Invoking 'Castle Doctrine,' Mont. Man Pleads Not Guilty In Teen's Death

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Recently a German exchange student was shot and killed by a Montana homeowner who feared the teen was about to harm him and his home. The homeowner is claiming that his actions were justified by a controversial law called the "Castle Doctrine", but gun safety advocates and the teen's family are crying foul. Read this article to find out more about the case.

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You can follow this link to a local Montana news story related to the case. (This annotation contains a link)
Since Dede was killed, many Germans from his hometown and his family members have criticized the US for passing laws that allow irresponsible gun ownership. Check out this BBC News link to find out more about what they are saying. (This annotation contains a link)
Do you agree with the "Castle Doctrine"? Explain why or why not. 
The text notes that "the law still requires you to reasonably believe that force is necessary to prevent a forcible felony". This upsets gun safety advocates because 
The phrase trigger-happy means 
Why do you think so many people in the US feel it necessary to own guns? Do you agree or disagree that this is an important and fundamental right?