describe the tone created by the author's word choice as Cia's dad talks about his dream. Provide at least two examples of text to support your description. 
Why would he not want the officials to know of Zeen's accomplishment? Was her father glad about Cia being chosen for testing? 
Why do you think Zeen returns home? 
How would you feel about being selecting? Do you think that the opportunity to attend the University would be worth not seeing your family again? 

Chapter 4

Why does her mother discourage Cia from dreaming of attending the University? 
How do the ID bracelets promote conformity and lessen individual identity? 
How does the post-war setting contribute to the developing plot? 
What inference can be made about Tomas's work ethics based on this description of his hands? 
Remember, the novel is set during a time following wars and destruction. Individuals chosen to attend the University are assigned jobs designed to revive the land. 
What do the lack of televisions and the presence of the camera in the vehicle tell you about the amount of control that the government has over the citizens? 
Why is Cia looking for cameras?  
After viewing the video, reflect on the following questions. Why do you think Cia shares this information with Tomas? What do her actions convey to you about Cia's character traits? (This annotation contains a video)

Chapter 5

Provide a brief character analysis of Cia. Choose two character traits that you would use to describe her, and provide at least two specific examples from the text to support your response. 
Based on the description, how does Tosu City visually differ from Five Lakes colony?  
The author's word choice creates a(n) ____ mood as Michal gives Cia advice. 
Remember Cia's father's warning? Based on the description of their entrance, do you think he was exaggerating?  
Why is there laughter when it is speculated that the new arrivals are from Five Lakes Colony? 
What are your thoughts about Ryme? Do you think she is sincerely a nice person? 
What advice had Cia's father given her that affected her perspective of her fellow candidates?  
Why do you think the United Commonwealth believes that testing is necessary to identify leaders?  
Which response most closely matches the meaning of the highlighted phrase? 

Chapter 6

What is the author's intended purpose for the ellipsis in this sentence? 
Review the video describing the use of the ellipses (…). (This annotation contains a video)
How do you think Ryme is trying to make Cia feel about the testing outcome? 
Why does Cia seem to focus so much attention on the food that Ryme is offering her? Would you eat one of the corncakes? 
Based on the previously mentioned locations, in what state do you think Madison Colony is located?  
Think about your analysis of Cia. Do her actions support your earlier description? 
What emotion do you believe prompts Cia to apologize to Ryme? 
Before you continue to read, predict what you think has happened to prevent Ryme from coming to dinner. 
Describe how Ryme and Cia's previous interactions provide details to foreshadow Ryme's death. Use specific examples from the text to support your answer. 

Chapter 7

Think about the general attitude towards Ryme's death. Why does this make Cia hesitant about letting the officials know her true feelings? 
The official said that Ryme "ended her candidacy." Briefly describe the United Commonwealth's value on human life versus their value on finding the right candidates to send to the University. Use examples from the text to support your response. 
How do you think it would affect a participants outcome if they went to the officials to receive support for the pressure? 
Consider the novel so far, along with what you view in the video. What are your predictions about the other testing rounds? Was Cia's father just having dreams or was he remembering actual events of his experiences? (This annotation contains a video)
Based on the use of the highlighted word, which response below is the best synonym for the word quarters? 
What advantage does Cia have in this portion of testing based on her father's line of work?  
Quiz 1 

Chapter 8

The statement lets you know that the testing official is ______ Malachi's injury. 
Why do you think Cia tells Will not to seek help? 
Cia is not sure that she is right, but she feels the consequence of seeking help might be worse than the side effects.  
Based on the statement, what was the overall thinking about the Five Lakes candidates? 
In this portion of testing, what do you think the officials are expecting from the candidates? Do you think it would be favorable in the eyes of the officials for one candidate to try to eliminate another candidate? 
Which word do you think best describes the overall tone of the passage? 
At this point, do you think Cia's determination to pass is more of a desire to pass or a need to survive? 
Think about the inner conflict created by this portion of testing. How would you react if you were in Cia's place? 
Using at least two examples from the text, explain what you think the testing officials are seeking in the candidates. Describe the characteristics of what you would consider the ideal candidate based on the examples that you listed from the text. 

