Struggle Means Learning- Difference in Eastern and Western Cultures

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You can read this short article to learn more about how different cultures approach education, and how that impacts outcomes for students.

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In this sentence the word equanimity means 
In your opinion, which belief is correct? Do you agree with the Eastern cultures that struggling is an opportunity, or do you feel Westerners are correct in their assumption that struggle is a sign of low intelligence? Explain. 
Pretend for a moment that you are Professor Li, why might you record these conversations? 
Do you have anyone in your life--a parent, teacher or coach--who emphasizes persistence over intelligence as a cause for success? If yes, are you more or less successful in that environment?   
Why might persistence lead to robot-like behavior? 
When you master something you initially feel is too hard, how do you feel? Why do you think this is?