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Curriculet is a leader in independent reading, small-group, and whole-group instruction

  • Any Book, Anytime, Anywhere
  • Thousands of customizable lessons
  • Thousands of digital library titles
  • Real-time student data and reporting

Curriculet is a leader in independent reading, small-group, and whole-group instruction

  • Any Book, Anytime, Anywhere
  • Thousands of customizable lessons
  • Thousands of digital library titles
  • Real-time student data and reporting
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What is a curriculet?

A curriculet is a digital lesson plan built with engaging interactions that deliver to students a more in-depth learning experience. Each lesson plan overlays a digital version of the text or stands alone as a side-by-side guide to a physical book.

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Curriculet interactions include definitions, annotations, videos, and images to supplement and enhance the content, and multiple-choice questions, free-response dialogue, and benchmark quizzes to gauge comprehension and encourage deeper thinking – all guiding your students through every text they read.

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Access Thousands of Ready-to-Use Lesson Plans

Curriculet employs a team of experienced educators to create lesson plans vetted by our experts to assemble an ever-growing digital library of ready-to-use curriculets. As a teacher with Curriculet, you get access to them all for one low price.

Any Book, Anytime, Anywhere

With Curriculet, you guide your students to read and learn the way they want, when they want, and where they want.

Curriculet’s system allows students to choose physical books, digital books, and audiobooks, but still get the support they need to excel and thrive in the classroom.
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Use the Books You Own

Curriculet is the only digital interface that allows you to use ANY physical, digital, or audiobook. Don’t spend hundreds or thousands of dollars buying the digital rights to books you already own. With Curriculet, your students can read physical books while still receiving in-depth annotations and feedback following along with a Curriculet digital lesson plan.

Easy Editing

Every curriculet is 100% customizable. Editing is as simple as:

Select any word or phrase

Add interaction

Click save

Easily create and teach digital lesson plans your way.

Easy Editing

Differentiation—Personalize to Your Students

Personalize and teach multiple lessons at the same time. Curriculet allows you to customize lesson plans for each of your student’s needs. Remove distractor for your struggling students. Add in-depth interactions to engage your gifted students. Then assign the whole class the same text but with personalized curriculets—teach all your students at their individual learning level at the SAME time with Curriculet.

Readers Get Real-Time Feedback

When your students use Curriculet, they get real-time feedback and support while they read. Students can look up any word in the text, make annotations, get instant answers on check-point questions, and receive in-system responses from you. It’s as if your students are reading with you by their side.
Real Time Feedback

Data Improves Your Classroom

You’ll never need to hand out and grade another paper quiz to know if your students read. You’ll know before you walk into the classroom – how many of your students read the assignment, how well they understand the text, and how to best spend your time reinforcing areas where they are struggling. With Curriculet, you are empowered as an educator to best teach and support classes’ needs.
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How Much Does Curriculet Cost?

Small Group

Ideal for Small Groups and Independent Reading
$ 59
  • One Teacher License
  • Five Student Licenses
  • Curriculet Lessons
  • Full Student Library Access

Whole Group

Ideal for Teacher-Led Instruction
$ 59
  • One Teacher License
  • All Enrolled Students
  • Up to Five Curriculet Lessons
  • Up to Five Library Texts

Whole School

Ideal for School-Wide Access
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  • Unlimited Teacher Licenses
  • Unlimited Student Licenses
  • Unlimited Curriculet Lessons
  • Full Library Access Year-Round

Curriculet was created to nurture a greater love of reading in an increasingly digital age.​


Our Story
Curriculet’s founder, Jason Singer, created the reading program after seeing his students use and excel at advanced, complex, text-heavy video games, but fail to comprehend a traditional book at their reading level. And an unsettling trend began to emerge that children’s love of reading only decreased as they got older. Singer devised Curriculet to counteract this trend. He created a platform that took the digital learning experience and applied it to books. The program overlaid digital texts with embedded questions, multimedia, annotations, and quizzes to model, teach, and support students in comprehension strategies, including recalling, questioning, visualizing, inferring, and summarizing – mimicking the learning experience in video game tutorials.

The digital reading platform – Curriculet – engages students who are wired to respond to, even require, instant feedback, making normally static print as vibrant as interactive entertainment.

Founded in 2012, Curriculet attracted over 1.2 million teachers to sign up and use the platform for over four years, encouraging their students to read independently and further their love of literature. However due to increased pressure from for-profit investors, Curriculet was forced to close its doors in early 2016.
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The Story Continues
Waterford.org acquired Curriculet in December 2016. Founded in 1976, Waterford is a nonprofit education partner focusing on literacy and early education. As a nonprofit, Waterford invests its money and efforts to build products and services that have significant impact on student success. Curriculet fits into Waterford’s mission to propel a lifelong desire to read and learn. Waterford’s award winning early education software – Waterford Early Learning – ensures that PreK-2 students acquire the building blocks of literacy and lifelong learning. Waterford feels that Curriculet is the avenue by which students can independently practice and develop a lifelong passion for learning and reading using the tools they gained up through the third grade.

Waterford expanded and relaunched Curriculet with an innovative and unique External Reader feature that allows students to have the digital learning experience Singer envisioned whether they are using digital text, traditional physical books, or audio books.

Success from the start is possible for every child, and every student can find and explore a passion for reading and lifelong learning.