Chapter 9

Once again, based on Cia's thoughts, what do you think is driving her desire to succeed?  
What inference can be made about Brick's actions in the previous portion of testing? 
Why do you think Michal is proud of Cia's success?  
Which word below is the best choice as a synonym based on the use of the highlighted word? 
Imagine how Cia feels knowing that she is about to begin the final stage in the testing. What emotions and thoughts do you think she is experiencing? 
The officials probably feel that candidates who show initiative exhibit strong _____ qualities. 
Think back to Cia's father's warning. How do Michal's words give validity to her father's memories? 
The author uses the countdown to create ____ about the next phase of testing. 

Chapter 10

Cia has been warned by both her father and Michal. Do you think she will have any experiences during this phase of testing that will validity their warnings? 
Which definition best matches the use of the word peer in this sentence? 
Cia's feelings provide more insight into her character. Do you think that the process of the testing will change her? 
Why is the river water not drinkable? 

Chapter 11

What does his disbelief tell you about Tomas's character?  
Why do they want to stop in a place that offers concealment? 
Review the photo depicting a dystopian landscape. How would you feel if you were Cia? What do you think she is thinking about the testing and selection process? (This annotation contains an image)
Although this phase has just started, make two predictions about what you think Cia will encounter. Provide specific details, vivid imagery, and textual evidence to support your predications. 
Below is an image of Illinois which highlights the Chicago river. Imagine how different the landscape that Cia is facing looks after the fictitious wars. (This annotation contains an image)
Based on it's appearance, what is Cia able to determine about the small river? 
Remember the dreams that Cia's father told her that he had about his testing experience? Do you think he was dreaming or having memories of things that really happened? 

Chapter 12

The explosion supports the idea of the oasis being a trap set by whom? 
Review the video describing imagery. Re-read the text to find examples of how the author uses imagery to help the reader "experience" what is happening to Tomas. (This annotation contains a video)
Why do you think Cia is familiar with the process to test the water for drinkability? 
Tomas is realizing that Cia is right. They are both now clearly aware that even the testing environment can not be trusted. 
Tomas and Cia are determined to find items that may give them an advantage rather than to harm other candidates. Do you think that this will be favorable to the testing officials? 
A word that is pronounced just like the sound that it makes is an example of what type of figurative language? 

Chapter 13

Do you think it is wise for them to look for a possibly injured candidate? Would you go look for the girl if you were in their situation? 
Cia and Tomas exhibit characteristics that candidates from the other colonies do not. She mentions the Five Lakes way of life several times throughout the novel. Based on their actions, provide a description of two qualities that are taught in Five Lakes. Use examples from the text to justify your response. 
Before reading on, predict whether you think Cia and Tomas will offer to help the people. Use your what you have learned about them so far to make your guess. 
Vic's comment implies that he believes that hurting other candidates is _____. 
Do you think the testing officials are monitoring the actions of the candidates during this phase? How could they monitor the candidates without cameras? 
What did Cia mean by this statement? 

Chapter 14

Do you think the officials have been listening the entire time? If so, why do you think they would allow Cia to continue? 
In addition to other candidates, now Cia realizes that there are other dangers to face. Do you think the testing officials are aware of the mutated animals? 
Cia is referring to _____ as rickety metal. 
Based on what you have read so far, do you think the testing officials' method of testing to find future leaders is appropriate? 

Chapter 15

Cia shivers because she becomes ____ when she sees the buildings. 
What do you think the testing officials want to accomplish by forcing the participants to eventually come to a straight line? (This annotation contains an image)
Why would Cia suggest chunking rocks? 
In this metaphor, scampering rats are being compared to ____. 
Imagine the frustration that Cia and Tomas must feel at this point. Do you think they feel that the process has been worth it? 
Do you think Tomas is just being jealous or is there something more?  
What does Cia mean by this statement? 
Before you continue reading, who do you think the man on the other side of the fence is?  

