On Being Brought from Africa to America

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"On Being Brought from Africa to America" is among Phillis Wheatley's most often anthologized works. This poem can be said to be among the most controversial poems in African-American literature, as it overlooks the brutality of the slave trade, the horrors of the middle passage and the oppressive life of slavery. But it was written when Wheatley was but sixteen years old, and it cannot be assumed that she was free to express her ideas and feelings given her situation and status as a slave. (From Wikipedia)
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On Being Brought from Africa to America, Phillis Wheatley

Phillis Wheatley survived being kidnapped from Africa and shipped to America as a slave, where she was taken in by the Wheatley family. She eventually became the first African-American woman in America to publish a book of poems. (This annotation contains an image)
Using context clues, please explain what "benighted soul" means. 
This poem is written in heroic couplets. Please use the internet to look up the definition of a heroic couplet, then answer the following questions.1. What is a heroic couplet?2. Cite an example of a heroic couplet in this poem. 
Please make a list of all of the words in the poem that reference religion. 
This poem contains 
What does the simile "black as Cain" mean? (Hint: You will need to know a bit about the biblical story of Cain and Abel to answer this question, so you may need to do some research before answering.) 
This short video will tell you a little more about Phillis Wheatley.  (This annotation contains a video)