Flying Blind

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Authentic Literary Text, Lexile 940
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Closely read the authentic text 'Flying Blind' citing textual evidence to answer research-based comprehension questions aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

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Flying Blind (ReadWorks)

Who is Ed Kierzwinski? 
Which of the following statements most strongly supports the conclusion that Kierzwinski did not think Dale Domer was an excellent helicopter pilot? 
Based on this statement what is the best description of the relationship between Kierzwinski and Domer? 
Explain whether the reader knows for certain what happened to Kierzwinski and his passengers. Use evidence from the text to support your answer. 
Near the end of the story the author writes, “Kierzwinski thinks: I’m lifting, I’m lifting, we’re gonna make it.”Explain whether Kierzwinski was correct about what was going to happen. 
By using this style of ending the author wants to leave the reader in 
Explain the reasons why State Trooper Kierzwinski accepted the mission to fly, even though the weather was getting worse.  
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