Chapter 16

What inference can be made as to why Five Lakes is better stocked than other colonies? 
Cia seems to be justifying the testing officials' methods for finding future leaders. Do you think she believes this to be true? 
What item is Cia referring to as a reflector? 
Although her first instinct is to try to help, Cia pulls the trigger instead. How does this show change in her character? 
Who do you think left the bag for Cia? 
While hiding the truth about her injury, Cia believes that Will and Tomas are not being honest about their encounter. Do these tests reveal true character or change it for the participants? 
What do you think could have happened when Tomas and Will were alone? Why do you think Cia and Tomas are not being honest with each other? 
Quiz 2 

Chapter 17

Earlier Cia realized that the bracelet was a device used to listen to the candidates. Why would they need to use a drug that makes the candidates be honest during the interview? 
The man speaks in a _____ tone when referring to Dr. Barnes. 
Do you think the stranger is really trying to help Cia, or is this just a trap? 
What is Tomas inferring about Will? 
Think back to the candidates from Five Lakes compared to the candidates from other colonies, do you think the other colonies have the same values as Five Lakes? 
What does Cia mean by this statement? 
Do you think Cia and Tomas are referring to the past leaders or their own actions? 
Why is Cia sure that the creatures are human? 

Chapter 18

The author uses personification by stating that the bullets chew apart limbs. How does this description affect the tone of the passage? 
What is Cia referring to when she says she saved Brick's life? 
If it were you, would you rather have the memories erased or remember the experience? 
Why would the officials want to erase the memories of the candidates after testing? Cite at least two examples of text to support your reason. 
Before you continue reading, make a prediction about the source of the noise that woke Cia from her sleep. Do you think it's another candidate, an animal, or something else? 
If Cia did not shoot, who fired the gun? 

Chapter 19

What does Tomas's question to Will imply? 
How do you think the skimmers that are used as transportation look? (This annotation contains an image)
Why does Cia become angry at the thought of the shooter being selected to attend the University? 
Think about Cia and how loyal she is to her friends. How do you think this experience will affect her in the future? 
Cia wants Tomas to remain ______ about making it to the finish line. 
Do you think Cia and Tomas will make it to the end even though they both have severe injuries? 
Why was Tomas unconscious? 

Chapter 20

Think of the remaining candidates that Cia mentions. Based on their actions, do you believe that they would make good leaders just because they have passed the previous tests? 
Cia realizes that Zandri must have ____ when she does not return to Tosu City. 
Even if Cia does not agree with the country's methods, does she have a choice if she is chosen to attend the University?  
Dr. Barnes says that the officials are impressed by the intelligence, resourcefulness, and dedication during testing. Using textual evidence, provide at least one example of each quality exhibited by one or more candidates. 

Chapter 21

Remember that Cia drank the contents in the vial given to her by the stranger in the testing field.  
Imagine the desperation that Cia feels knowing that she really has no way out of the situation. How do you think you would feel if you realized that something you had hope for was far from what you expected? 
Cia's question is an example of how ____ she is towards her friends. 
Do you think that Tomas killed Zandri? Have his actions so far lead you to believe that he is capable of killing someone who was from Five Lakes? 
Do you agree with Cia's thoughts about Tomas? Using at least two examples from the text, discuss if you think Tomas's actions were out of fear for his life or his desire to win. 
Do you think the others are having the same experiences? Do you think that those who intentionally took lives have regrets? 
How did the testing officials know to send someone to check on Cia? 
At this point, would you rather pass and attend the University or fail and receive the unknown consequences? What do you think Cia wants? 

Chapter 22

Trembling hands would suggest that Cia is _____ about the testing results. 
Only 20 of the original candidates make it to the University. Do you think it's justifiable for the officials to use the selection methods to find future leaders? 
Why did Cia get sad thinking about home? 
Do you think Tomas took the pills to retain his memory? 
Why does Michal not deny that Cia had heard his words before? 
Prior to finding out if she had passed, what had Cia recorded on the device? 
Quiz 3