Life as an Undocumented Immigrant

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In this emotional article by renowned journalist Jose Antonio Vargas the reader will gain a sense of what it is like to live a lie and a dream simultaneously. Vargas chronicles his own journey as an undocumented immigrant and his quest to become legal and help others.

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Follow this link to watch the trailer for Vargas's documentary "Documented". (This annotation contains a video)
Why does Vargas hope "congressional members, staffers, and politicos" will see his film?   
Vargas is eluding to the fact the the demographics in the US are  
Follow this link to United We Dream's website and find out more about the changes they are advocating for. (This annotation contains a link)
Where do you believe the toxicity around immigration politics comes from? Do you think groups like Define American can change that? Explain. 
In what ways are the civil rights struggle and immigrants rights struggle similar?  What rights do you think the government should extend to the undocumented in this country? 
What is the tone of Lawrence's letter? What is his point? Do you agree with him? Explain why or why not.