These Teens Got Their Whole Community To Come Together To Fight Hunger

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Read this short article to find out about some teens from Raleigh, North Carolina who have made it their mission to see that the food insecure in their area have enough to eat.

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You can follow this link to see photos from the even organized by Sealy and Meyer, and find out more details about how they helped their community. (This annotation contains a link)
What does the teens level of success indicate about both their personal dedication and community enthusiasm for their cause?   
The fact that Austin and Cooper didn't give up after two rejections reveals that they have all of the following qualities EXCEPT 
The website and t-shirts ensure more funds were raised for all of the following reasons EXCEPT 
In your opinion, what do these details reveal about the power a couple of teenagers can have in their community? Do you think you would participate in something similar in the future? Explain why or why not.