After 33 Years of Sterling, a Boiling Point

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LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling has a reputation for being difficult, but recently some of his comments came to light that have the NBA banning him from ownership. To find out what pushed fans and the league over the edge, check out this article from the New York Times.

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This author is clearly fed up with Sterling, and thinks that something should have been done long ago. Here though he is eluding to the fact that it took ____________ for the NBA to stand up against his bigotry. 
Considering how well documented Sterling's bigotry is, why do you think it took the NBA so long to do something about it?  
You can check out this link to hear more from Elgin Baylor about his experiences in the Clippers organization. (This annotation contains a link)
To see how the current Clippers reacted, watch this short clip from ESPN. (This annotation contains a video)
If you were a player under these circumstances, how do you think you would react? Would you do as Elgin Baylor did and remain silent or do as the current clippers did and protest? Explain your actions. 
This crisis was avoidable because the NBA could have taken action against Donald Sterling long ago, and their inaction helped foster the current crisis. The NBA in this situation could best be described as 
To find out the latest on what the NBA is doing about the Sterling case, check out this article from ESPN.  (This annotation contains a link)